Monday, February 18, 2019

Comparing Readers and TV Watchers :: essays research papers

study Readers and TV WatchersIn todays society, one needs to be well prepared for the problems they will encounter. One might be offered drugs, or be faced with the decision of whether or not to breakup a friendship. How does one get prepared to deal with these types of situations? Reading books definitely will not garter. Sure, one mass get background knowledge on just about every topic from a book, save edition will not prepare you to deal with the outside world. video is the outstrip delegacy to get a grasp of societys problems at hand.Readers believe that not only is reading a form of entertainment, but you can learn from it also. Readers are generally discover writers however, too oft reading can make you an introvert. There are probably scads of books that try to depict satisfying life problems, but its big(p) to get the emotional feeling by looking at text. When honoring Television, you feel what the character feels. Additionally, readers lack the verbal communic ation skills possessed by T.V. watchers. To prepare yourself for a job interview, would you rather read a book, or watch people be interviewed? By watching them, one can see how they visually present themselves, and how they speak and listen. That, you cannot learn from a book.Television watchers have a tendency to be more extroversive. They are better verbal communicators, and they know how to present themselves to others. If you were to give a speech, the best way to prepare yourself would be to watch others, and take notes. Additionally, T.V. watchers can build language through listening to context on the television. When one watches T.V., they can donation their experiences with most of America, since most Americans prefer television to reading. Thus, T.V. watchers will get on better with others. Lastly, T.V. sitcoms introduce all kinds of problems and solutions which can be adapted into real life situations. Its quite obvious that reading will help one become more educated.

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