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Character Profile of Friar Lawrence :: English Literature Essays

address Profile of mendicant LawrenceMost movies portray friars as wise mentors, or strict religion-followers, that lead lawful, moral, and impeccable croaks. and this tragic play of Romeo and Juliet begs to differ, as the friar does nothing but help achieve the forbidden plans of two star-crossed lovers. As mendicant Lawrence gets involved more deeply into the schemes of Romeo and Juliet, he too begins to warp sly plans out of his head, such as the potion plan.Despite his conscience, mendicant Lawrence reveals a potion that will put Juliet to a infatuated death, in the Potion political program scene. His motivation was caused by the weeping and tears of Juliet who was in the hands of a twisted marriage against her will. She had already been married to her love, but presently that promise was in danger of being broken. From the few lines that the friar speaks, the audience realizes that this friar is certainly not the stereotype friar that goes around trying to live an imp ossible action of perfection. Though it may have been wrong to help children marry against their parents permission, and let them fake a death to run away together, Friar Lawrence did the exact thing. Friar Lawrence didnt think of what was lawfully right, but of the destiny of two people, that were very important to him. He cared for them, and wished Romeo and Juliet well. He valued them as his proclaim children. It goes to show that Friar Lawrence was human, also, and not perfect, since no one can be perfect. Friar Lawrence felt an internal conflict within him the conflict of self against self. He knew in his brain that it was wrong to help a teen run away with her lover, who happened to be a murderer. But he also felt himself guide out to them, as he had known them as his own children for a very long time. He knew what a desperate situation Juliet and Romeo were in, and knew that he could obstruct their lives from being ruined. But the problem was that the only way to solve everything, was to take a wrong path, that everyone opposed. In the end, he ends up helping his baby buster children. But by this decision, he affected the whole plot of the play, and caused it to turn greatly. This plan would have turned out marvelously, but he made a few mistakes.Character Profile of Friar Lawrence English Literature EssaysCharacter Profile of Friar LawrenceMost movies portray friars as wise mentors, or strict religion-followers, that lead lawful, moral, and virtuous lives. But this tragic play of Romeo and Juliet begs to differ, as the friar does nothing but help achieve the forbidden plans of two star-crossed lovers. As Friar Lawrence gets involved more deeply into the schemes of Romeo and Juliet, he too begins to warp sly plans out of his head, such as the potion plan.Despite his conscience, Friar Lawrence reveals a potion that will put Juliet to a false death, in the Potion Plan scene. His motivation was caused by the weeping and tears of Juliet who was in the hands of a twisted marriage against her will. She had already been married to her love, but now that promise was in danger of being broken. From the few lines that the friar speaks, the audience realizes that this friar is certainly not the stereotype friar that goes around trying to live an impossible life of perfection. Though it may have been wrong to help children marry against their parents permission, and let them fake a death to run away together, Friar Lawrence did the exact thing. Friar Lawrence didnt think of what was lawfully right, but of the destiny of two people, that were very important to him. He cared for them, and wished Romeo and Juliet well. He valued them as his own children. It goes to show that Friar Lawrence was human, also, and not perfect, since no one can be perfect. Friar Lawrence felt an internal conflict within him the conflict of self against self. He knew in his mind that it was wrong to help a teen run away with her lover, who happened to be a murderer. But he also felt himself reach out to them, as he had known them as his own children for a very long time. He knew what a desperate situation Juliet and Romeo were in, and knew that he could prevent their lives from being ruined. But the problem was that the only way to solve everything, was to take a wrong path, that everyone opposed. In the end, he ends up helping his fellow children. But by this decision, he affected the whole plot of the play, and caused it to turn greatly. This plan would have turned out marvelously, but he made a few mistakes.

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Comparing Societies Weakness from the Perspective of Two Authors :: Compare Contrast Comparison

Comparing Societies Weakness from the Perspective of Two AuthorsCarol Travis and Ellen Goodman are both writers from antithetical backgrounds with different experiences, but they share a common opinion. Both writers find a weakness with in our society. In the article In Groups We Shrink From lone wolfs Heroics Travis expresses his views on societies weakness. He believes our weakness lies in the drop of emergency response in groups. In the article Countering the Culture of Sex Goodman feels the weakness is lack of sexual education given to teenagers. Though they both have different opinions, they represent a strong case for both sides.In Carol Tavris article, In Groups We Shrink From Loners Heroics, in that location is information about a social concern. Tavris feels that society does not respond to emergencies the same in groups as they do individually. Something happens to individuals when they collect in a group. They think and act differently than they would on their throw. Most quite a little, if they observe some disaster or danger on their own a woman being stabbed, a pedestrian slammed by a it-and-run driver pull up stakes at least call for help many will even risk their own safety to intervene. But if they are in a group observing the same danger, they hold back. (Tavris, 17) Even though people were put through, identical test the ones who were in the group atmosphere did not respond as much as the people who where alone. In one investigate in behavioral psychology, students were seated in a room, either alone, or in-groups of three, as staged an emergency occurred Smoke began pouring through the vents. Students who were on there own usually hesitated a minute, got up, checked the vents and then went out to report what certainly seemed like a fire. But the students who were sitting in groups of three did not move. They sat there for six minutes, with smoke so thick they could barely see, rubbing their eyes and coughing. (Tavris, 18) Travis u ses famous example such as Rodney King, who was beaten by 4 police officers while in front of 11 other officers, and Kitty Genovese, who was repediatly stabbed to death in front of her 38 neighbors. Tavris believes that people should be much responsive in groups then they currently are.Ellen Goodmans article, Countering the Culture of Sex, is an article that describes a different perspective of societal flaw.

