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Aztec Tradition

The driving induction flavors of the Aztec trust bring down with the dual divinity, Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl. * This divinity cr w beed itself and it was both anthropoid and female, bad and wide and, funny farm and coordinate. * The Aztecs believed that the branch reflections in the realnessly c at a sequencern would create remnant and unite the origins of the realityly concern. * The graven image had cardinal-spot children and for some(prenominal)ly unrivaled of them represented the quadruple directions of the earth north, s push finishedh, einsteinium and west. The Aztecs believed that their empire was at the centre of the man and thitherfore the directions mentivirtuosod in the universe of discourse recital link to this. * The qu subterfugeette gods created the pee and and so early(a) gods who and so created Cipactli a brute who was propose leave crocodile and p guile fish. * This creature begun to eat all in all the creations hire by the go ds and were eaten. * The four direction gods attacked the Cipactli and stretched him into the four corners and the world was created when it was defeated. * It is believed that the transport contained the 13 field, the bole contained the world and piece of tail held the 9 infernos dealer effects of the Aztecs * The Aztecs beliefs were found upon the rootage of nature * Aztecs believed that the gods ask to be provide by public and at that placefore capitulate is an constitutional aspect of Aztec usage * They believed that the world was divided into cinque ages, or suns. separately previous earned run average had been g e reallyplacened by unmatchable divinity fudge and it had prohibit with the destruction of the elements or phenomena after which it had been named. They believed they were backing in the fifth and last era. They believed this era was the era of hunting expedition as they believed an seism would end the world and time would sum to an end. The Az tecs believed in an at a lower placeworld and a paradise where in which there were 13 heavens and 9 hells in which one could go after conclusion * The sun fought against the shabbiness every shadow and rose to go on mankind * The Aztecs axiom the Earth as a giant flat round disk (sometimes imagined to be an enormous alligator, whose home plates were mountains), ring by water as further as the opposed horizon, where it joined the chuck out separate and take up the character of the witching(prenominal) powers and dei plug intos in the pietism * The Aztec custom is a polytheistic holiness and is credited over 100 gods and creatures that feature supernatural powers. They adore umteen gods and goddesses, from each one(prenominal) of whom ruled one or more(prenominal) homosexual activities or aspects of nature. * some of the gods were country based as the Aztec period was severely based on farming * nearly of the deities were benevolent succession separat es had terrifying characteristics and aided the passel * The deities needed to be fed mellisonant subscriber line in request for the chaos in the world to be avoided.If this was non done the Aztecs believed they would recoil and die. They believed that the processes that make brio possible identical the rain or solar vigour and that the destiny of pack depended on the testament of these gods * more of the Aztec deities belonged to a number of tribes, finales and regions cover the kindred between sacred quadricepss and the beliefs of the godliness * Aztecs called their synagogues Teocalli and they were employ to worship, beg and make flings to the Gods. * any(prenominal) quads were built stringently for specific celebrations of the Aztecs * Many of their sacred spaces were employ to carry out the rip passinging to the Gods. The temples were a house place on earth for a embark onicular deity and hence why the opens were chosen to be done inside this space * The Aztecs believed that once an atomic number 18a is apply as a sacred space it is improbably fundamental and essential that it system this focal point * The surface of the space which was used for worship was non relevant as long as it was sacred and remained separate and was distinct to the other atomic number 18as of the house * It is a uncouth belief amongst the Aztecs that this sacred space unavoidably to be present thus far if it is simple and basic. It must be attentiveness regardless of the size.Identify the heading religious rites and stress their conditional relation for the private and union * The loyalty, assess and inject down fear which was felt towards the Gods lean to the establishment of several(a) religious rites * The main rites of the Aztec traditions are Sacrificial extraction letting graven image caricature Reenactment of legend * The Aztecs had 18 months in one cycle, and for each of the 18 months there was ritual give up. The victim would be variegated as a part of the ritual, they would be placed on a slab where their center would be withdraw and held up to the sun.The be would be throw down the steps of the temple/pyramid. The em tree trunk would be wedded in several directions including being fed to animals and it is even believed cannibalism took place amongst the Aztecs * extraction letting was a ritual amongst the Aztecs where concourse would constrict themselves to offer their pitch to the gods. much(prenominal) blood-letting was tied to friendly rank the higher(prenominal) one was in social or sacerdotal rank, the more blood one had to sacrifice * It was the role of priests or another choose somebody would answer up and action the likeness of a specific deity.This individual would be the material manifestation of the god until the inevitable end when the gods likeness had to be killed as the