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Hardware and software report Essay

In this report, I will be dish antennaussing what ironw atomic number 18, bundle product, operating outline, and how this would be benefiting the ships company. I will also state how I utilize the hardware and software, which cooperateed the company. Once that I done, I will describe the advantages and disadvantages of the hardware and software that I personad, and compare them to the hardware and software that I could have used. Definitions of hardware, software and operating systemComputer hardware typic entirelyy consists chiefly of electronic devices (CPU, memory, display) with some electromechanical parts ( keystoneboard, scratcher, disk drives, tape drives, loudspeakers, floppy track records) for input, output, and storage, though completely non-electronic. A software/ industriousness is a complete, self-contained syllabus that performs a specific function directly for the user. This is in contrast to system software such as the operating system kernel, server pro cesses and libraries, which exists to have a bun in the oven application programs.The operating system is Software designed to control the hardware of a specific data-processing system in order to al showtime users and application programs to make use of it. The hardware that I used was Tulip supervise low emission Tulip CPU E85-00970 Tulip mouse M-S48a HP LaserJet 2200d HP LaserJet 4200n Floppy disc Internet modem The software that I used was Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Microsoft create Windows Xp Microsoft Word Pad Internet explorer Windows Me The advantages of the hardware that I used were My feed was saved on a CPU, and so my work wouldnt get lost.My work was save on a floppy disc as backup. The laser HP LaserJet 2200d and HP LaserJet 4200n was very fast in printing my work. The advantages of the software that I used were Microsoft excel is the easiest package to use a spreadsheet. Microsoft word is easier to use, then any opposite writing package. Microsoft headstone i s the easiest image package to use. The disadvantages of the hardware that I used were The data processor monitor might freeze, causing me to non do my work. The printer might not work, so I will not be able to print my work. The printer might only have black ink, not obscure ink.The floppy disc might be full so that I jackpotnot store any more work on the disc. The disadvantages of the software that I used were The Microsoft package might be out of use ascribable to a failure in the computer. Windows might not have the wise updates on the computer, as in that respect might be an old package on the computer, rather then the new one, I. e. Windows 95 instead of Windows Xp. there might not be Internet explorer on the computer to help you with you research. The different hardware that I could have used was digital scanner Zip disc Different Internet modem, I. e. Blue yonder one-megabit modem. The other software that I could have used wasMicrosoft spreadsheet. Microsoft word p rocessor Microsoft publishing company Microsoft PowerPoint (if I was doing a presentation) When you compare ICT with non-ICT you can date that ICT is so a great deal easier than collapse writing something. One reason is that your handwriting might be very bad and as a result, people will not be able read your handwriting. Secondly, when you write pages and pages of information concerning the company, then your hand tends to become tired. With the use of ICT, you wont get tired as you will just be typing, and will eventually feel tired, besides not as quickly as you would have done.Another point, which makes ICT a great deal better than any Non ICT, is that if you make a mistake while you are working with non-ICT, you will not be able to make a change very easily, but with ICT you com press the delete or key to get rid of the mistake. Other uses of ICT within Future Fashions are that you can use a mainframe or a midrange, which are fantastic operating systems. What this would a llow you to do is to do better work, as there is better equipment and better facilities to use in a mainframe and in a midrange. Future fashions were not that efficient as they had a softwood of problems in the company.One of which was that they didnt even have a logo or a slogan. That just showed how efficient they were, as they didnt even have a log and slogan, and they are meant to be a dress company. Other problems that they had were they had no spreadsheet to show how all the employees records were like, no interpret to see how much they ware getting paid and no earnings slip to show how much the employees would get paid. So in the end, what I did to solve these problems were to actually make the logo, slogan, spreadsheet, graph and wage slip.I count on that all the solutions that I can up with very well in the end. The logo was falsifyful and eye catching, and the slogan was very catchy. The spreadsheet was very behind for the owners of Future Fashions to read from and the graph was also easy for the owners of Future Fashions to see how much each employee gets paid, and could compare the money that the employees get by the other employees. Lastly, the wage slip was successful as the owners of Future Fashions could see how much the employee was getting paid, how much tax there was, how much National damages there was, etc.Eventfully, as a result of my work, the problems of future fashions disappeared. The company will now become very successful, in my opinion, as almost of the problems have been solved, and Future Fashions can now rightfully take off. A summery of what I have said in the 3-4 pages is just that the hardware and software that I used was very successful for the owners of Future Fashions as it helped the owners of Future Fashions when they needed it most, and as a result, this will benefit the owners on Future Fashions in the long run.The problems that I came across whilst doing this project to help Future Fashions were Sometimes t he printer wouldnt print in colour because it was a black ink printer. The computer froze a few times, so I had to do it again. When the computers were getting rebooted after the power cut, all of my work got deleted. Overall, I have found out that the solutions that I came up with really helped the company named Future Fashions. I also found out that all the solutions that I came up with improved the image of Future Fashions, making it a very successful company.

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