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Act two then presents a quarrelsome Edward, as he refuses to perform :: English Literature

Act two then presents a quarrelsome Edward, as he refuses to get along even more kingly duties. Scotland has captured MortimerWhat techniques does Marlowe use to engage audiences interest in thefirst two acts of the play?Marlowe studied the Bible and the renewal theologians as well asphilosophy and history at Corpus Christi College Cambridge for sixyears but instead of continuing and taking holy orders, Marlowe wentto capital of the United Kingdom and became a dramatist. He made important friends such asSir Walter Raleigh. Most of his plays were written in blank verse,with Edward II being no exception. It is a historic tragedy playad was Marlowes last play. Later it inspired playwright and directorBertolt Brecht and Lion Feuchtwanger to write Leben Eduards desZweiten von England in 1924.Edward II is an terrific and swiftly moving account of a kingcontrolled by his basest passions, a weak man who becomes a puppet ofhis homosexual lover, and pays a tragic harm for forsaking thegove rnance of his country. The play is set in early fourteenth-centuryEngland, during a period when England was surrounded by enemies inScotland, Ireland, Denmark, and France. Edward, preoccupied by thebanishment of his lover, Gaveston, just acknowledges the crises thatthreaten his country he indulges his passions and forgets ab let on hisduties, failing to recognize that his refusal to attend to stateaffairs is eroding his royal authority. He picks his battles,preferring those petty skirmishes over Gavestons circumstances to those thatwould benefit his rule and enhance the power of the state.Edward II was first performed in 1594, played by the Earl ofPembrokes Men. The next performance indicates 1617, Queen Elizabethsreign. As the country being protestant at this time, parts of the playwould be particularly interesting and entertaining when the play wasperformed, which may not have the alike effect nowadays. For examplewhen Gaveston and Edward demonstrate acts of violence towards the kingand banish him to be imprisoned in the tower. Entertaining violencetowards the Catholics would have been in those days.The first guesswork opens with Gaveston reading a letter from Edward II,newly crowned sovereign of England after the death of Edward I.Gaveston had been banished from court because of his corruptinginfluence on the young prince Edward. Now, with the elder Edward outof the way, Edward II is inviting Gaveston to return and share thekingdom with him. In a few quick lines, Gavestons soliloquy makesclear the homosexual nature of their relationship (take me in thyarms) as well as the theme of power that runs throughout the play.

Aspects and Impacts of Generational Diversity Essay -- Law Enforcement

Aspects and Impacts of propagational Diversity This paper examines several aspects of generational smorgasbord and its impact on law enforcement organizations. As the law enforcement profession prepares to move into the future it must also make ready for a changing of the guard, which willing soon take place. The Traditionals and Boomers have been joined by two younger and vastly different generations of employees who bring new perspectives to law enforcement. This paper briefly discusses a few of the characteristics most commonly associated with each generation and how generational diversity will CREATE CHANGE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT ORGANIZATIONS. AFFECT RECRUITING ACTIVITIES. AFFECT HOW elateing IS VIEWED BY precaution AND PERSONNEL. REQUIRE NEW SKILLS AND MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES TO MOTIVATE A DIVERSE WORK FORCE. RESULT IN CHANGING THE DYNAMICS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT MANAGEMENT AND CULTURE. Managing generational diversity will be a challenge that will have a tremendous impact on the future of law enforcement. Organizations will adapt out of necessity, to meet the challenge of successfully integrating iv generations. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Generational diversity is an emerging issue for law enforcement. like a shots workforce is different from any other in history now that four generations are working side-by-side. Law enforcement managers will have to learn to recognize the changing dynamics of personnel and develop strategic new approaches to old problems. Traditionals were simply grateful for jobs and focused on stability, they were not inclined to head authority. Boomers inherited the need for stability and wanted a better life many focused so much energy on work that it became their identity. Generation X was the first group to question authority, they want to be involved in the decision making process and are unwilling to wait until retreat for their rewards. Generation Y also wants to be more involved in decisions, have more flexibility, and like Generation X see work as the means to support their lives, not as a basis for self-image as the Boomers did. Creative new recruitment and motivational techniques become critical as the issue of applicants drop and the need for qualified personnel increases. Younger members of Generation X and Generation Y are becoming more and more val... ...or Smaller constabulary Departments. Goodrich, J. (2004, Summer). Making the Most of Generational Differences Electronic version. The Criminal Justice Institutes Management Quarterly. Hatfield, S.L. (2002, Jul/Aug). Understanding the Four Generations to Enhance Workplace Management Electronic version. AFP Exchange. 22, 72-74Homer. (800 B.C. V 700 B.C.) The Iliad. Epic Greek poem.Lancaster, L. & Stillman, D. (2002) When generations collide. New York Harper BusinessLeo, J. (2003, November 3). The good-news generation Electronic version. U.S. News & World Report. 135 (15) p60, 1p, 1cSegal. (2002, February). Providi ng public sector services in a eon of change The total rewards perspective. Electronic version. Public Sector Letter. 2-4.Southard, G. & Lewis, J. (2004, April). Building a Workplace That Recognizes Generational Diversity. Public Management (PM) Magazine. 86 (3) Retrieved October 14, 2004 from http//, B (2002). Managing the generation mix, four generations in conflict excerpt video overview. RainmakerThinking, Inc. Retrieved October 22, 2004 from http//www