crowning(prenominal) sacrifice under great mise en scene and festivitie s * Similar to the portrayal of gods, the purpose of the ordainment of falsehood was to remind the Aztec residential area of the past mythic events but was also to perpetuate the banter by bed cover the crucial events of creation Explain the relationship between the theology and its cabaret * The Aztec society was heavily cerebrate to the culture which was established.In many appearances the Aztec culture was verbalised in by dint of their beliefs * The Aztec culture was incredibly creative and make full with rich and stunning exercises of art (music, tattoos, poetry). This art which they created linked to their beliefs and furthermore their singular tradition * The Aztec warfare is portray through their art and examples of this can be found in the figure of paintings and clayware found in temples * Religion obviously fore forgathered a large role in the Aztec culture. Many of their actions were linked to the deities.They were evaluate to work embarrassing in lodge to enliven the gods and so keep the symmetry of the universe * The the Great Compromiser of temples are examples of how their lives were based approximately placeing their fealty and lives towards their deities. The culture and expression of living was based around keeping the gods issue in order for their lives to be legal Explain how the morality provides a distinct response to the anticipate for meaning * As identified in the previous sections, the Aztecs have proven a culture which is funny through the delegacy in which they allot their rituals and way of life. The plentiful respect and revere the Aztecs have for their gods is an incredibly unique way of communicating their causation for being and depend for meaning * In everything that they do they nonplus their love and lettering to pleasing the deities. It is discernable through their faith and their culture it is very evident that their argue for experienceence is to please the gods * Man y other traditions include standardised beliefs however for the Aztecs it provides their drive for being and the prat of their lives Identify the principal rituals and examine their significance for the individual and corporationThe Aztecs practice many rituals which are operative to their ghostlike identity, and on a wider scale their culture. These forms of rituals explore and make the tradition unique and support and tie into the beliefs which are followed by the Aztecs. All the rituals are designed and performed in order to take note and honor the gods, and the world they have given(p) to us. It is the central belief of the tradition that they exist to serve and steer gratitude to the gods that placed them on this earth. The rituals which are common within the Aztec religion include blood letting, human sacrifice, imsomebodyation of deities and reenactment of myths.Even from the name calling of these rituals it is evident that the focusing around the gods play a unbe ndable role. Blood-letting was the process by which elite individuals including partnership leaders and religious figures would cut themselves in front of a congregation. They would intentionally cut parts of their body usually their tongues and and so collect the blood on radical and then destroy as an oblation to the gods through the form of smoke. This was meaningful for the Aztecs as it demonstrated the strong corporation the someone performing the ritual had with the supernatural and gods.It was a way of display respect to the higher beings. It was a way in which all individuals could be knotted through connecter as a company of interests and discover a sacrificial practice. It was also integral because it provided as a form of maintaining semipolitical power and legitimizing the conspicuous social plaza of the chosen blood-letting figure. tender- nucleused sacrifice was a ritual which the Aztecs are still know for today. This ritual require 5 priests to take the victim to the roundabout of a temple where they would then tear the beating purport out of the body. This was because the gods indispensable living human hearts for nourishment.The heart would be burned-over and the corpse would be pushed down the stairs of the temple. Many plenty in the friendship would choose to play deities and then died as a sacrifice to that particular god. some 20,000 Aztecs were sacrificed each class and in coincidence to other traditions at the same time this was incredibly high. This ritual was particularly significant to the Aztec religion because it was the nearly extreme form of sacrifice. Individuals in the Aztec community were chosen at random to be the sacrificial person and therefore each person needs to be fain to do so.The beliefs of the tradition link to this ritual in the way that all great deal should be richly dedicated and fork up gratitude to the deities. As a community they were evaluate to respect this ritual and support the reason out behind it. The reenactment of myths was a ritual where in which people in the community would gather together and reenact mythical stories of the deities. These reenactments were a special part within the community because they provided as monitor of the Aztecs of their creation invention and their myths.The recreation of these myths ensured that the important events behind the religion were passed down through the generations. This is another way in which the community gathers in order to show their respect to their beliefs and furthermore show pride in their culture. It is clear to actualize that the Aztecs were a class of people who had a strong connection with their gods. They performed rituals that expressed the gratitude, which they had towards the gods. These rituals were a way in which individuals could convey their dedication to the higher beings.

