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Global war on terrorism Essay

Serving my hoidenish is ane of the bravest and greatest things I break done in my life. I was the prototypic serjeant of Bravo 796 of the 14 army police brigade. world the premiere sergeant-at-law was one of the most exciting jobs I have ever done, yet bonnet and hard, with a draw poker of in the flesh(predicate) responsibilities. The nonplus is a bit ch every last(predicate)enging and demanding, so I had to be tough too. On a single day, the things that you I had to do were galore(postnominal), with many muckle complaining that they cannot get a hold of you. This might have been true, because of solely the jobs that had to be done.My job was large number. Dealing with peoples problems every day, show while from their health, welfare, purify, and morale to mention but a few was the order of the day. From the succession that I started my day, somemultiplication as early as one oclock in the morning, having to deal with peoples problems and at the akin time complet e my duties at the end of the day, was so tiring. Most of the time, I had little or no time to do the paper work, as most of the duties involved outdoor d wholeyivities. There was also no bountiful time spend with my family.The job requires that the needs of the country and the service be put before the personal needs. By doing this, I was equal to make merry the rewards of my military career. I also had to be skilled enough in matters concerning the army, because the jell requires a person that is knowledgeable enough. Therefore, a lot of instruction was necessary, for me to meet the demands of the position. I was mobilized for Global war on terrorism on the July of 2006 up to January 2009. Our mission was to enlighten and to provide disciplined, physically fit, motivated, tactically and technically fit military police soldiers.The soldiers had to be familiar with the values of the army, and their division and conduct had to be pleasant, and reflecting the values of the mil itary. In my experience as a primary sergeant, one of my duties was to over see the smooth training of the soldiers in law enforcement duties. Some of the subjects that were taught were basic law enforcement tasks, reports and reforms, responding to incidents, unarmed self defense, childs play and mobility support operations and enemy prisoner of war operations.I had to mark off that the soldiers were familiar to and fully understood the concepts that these subjects taught. Since the front sergeants position is the one at which all building blocks merge, there are several separate duties that are attached to this position, including holding formations, instructing the platoon sergeants, advising the commander and assisting in the training of the enlisted phalluss. kin with the soldiers When the young soldiers to be kickoff arrive at the training grounds, many of them are not aware of the reality of military training.They are not used to beingness shouted at and to obey or ders, even when they do not feel like. They are also not used to being woken up so early in the morning by an officeholder shouting so loud at them. For many of them, it is their first time to leave home, or to be away from home alone for the first time to stay on their own. Despite these difficulties, they have to be hardened in a manner that provide harden them. As a sergeant, I had to treat the soldiers in such a way that they leave alone able be to survive, even at the worst conditions.They have to survive where they are asked to live, even when the situation is uncomfortable. However, these difficulties are imposed on purpose, to queue the soldiers attitude to the military way of thinking. Furthermore, it makes it easier to impose self discipline, obedience, loyalty, military rules, military policies, etiquette and sacrifice among other values and customs of the military to them. Some people say that the military officers gain pleasure in making the lives of the soldiers difficult. However, from my experience, I would not say that this is true.They only adhere to the rules of the military, to train the soldiers both physically and psychologically, in order to tear apart the civilians, and soma from scratch a dedicated, physically fit and a proud member of the United States Armed Forces. organism in direct contact with the soldiers, and at the same time able to influence them for the better using your force out is the key to earning their respect and to understand them. This is one of the most importance things that the first sergeant has to do. Your influence is so important that it determines whether a company will fail or deteriorate.As the first sergeant, I had to take all the knowledge I had and effectively pass it to the commanders of the units to teach it to the soldiers effectively, and at times training them myself. Being the first sergeant, you can only know if your efforts in training the soldiers have been effective through the bearin g and the work of the soldiers. Normally, I had to make sure that my behavior, especially when around the soldiers is at its best. If a sergeants behavior is rotten, then the company will definitely imitate that, and the results will be rotten soldiers.I also had to be all told involved and aware of every thing that goes on in the army, especially with the soldiers. This is why the position is so important, that most people refer to it as the livelihood or the blood of the army. A sergeant is required to act as an exhibitionist, to display his impressive character to all the other members. Sometimes, it whitethorn be said or thought that he is boasting such a behavior is not egotistical, but it is required and can be viewed as a way of setting the example.Therefore, I had to ensure that my behavior is exceptional and outstanding. By doing this, it is assumed that the members of the unit will want to be exceptional too, putting aside their differences involved at a personal level, and work or live as brothers. As the duty of the first sergeant, I had to train the members of the units to the best of my interests, and be proud of them and their achievements. This entails praising the soldiers and talk of the town proudly of all their success and positive attitudes to different people.In my experience, I learnt that a first sergeants role is important, in that he should act as the leader for the soldiers success, and should he fail, the unit members may fail too. To attain the best of the soldiers, he needs to discipline them and be tough, to ensure their behavior is pleasant and acceptable in the military. He should also be a wise counselor, giving them advice whenever they need it. Being a provider is also a major duty of the first sergeant to ensure that they are comfortable. I also had to be a confidant to the soldiers of my company, listening to them and also being a friend in general.These are some of the aspects that bring the sergeant and the soldiers loadedr, to establish a close kind comprising respect and concern to them. Relationship with the schoolmaster A whimsical relationship comprising of respect and confidence should exist between the sergeant and the commander. This relationship should not be the buddy to buddy kind of relationship, but one based on the work values. In most cases, such a relationship with the captain is not so common with officers of other ranks at heart the military.Being the first sergeant, I had to ensure that the will of the captain is carried out. When the first sergeant is tending(p) the title during his appointment, then he is automatically given authority to pass his ideas to the captain, to ensure the learning of the soldiers is as effective as it can be. While advising the captain, I sometimes found myself arguing or disagreeing with him on several matters. This is where there the authority, professional relationship, past experiences, and loyalty with the captain was required.At times, there are situations when the captain is not as experient as the first sergeant. This may lead him to disregard the advice given to him by the sergeants. There can also be times when the sergeants reasoning has saved the captains reputation, which signifies the important role of the sergeant as the advisor to the captain that failing to take the sergeants advice may lead them to making blunders that may cost them their jobs. In conclusion, I would say that the role of a sergeant is very important in the military training ground.Being a good leader, showing all the desirable characteristics, and above all things being able to interact with people of all kinds were some of the characters that guided me. Otherwise, I would not have been able to execute the positions duties, and my job would have been a lot harder. Training the soldiers to the best of my knowledge for the sake of the countries safety was my priority, and today, I am proud of the service I gave my country. References 1) Military, Global security. org, 2009, retrieved on 2/9/2009 from http//www. globalsecurity. org/military/intro/enlist. htm

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