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Introduction lipoidaemia is a check up on that effects hundreds of millions Americans e actually year. Hyperlipidemia is an extra of fat like substances in the slantstream that include cholesterol and triglycerides. Hyperlipidemia is a condition that shows no symptoms and can only be diagnosed through blood tests. The treatment is aimed at lowering the LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol. A variety of medications are used in the treatment including statin drugs, fibrates and bile acid sequestrants. boilers suit the condition is treatable with the right lifestyle modifications and overall healthy diet.Hyperlipidemia Hyperlipidemia is an excess of fat like substances in the bloodstream that include cholesterol and triglycerides. expand like substances are also called lipids that seem to create chaos in the arteries and overall in excess are not good for a diligents body because they are known to clog a persons arteries which lead to many other diseases and condit ions that are much worse, including a affectionateness attack. Lipoproteins like the LDL (low density lipoproteins) and the HDL (high density lipoproteins) are the fat like complexes in the blood. Hyperlipidemia can be further separated into twain subcategories including hypercholesterolemia, which means a high level of cholesterol in the blood, hypertriglyceridemia, which is a high level of triglycerides in the blood, which is the most customary form of hyperlipidemia. The treatment of the condition is aimed at lowering the bad cholesterol in the blood. Diagnosis The overall diagnosis of the condition is based on the patients medical and lifestyle history ahead they are to access the patients lipid profile. The doctor would want the patient to also be healthy and... ...iarrhea, stomach pain and skin rash. Lopid is a very effective medication in the use of hyperlipidemia by lowering the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride levels at a reasonable price. Conclusion Hyperlipidemia is a common condition in men older than 45 and women older than 55 that affects the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It is also more prevalent in throng with a family history of the condition. Hyperlipidemia is diagnosable by blood test to check unhealthy lipid levels in the bloodstream. Patients with this condition can either booster themselves by following the recommended treatment or it will lead to more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease and even heart attack and stroke. Hyperlipidemia is a treatable condition with lifestyle and dietary modifications used concurrently with lipid lowering agents on the market today.

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Introduction Hyperlipidemia is a condition that effects hundreds of millions Americans every year. Hyperlipidemia is an excess of fat like substances in the blood stream that include cholesterin and triglycerides. Hyperlipidemia is a condition that shows no symptoms and can only be diagnosed through blood tests. The treatment is aimed at lowering the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol. A variety of medications are utilisationd in the treatment including statin drugs, fibrates and bile acid sequestrants. Overall the condition is treatable with the right lifestyle modifications and general healthy diet.Hyperlipidemia Hyperlipidemia is an excess of fat like substances in the bloodstream that include cholesterol and triglycerides. Fat like substances are also called lipids that be to create chaos in the arteries and overall in excess are not good for a patients body because they are cognise to clog a persons arteries which lead to many other dis eases and conditions that are much worse, including a heart attack. Lipoproteins like the LDL (low density lipoproteins) and the high-density lipoprotein (high density lipoproteins) are the fat like complexes in the blood. Hyperlipidemia can be further separated into two subcategories including hypercholesterolemia, which means a high train of cholesterol in the blood, hypertriglyceridemia, which is a high level of triglycerides in the blood, which is the most common form of hyperlipidemia. The treatment of the condition is aimed at lowering the bad cholesterol in the blood. Diagnosis The overall diagnosis of the condition is based on the patients medical and lifestyle history before they are to access the patients lipid profile. The specify would want the patient to also be healthy and... ...iarrhea, stomach pain and skin rash. Lopid is a very effective medication in the use of hyperlipidemia by lowering the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride levels at a reasonable price. Conclusion Hyperlipidemia is a common condition in men sometime(a) than 45 and women older than 55 that affects the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It is also more prevalent in people with a family history of the condition. Hyperlipidemia is diagnosable by blood test to check unhealthy lipid levels in the bloodstream. Patients with this condition can either help themselves by following the recommended treatment or it will lead to more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease and even heart attack and stroke. Hyperlipidemia is a treatable condition with lifestyle and dietetic modifications used concurrently with lipid lowering agents on the market today.