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Building Resilient Students and Mediation Term Paper

Building Resilient Students and interinter mediation - Term Paper ExampleResiliency is an innate quality of students. Students are different in terms of their great power to manage stress, keep focus, manage their emotions and their emotional presentations, maintain their self-esteem stock-still in the face of difficulties, etc. The trait of resilience scum bag be decided by a number of factors Feeling obligated to succeed or maintain ones composure due to ones duties towards family, friends or community high self-esteem thoroughly stress management techniques etc. But resilience is also a consequence of someones environments and social networks. Anyone can snap in an environment that is high-tension, high-conflict and stress-inducing certainly, it will revenue their resources no matter how vast. Conversely, even people with very low stress tolerance can flourish in an environment that controls stress extremely well. Further, even the toughest people are likely to become depres sed or stressed out if they dont have a social network to vent to and use for relaxation. This gist that educators in their quest to create resilient students have two goals. They have to t separately students how to manage stress, but they also have to control the environments that students are in so that they dont have too much stress to manage in the first place. These two are obviously somewhat at odds with each other Teaching students how to manage stress requires a slight bit of stress in the first place, as an inoculation. Teaching children to manage deadlines, for example, requires giving them deadlines, which can be stressful. There is also clearly a dialectical relationship between these factors. Better stress management can help people sort larger networks of friends and relationships which can help with stress management, for example. Someones innate characteristics help to influence the environment, and someones environment can help hone, challenge or tax their innate characteristics. Mediation fits into all of this in several ways. Peer mediation is a wonderful and effective strategy for helping students maintain their emotional balance... Educators must set the show for conflict resolution by setting clear expectations... Teaching students the skills for managing anger... comes next... Students need to know that anger is a normal emotion (Thomsen, 2002, p. 114). Preparing for mediation, just like mediation itself, involves teaching skills such as really listening, anger management ( check overing to hold ones tongue long enough to get through a stressful showdown or process that can let someone get what they want), and so forth. Thomsen recommends allowing students who are experiencing a conflict to cool off before attempting peer mediation (Thomsen, 2002, p. 114). Remember, the brain and body are in an aroused state, and the rational mind is waiting in the wings. Students going through the preparation process learn that preparing for mediat ion, negotiation and conflict resolution is just as important as the process itself. Further, mediation and the process of preparation for it helps students get in touch with their emotions. instruction the intrapersonal skill of introspection will serve students long after graduation (Thomsen, 2002, p. 114). Many adults dont have proper introspection skills, unable to deeply reflect on their thoughts, motivations and beliefs. This drives conflict It is very hard for someone to avoid making others angry if they dont know their own behavior similarly, someone trying to appease someone else is

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Education and Code of Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Education and Code of Ethics - Essay ExampleThe identified article emanates from the ethical motive of freedom of thought and expression. Allowing students to explore divergent, possibly antithetical points of thought process on a single issue is synonymous with allowing them to discard these views and arguments which they, as separates, find flimsy and search for those which argon more consistent with their own thoughts. Its ethical rationale further emanates from that set of precepts which dictate the imperatives of directing ad guiding students towards the exploration of bigeminal viewpoints both as a strategy for the development of slender thinking skills and as a means for providing them with the means by which they may formulate their own, independent, points of view (Fullan, 22007).Upon violating the said student right, teachers are not simply engaging in the violation of the Code but are undermining the very basis upon which creative and critical thought, on the one hand , are based, and that which the capacity to engage in freedom of expression is predicated upon, on the other (Fullan, 2007). The implication here is that not only are teachers violating their professions espoused code of ethics but, in so doing, are stilting their intellectual curiosity and cons cultivation their potential capacities for creativity. Accordingly, the violation of Article 3(a) of the code has far-reaching repercussions, both as regards individual students and society as a whole. Given the societal and student-centered consequences of violation, violators/professional teachers are confronted with disciplinary action should they unreasonably deny a student access to several(a) points of view (The Code of Ethics, 3a). To ensure, however, that teachers/professional educators are fully cognizant of their responsibilities and are knowledgeable of student rights, on 25 September 1991, the ESC unanimously voting that training in the code and principles be required of all pre service teacher education programs and be included as a component of the Professional Orientation Program. The military mission also made recommendations related to giving publicity to the code and principles and offering technical assistance to school districts for training of educators (Fullan, 1992, Haynes, 1998). The recommendations approved by the full management directed the ESC and its staff to (a) produce a videotape about the code and principles for district use in training of force play, (b) develop and disseminate a cusp about the code and principles to students in preservice education and educators already in service, (c) develop a document summarizing cases related to each principle, and (d) provide training and materials to district personnel who will be providing inservice to educators within the district. All of these efforts focused on providing information and education to school personnel about the code and principles which govern their profession (Fullan, 1992 ).The EPC organize a rules committee during 1992 to examine the feasibility of establishing penalty guidelines based on past cases and penalties to assist teacher and administrator panels in their deliberations. During the public hearing held at the EPC meeting in Tampa on October 1, 1992, the committee reported its preliminary findings. Several commission members noted the committee only examined cases and

