Thursday, March 14, 2019

Haunted :: Creative Writing Essays

Haunted           One day I was walking a foresighted placement a road that not to many people travel on. whole of a sudden it started storming really bad. I didnt want to get disquieted so I fixed to run into an rare aband hotshotd house for cover. No one lived there, I was sure of that. As I got in, I looked around and observe what a spooky house it was. It seemed really spooky.           I saw a large room that was the foyer. The room had a draw tile grace. It was lit a dark blue color. There were twain lights on either side of the staircase that led to the second floor. saturnine to the right of the large foyer was a threshold that led to the kitchen. The kitchen was old a musty smelling. As I walked to the back of the kitchen, I noticed a door. I stared at it. A second later it heart-to-heart I ran reveal of the kitchen as fast as I could and ran up the stairs.        & nbsp  Up stairs it was even darker. I saw a long narrow hallway with a lot of doors on both sides and on the end. I checked all of the doors and I could only get into one of them. I walked into the one that I could get into and heard someone let loose and plead. I grew scared but then noticed it wasnt a person. It looked give care a hologram, but you could see and hear him. He seemed to be pleading for his life. I could not see whom he was talking to, but I dont think it was a person. The man was balding and looked like he was in his upper forties. He was saying, I am sorry for coming into your house. I thought it was empty. Please Please Let me go. I wont say anything I didnt see you murder him. No Dont Ahhhhhhh Stop... Then he fell to the floor after I heard a sickening crack. I raced out of that room only to find myself in the hallway again. I decided it was time for me to leave I went quickly down stairs and went to the door I came in at. I turned the handle and not hing happened.

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