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Organizational Commitment: Job Satisfaction, Stress, Motivation

Todays organisation because of global competition and cost cutting had engage to great changes in the organizations booster cable to greater effect of organizational behaviors. Some organizations are losing employees to other organizations and some employees are losing their efficiency due to the lack of melody cheer, or due to examine and/or due to lack of motivation, or combination of many factors. Colquitt et al has described various factor effecting employees and its organizations in organizational behaviors, 2nd edition. Controlling render and self motivating is very of import to achieve goals, and when goals are met honourable is elevated.Job triumph leads to organizational inscription and job actionance. Almost every organization faces some kind of brain drain when an employee leaves the organization. Human resource management and managers have developed many strategies to understand employees and their problems, to improve organizational behaviors by providing tr ainings to employees link to organizational commitment and engagement, as organizational commitment leads to better job performance and job satisfaction, which leads to better quality of product or service, which leads to more customers and harvest-tide in revenue.For an employee, job satisfaction may mean many things like good pay, frequent promotions, enjoyable coworkers, work, authority/status, moral cause, environment, etc (Colquitt et al. , 2010). An employee with high job satisfaction bequeath have high positive feeling for the work and organization, and volition have high motivation also. When an employee is motivated, attains job satisfaction consecutively performs better. Work related and non-work related stresses have an effect on organizational behavior. An employee has to control stress and reduce the strains caused by stress to take a better judgment and decisions. every(prenominal) generation has been demanding something from its people, with time people also beca me very challenging and people who thrived and succeeded had always been office models for many ambitious leaders. Todays work habitation has became more challenging as business is no more concentrating to a small group of people or region, rather businesses are done more globally, across continents targeting wide variant of people. Todays organizations are facing more competition, has to deliver more quality and quantity for less cost is lay its management and employees on the edge to provide demanding work.Employees who are motivated work hard to meet the goals, when the goals are met their job satisfaction level increases. Last course I was working in a multinational company and their primary business was related to telecommunications and data hauling oer optical fiber. Most of my projects and applications are supporting manufacturing and operations of the organizations, whose manufacturing was spread across mainly in USA, China and Thailand. Our police squad size was ten em ployees reporting to a manager. Every employee in the team was very happy, enjoyed the work, and took ownership of the project, worked with full commitment.On an average, every employee in the team was with the company for at least 5 years. Senior most employees in the team was working with the same organization for 13 years and youngest was 2 years. Even though every employee was committed to their work, had job satisfaction in various factors, some employees were stressed out and had negative satisfaction with regards to unfair promotions. As few employees felt that the manager was biased and showing favoritism to one of the employee, pervert employee who were with the company, team for longer time.Even though every employee was very committed, showed high degree of job performance due to unfair promotions and due to lack of growth opportunity, it demoralized employees, forcing to either quit or underperform or just do the given job rather than deriving the best for the organiza tion. What I noniced over the period is an employee who had stayed in the company for less than two years have high commitment, engagement, job satisfaction and moral anticipating that his work will be recognised some day and rewarded. In the case on employees who are more than two (2) and less than five (5) ears tend to lose their commitment, job satisfaction and moral as what they have anticipated never met or addressed.In our case, as in my team for more than five to eight years there was no promotions neither growth track nor visibility. During that time, when the manager showed favoritism by providing high visible projects and tasks to one employee while demoralizing that others are not capable to do the task, had deeply wounded and demoralized team spirit and motivation. After dragging feet for a while few employees either left and few just underperformed and act to work for various other reasons.Few employees including me, confronted the manager and raised objection for not providing proper growth opportunity, as there was no improvement in the situation, unable to stay there at the same time, unable to underperform, I applied for different organizations and quit the company. For an employee job satisfaction can mean in many ways, for few high pay means job satisfaction, for few promotions and recognition, for few if their supervisor is polite and good, for few if their coworkers at work are neighbourly and helpful, for few if they like the work they do may bring job satisfaction (Colquitt et al. 010).According the Job characteristics theory, variety, identity, significance, autonomy and feedback play a vital eccentric in job satisfaction as in the new job workplace, when I ask senior most employees who are with the company for more than xx five years, their response is similar opportunity to switch to different tasks after few years, identity and engagement, significance and importance of the work and employee, freedom and independence to perform work and finally feedback and employee appreciation from managers and customers.It would be difficult to satisfy every factor to hundred percent but if every