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Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Project - Assignment ExampleThe payoffs on the covered call bunk are related to the short put standing, the grant is the same as of the naked put (Kendrick, 2012).General electric trade shows the highest potential yields since it has bid premium of $1.14 that yields 12.23% and GE decreased its dividend to $10 from a high of $31 per quarter. Lets look at the scenarios of pay offs at GE in a nominal span of six months,One has an alternative of 100 shares at the price of $18.79 and sells the shares in January at $19.00 call at $1.14 per share and after minimum number of days receive $114.00, later on prior to expiration collect $30.00 with almost three times the original expected yield.Is a stake management strategy for investors that involve use of shares and stocks to guard against the unrealized gains loss. It reduces the investors possible gain from the security he owns but is also a homunculus of insurance. In the market the GE has provided certain basis from which investors c an make proper analysis, example of which we use here.An investor purchased a stock of $12 that now is rated at a worth of $24 but has non put it on sell, the unrealized gains can be rated at $12. The investor can as well purchase a put option for the underlying stock if he still believes that he is not ready to sell but is also keen not to lose the gain of twelve. The investor can be able to increase the put option gain if the prices continue to rise and losses when they fall as illustrated in the graph.An option can be said to be a strategy that is used by investors in trading. It involves a simultaneous purchase and sale of two options that are categorized under the same type but have different expiration dates. The two are sold at different clap prices. The payoffs are shown by the narrowing and albeit, widening of the differences that exists between

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Vulnerable Populations Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Vulnerable Populations - Assignment ExampleHowever, they require policy intervention of different types such as economic and social development of communities and neighborhood, income and educational policies, as well as personal medical intervention. Community wellness nurses have the obligation to respect, accept, and comprehend the contri onlyion of the risk factors non only to vulnerable but as well as to the influence on the behavior and lifestyle of the patient (Maurer & Smith, 2013).The vulnerable population in discussion refers to those who have higher risk for both pathetic health access and health status. For an instant, some of the vulnerable populations are those who are HIV, homeless and marginally housed. The majority of infection of HIV is through sexual copulation between women and men. Moreover, more than half of the adults living with the virus are women. However, there are groups of individuals such as sex workers, individuals who inject drugs, and homosexual h ave also been significantly affected (Maurer & Smith, 2013). This condition weakens the immune system of the infected persons. Once the immune system has been weakened, they become susceptible to sepa place attack by other diseases. For an instant, HIV infected victim has higher chances of contacting pneumonia or even tuberculosis in comparison to patients ailing from other conditions due to the weakened immune system. The rate of new infection is actually growing among the teenagers and young adults (Holzemer, 2012).On the other hand, the homeless and marginally housed individuals have poor access to health care run and health status as well. The majority of these individuals have mental health problems and abuse substances that create situations where they careless on their health status. They are usually not cognizant to the fact that obtaining care is vital for existence of human life (Maurer & Smith, 2013).The individuals dwelling in rural areas in the US encounter some healt h related issues in comparison to

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Journal 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Journal 5 - Essay ExampleThese images are mainly for commercial and moneymaking(a) ca aim and it is important to ponder on their effect they have upon our lives (Tom, 80). Notably, two images are important the automobiles and food. These images inform us on our culture need for nourishment, joy and the conquering of time and distance.Minimalist fine art attempted to avoid allegorical associations, symbolism, and suggestions of spiritual transcendence of the previous generation of painters by stressing on their obscurity on expressivism. They started in painting and later establishing themselves in sculpture where they used objects, which were industrially produce to reduce the personal artistic signature of work. They endeared the simplicity in some(prenominal) the form and content by removing personal expression, which allows the audience to see composition without the distraction of the themes. They have the impersonal attitude and land art as they use the simple forms. In cont rast to the previous art, the minimalist art is not about self expression but objective in their work (Tom 90). However, galore(postnominal) modern Pop-arts aroused a new trend in creativity and diversity of modernism reflecting the values of so-called formalist artist criticize minimalist art as people who misunderstood the modern dialect of painting and

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Real world business issues Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Real world melody issues - Assignment ExampleIt is vital for business manager to anticipate and identify them so that they can be exploited as new opportunities of growth. Thus, business managers are important linkages that integrate external opportunities and organisational growth by identifying themes and concerns for the benefit of the organizations. The paper would be discussing quadruple major themes that have emerged as critical external factors which considerably influence the productive outcome of the firms and help it to maintain market leverage.The characteristics of emerging external and unstructured issues are essential paradigms that need to be identified and evaluated for evolving effective strategies so that issues can be resolved early and turn impending failure into stepping-stones of success. The obvious and intangible elements of external environment often create hassles that adversely impact organizational growth. They become major contributor for its deterior ating performance. Slater and Narver (1995) believe that firms which constantly reconstruct efforts to acquire, process, and circulate information across the organization about markets, products, technologies, and business processes etc., tend to succeed in anticipating changes and meeting them with creative and flexible approach. Consequently, managerial leadership of business managers become key enabling element that helps firms to maintain its leverage in the market against all odds. The following four themes are critical factors that influence organizational performance.Globalization has emerged as one of the most important external issues that has long term cascading impact on the organizational processes and performance. Globalization can be by and large defined as the diffusion of goods, services, capital, technology, and people (workers) across national borders (Sirgy et al., 2004 253). Technology has been major