Saturday, March 16, 2019

Revenge :: essays research papers

Taking penalise is a bitter dessert thing. I have always thought that people should always stimulate what they desire, whether it be a grade, a smile and hug or in roughly cases, revenge. When I was in high school there seemed to be someone always canvasing to get me in trouble, they would assure things that wouldnt be true or do things to make me look bad. The fact that I never seemed to do anything to them would make me mad and wonder what I could do to get them back. Revenge would usually come in some sort of verbal put down or I would try to physically hurt them. It always seemed when I would get the revenge remediate away I would find oneself really good but as I thought about what I did, and what they did to me I would always feel guilty or wish I would have never do anything to them in return. In the bible it is said that we should treat others as we would alike(p) to be treated, and when I would hurt someone physically or mentally I would be disobeying what the bi ble said. If I am to get revenge on others, what happens when they get revenge on me, will it ever part with or would it have been easier to just walk away and no say anything or let it bothered me. Now that Im in college I feel that revenge comes in different forms. Now sooner of hurting others I am in for taking revenge on the basketball floor. If I get beat, it means my team and I didnt play up to our potential or that they worked harder than us on a given night. Its not a demeanor or death point but when the next game comes I want to beat the life out of them. When the game is over and I feel that the revenge has been interpreted I dont feel like I shouldnt have done it or that I feel bad that they lost(p) and I won, I have feelings of happiness and joy.

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