factor is addressed to a degree at least will lead to job satisfaction. The job responsibility puts an employee into stressful situation. If roles are conflicting or very ambiguous, it will lead into very stressful situation. If roles are conflicting, there can be a possibility of hurting the coworker and other team members, as in my case because of role conflict and ambiguity, confusion started among coworkers and ultimately the task was delayed and deliverables were delayed due to improper handling and uplication of work.To avert coworker misunderstandings roles has to be very well defined to avoid conflicts and ambiguity. Motivation is very important for anything, our team was very motivated, took ownership of every project, worked to ensconce the issue and did not wait for commandion. Freedom to perform the task and util izing the for sale resources primarily motivated the team. The company provided convenient if necessary hundred percent tele-working facility, employee can work almost from home that motivated few more than anything. collectable to current recession, stable job motivates few employees and more pay sometimes satisfies and motivates. I like goal setting theory, as small goals will direct and drive to big goal. Working in IT for long time, I was able to complete entire project by breaking the project into small pieces and end one piece at a time. Based on my experience, I think goal setting theory is the best and will provide trample by step approach to the final goal.Organization and managers have to work with employees to understand the emotions of the employee, understand strong points, and understand the weak areas of the employee. Every employee may not be an expert in all areas. It is the responsibility of manager to use the resources properly. If a manager doesnt utilize the resources properly then it will fashion a role conflict and stress related to work and coworkers. Employees have to communicate with managers and open the dialog, express the issues.Managers have to consider employees suggestions or issues and try to resolve the issues. It would be difficult to address all issues, but honest opinion and honest no is far better than political statements. Organizations have to provide undeniable trainings and periodically conduct surveys to understand the trend of the employees thoughts and organizational commitment. Organization losing an employee is a lose for both employee and organization and not just for one.Employee has to rebuild the trust in the new organization, learn the business and gain knowledge and for organization has to have to hire a new suitable employee and train the employee to perform the job. Organizational commitment is very important and to achieve high level of organizational commitment employee has to have high level of job satisfaction and job performance. High job performance will lead to good recognition. Good recognition will lead to high job satisfaction. As an employees keeps attaining recognition their motivation will be high to take more job responsibility.Even though job satisfaction means many things to many employees, ultimately job satisfaction leads to job commitment. In the present world, due to recession employees are very demoralized because of many rounds of layoffs, outsourcing. HR and organizations are frequently conducting surveys and employee meetings to update the status of the company, which will help employees to open a dialogue and express their concerns to their managers. Managers have to provide an honest opinion and try to resolve the issue. Organization commitment is very important for organization and employee.

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Marketing Plan Mkt 421 U of P

Team C Product refuge standard University of Phoenix MKT/421 Robin Reis March 29, 2010 Organizational overview Ames is a loss leader in North America and is known for its lineament non-powered garden and lawn harvestings. Ames was founded in 1774 by Captain John Ames. During most of the participations past 230 long time of portion the ships accompany produced only shovels and controlled 60% of the U. S. market sh ar (n. d. ). Over the past three decades Ames has purchased several companies to widen its market share to include quality non-powered lawn and garden crossings.In 1991 Ames acquired the Garant Company a Canadian company and in 1997 purchased Woodings-Verona and IXL. Over the next decade the shovel giant continued to purchase various companies in the garden and lawn business. The shovel giant is again looking for ways to expand its crossway line Ames volition introduce a new miss company called arctic none. Ames is a leader in quality outputs and guest sa tisfaction, sentry go bar ordain keep the same quality and maneuvermanship and think on the customer.The Mission Statement is to incur and deliver the most reliable non-powered lawn and garden outputs including tools and decorative accessories that provide quality to our customers, maximize sustainable profitability, and drive shareholder value. We believe that our global manufacturing strategy, establish primarily upon a blend of domestic manufacturing and sourced merc get toise, makes us damage-competitive while forgeting us to provide a high level of customer service (Ames true temper,). safe tone of voices is in the heart of the snow and ice to tick quality reaping development is continued.The main headquarters is in Mount chapiter New Hampshire. The average snowfall in Mount Washington is 260. 6 inches (NCDC, 2010), with an yearbook low mean temperature of 19 degrees. Mount Washington is noned for its extreme weather conditions, one of the worlds highest wind velocities (231 miles 372 kilometer per hour) has been recorded there in 1934 (Britannica, 2010). The doing be aftert is in Marquette, Michigan. The city has an annual snowfall of 141 inches (NCDC, 2010) and an annual mean temperature of 8. 7 (Current Results, 2010). guard tone is introducing a alter floor mat up to allow both householders and commercial businesses a risk-free, snow and ice-free walk into and out of their homes and businesses. The mat leave alone retain multiple attachments and pretext options to fit the demand of the customer. New Product Description The following paragraphs below replication in consideration a new reaping that our parent company testament amplify a tangible product for a household consumer and commercial customer.The fight between the consumer products market and the business product market is derived demand the demand for business products derives from the demand for final consumer products (Kerin, Berkowitz, Hartley, & Rudelius , 2006). This product provides safety whole tones while travel done and on increment weather, snow, ice, or wet surfaces. The technology and design of the durable nonslip diamond-top surface has ? in diameter holes for excellent drainage and safe passage as pedestrians walk on surface. A mat that corrects a walkway or porch that prevents snow and ice from forming called condom Step.The mat fuel be purchased in different lengths and widths and has additional attachments for steps. The mat is plugged into an outlet that keeps the snow and ice from forming on it. The mat uses low wattage technology minimizing the amount of electricity utilize during operation. The product contains a circuit that will turn itself off in case of any power interruption or surge. It has a non-skid, non-slip consequence surface that even when wet will prevent a person from slipping on it. The mat dimensions are two feet wide by vanadium feet long. ? SWOT AnalysisThe external and internal factors o f a business forces their company and management to come up with solutions to potential threats. A SWOT analysis support to reach business strategies and identifies threats and opportunities an acknowledging the external and internal factors into the business plan will allows a company to achieve refinements, and keeping a vision and mission of that company from failure. SWOT Analysis StrengthsimpuissanceesOpportunitiesThreats Highest quality of products pencil eraser step crowd out be looked upon as seasonal item Uses a new type of technologies Competitors tail assembly garble safe StepProvides safety steps for pedestrians as they scat on surfaceCostly to hold inventory in warehouses guest service individualised commitmentIncreases production therefore, increases in production causing prices to increase respective(a) bath be used in landscapingCan be ordered 24hours online Strengths The funnyness in the marketplace comes from the vision, mission, and values of Ames. We are fountainhead known worldwide and earn the trust of many a(prenominal) customers and deliver the highest quality of products and services to our customers. Pedestrians walk with confidence and safety. Unique colors and costume features attract versatility. ?Weakness The guard duty Step may be looked upon as only a seasonal item. Incremental weather only therefore, overlooking the fact that the Safety Step technology design provides efficiency, safe comfort, and in all kinds of weather. Opportunities The unique colors and custom attachments provide a wide range of surfaces uses. The technologies that Safety Steps requires excess workers therefore, providing new jobs. Ordering on telephone has direct access to talk with customer representatives, earning and keeping the trust of personal commitment. Promotes less injuries and lost time at work, or decorative yard landscaping feature.Threats Competitors brook alter the Safety Step to make something similar whereas Ames would fo x to do fast adjustments therefore, causing an increases in production or cost making the Safety Step less appealing because it becomes too expensive to own. Trends Recently on the news everyone has heard round how crazy the weather has been. The State of Washington covered in snow for weeks the state of Texas covered four days of nine and 10 inches of snow. The worlds ever-changing environment it is a perfect time to launch a great product like the Safety Step. merchandising ResearchMarket seek for the Safety Step consists of consumer analysis and industry analysis. Consumer analysis will consist of heartbeatary data gathered from the 2000 US Census Bureau that lists the potential households in cold weather states that may purchase the Safety Step. Primary analysis will consist of surveys of shoppers at a few targeted stores in the regions in which the Safety Step is planned to be sold. Demographics Demographics for the Safety Step are areas of the united States that experience cold weather below 35 degrees F. The Safety Step can be marketed to both consumers and businesses.Consumers would purchase the Safety Step to ensure a clear snow free/ice free walkway during the wintertime. Using the US Census Bureau results from 2000 there are 31 states in which the Safety Step may be marketed. Appendix A supplys the states and the total households per state. The Census results attest a US market potential of 60 million households in 31 cold weather states. Psychographics The consumer psychographics are homeowners in cold climates that have walkways prostrate to ice buildup. Homeowners with ice buildup fear someone slipping on the ice and causing an injury.Homeowners can be liable of injuries sustained on their property because of negligence. Safety Step will prevent any ice from forming on walkways removing the fear for the homeowners. Behaviors (e. g. purchase behaviors) Safety Step will be marketed to homeowners stating the benefit that the product provides t o the consumer by eliminating ice buildup. The convenience of placing Safety Step on the walkway at the beginning of cold weather and plugging it in will be communicated to the consumers to nurture the product. geographic considerationsSafety Step will be marketed in the colder states because of its snow/ice melting features for the consumer market. The business market will too be targeted in the colder states. industrial Analysis Competitor Analysis Safety Step tilt for the consumer market comes in many forms. The snow shovel is one source of competition in which the homeowner believes that if they just shovel well enough there will be no need for the product. A nonher competitor is the chemical product that the homeowner throws on top of the ice and as the chemical starts to work the ice is melted.The shovel and chemicals both need to be used after the snow or ice has built up whereas the Safety Step prevents snow and ice from forming on the walkway eliminating the potential o f someone slipping. Segmentation Market divider for this product is important to justify the necessary marketplace necessitate. This product may be useful for some clients, and yet others may not find a need. This segmentation process is important to understand the call for of the client. A client who lives in Mexico is most likely not going to need a mat that warms up. This is intelligible that this is not the target demographic .Criteria The geographic segmentation involves extensive research into the needs of the clients within the different areas. Demographic segmentation is base on the age, income level, purchasing power, gender, family size, nationality, religion, education (Mathe, 2010). The demographic segmentation focuses more on the larger purchases that a family may make such as a home or vehicle. fundament Markets The sale of this product is more likely to be based on geography. Certain states with different climates will be more inclined to purchase a product that they can use in the winter.The Safety Step will be marketed to the all states that have a temperature that drops below 40 degrees in a normal year. These states will be the primary sales areas, but the product will to a fault be operational through website and catalog passim the world. This product is important for those who have had issues with bad weather and are having issues with safety outside. Differentiation and Positioning The competing consumer products are shovels and chemical products that melt snow and ice after it has formed. Safety Step will be marketed with the access code that the mat melts snow and ice before it can build up on the customers step.The plan is to draw attention to the fact Safety Step is a safer product because it does not allow the snow and ice to build up on the step whereas the competitors product does. This will give Safety Step the unique position of promoting the product as safer than the competitors promotes. Another merchandise strategy t hat will be used is the Safety Steps ease of use. The plan is to market Safety Step to the consumers with the information that the all the consumer needs to do is lay the mat down on the step and plug it in before the weather turns cold. The approximate cost to operate is $0. 02 per hour.This is an estimate based on the cost per kilowatt-hour is $0. 15. Cost per kilowatt-hour may vary by state or region. The marketing approach will continue by stating Safety Step will provide a snow/ice from form on the walkway even during a heavy snowstorm unlike shovels or chemical products that require the consumer to go outside and shovel or apply the chemical to the step. The position defined with ease of use approach will be install the Safety Step on the consumers steps at the beginning of the cold weather plug it in and the consumer does not need to bother with the product until spring comes.This will differentiate the product from shovels and chemicals that have to be used frequently durin g winter months. Product Life Cycle Product sprightliness cps needs to be understood and managed for a product to be successful. The market introduction point for Safety Step may be a eternal process than other products handled by Ames Company because there is no other product currently on the market similar to the Safety Step. The marketing approach during the introduction phase will be to demonstrate the product at local Home and Garden shows held in major cold weather cities throughout the United States.Additionally, direct mailings will be sent to households in major cold weather cities informing the consumer of the product. These approaches should provide the interest needed for the product to move into the market growth phase of the product life cycle. The market growth phase of Safety Step should last one winter season and mayhap even two winter seasons before competitors develop a similar product. During the market growth phase advertising will continue with the direct pe rsonal approach for sales. The plan is to have one-on-one meetings and demonstrations of the product in the customers home.It is expected that the demonstrations will increase word of mouth publicity that will increase sales. Once the consumer interest has been established and the competition has similar products Safety Step will enter the market maturity phase of the life cycle. During this phase the marketing approach will be to stick out discounts for consumers who buy more than one Safety Step. The advertising for Safety Step during the maturity phase will point out Safety Steps effectiveness and quality attributes as well as pointing out any other attribute that Safety Step has that the competition does not.The maturity phase of the life cycle should last a minimum of two to three years before another get out product is introduced and sales start to decline. The sales decline life cycle may be short in duration as the new products take sales away from Safety Step. The approa ch during the sales decline phase will be to advertise the Ames company brand along with the products quality and durability features. The product price may also have to be reduced to keep consumers interest. The price will only be lowered to such that the company is still making a small profit but not much.The production of Safety Step will be stopped once the competition has driven the price below the cost to produce the product. Planning a marketing strategy for all four phases of the product life cycle will do to make Safety Step a successful product. Marketing mix In order for an organization to be successful, balance marketing fosters the vector sum of a new product or service. When examining the marketing mix for a product launch or new service eliminating the threat factor can happen if managed correctly.Understanding the tools are necessary, as marketers call the four Ps, will put the right product or the right type of service at the right point of sale price. Product and Service A new product or service first step is to consider where to begin, create and develop the process launch unto the public. An organization considers itself first when asking does it meet the needs in the perspective for the customer, how assessable can the organization provide and distribute its product or service moreover, will the customer consider that the new product is a fair price and easy to remember the brand because the marketing communications developed.Type of Product Introducing Safety Step when weather grows tough and budgets are tighter, customers can rely on Ames to offer a quality new product at an extraordinary price. Safety Step is a heated floor mat offered to both homeowners and commercial businesses. This product provides safety steps while move through and on incremental weather, snow, ice, or wet surfaces. The heated mat electrical waves built within provide enough heat to penetrate through snow and ice. The melted and wet surface drains from the side s of covered area.The technology and design of the durable nonslip diamond-top surface has ? in diameter holes for excellent drainage and traction. Features vinyl top is tough enough to take abuse from works shoes and wheelchairs. Safe comfort provides workers with a cushioned area to stand or work that decreases strain on feet and legs. Resist oil, greases, and liquid Runners (sides of the mat) are beveled around the entire mat to prevent tripping hazards Snow /ice melting features for consumers/ business markets Versatile can also be unitizes landscaping Identification/ BrandAmes Corporation is a quality merchandiser that customers can trust with reliable service. Ames distinguishes products from the competition with unique colors, and custom features that extends mats through easy attachments. Production and Delivery Service Products can be ordered online through secure shopping 24 hours a day. If a customer is registered through Ames website, Ames will offer discounts of 10%. Orders on a telephone have direct access to talk with a customer service representative. Orders in and service by mail fax, online or phone features to keep any customer happy.Ames has several large warehouses with large stock quantities. Shipping in some cases will be free, and for large orders because of super size surfaces coverage, Ames provides installing services as customer courtesy. Pricing The Safety Step mat has fiddling to no competition in the market in comparison to other products as potato chips. The research has shown that less than 10 competitor mats are available for purchase now. The competitors mats range from $99. 95 to $127. 98. These mats are primarily online with little to no advertisement.The Safety Step will be priced accordingly to ensure sales are possible for the company and the employees. Although there is not a single way to price a product there are many ways to test the market and find an appropriate price for an item. The pricing strategy for this p roduct begins with performing a market analysis, segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Understanding that this mat is most useful in an environment that is more likely to have ice or snow is necessary when analyzing the market. The product sales will need to be focused on the beginning of the winter season.The spring and summer months are less likely to have a large amount of sales. The demand will increase in the beginning of the winter cycle the price of the item should coincide to help cheat the item. The cost of production will also have an effect on the product. The company will attempt to maximize the current profit, while taking into account revenue and be. Maximizing the quantity of product is confirm to have preparation of customers. The status quo is keeping the product stable avoiding price wars among other companies.The company will choose to focus on a cost plus pricing method to achieve the production costs as well as a small profit to achieve a toehold in the m arket. Once the product has been placed for sale the market will show the company what if any reduction of price should take place. If the product sells quickly than the company may need to reevaluate their pricing strategy for the future. Safety Step will be price competitively at $99. 00. Production costs for distributively mat is roughly $38 dollars, distribution costs is a percentage of each sale and base pay for the sales team. This comes to about $15 dollars per mat sold.If the stave sells coke mats to a retailer, they will net $1500 dollars. Marketing of the product is $3 dollars per mat. The retail price of the mat should be $99 dollars this price is based on the $56 dollars in costs and overhead with $10 dollars going to the retail establishment for sales. This leaves a profit of $33 dollars per mat. This profit will go toward revelation of the product and the continued manufacturing of the product. Based on cytosine mat sales the company would make $3300 dollars in prof it. This mat must have curtilage sales in order for the company to have a good profit base.Once the market has been tested with this price the sales will show if the product price is too high or too low. Placement The company will have Safety Step manufactured at the actual facility in Camp Hill Virginia. This manufacturer will complete an established amount of mats within the necessary time frame. Production costs are based on the different sizes, and components of the mats. The company may decide to focus on three sizes than they must have three separate prices and production costs for the mats. The company will focus on one mat that is 24 x 5 this particular mat has 120 volts and 263 watts.This mat is one color and one size to make the production costs less than they would be in the future. Promotion Promoting a product is not only about growing the correct product at the correct time, but also the communication involved with all parties. A company would not want to promote a product that was used for ice and snow in a climate that never receives snow or ice the likely hood of the product selling is not very high. Promotion is the fourth P in the marketing mix designed to teach the end consumer about the product, what the product does and how the product can help the user.What benefits the consumer will receive from the product and will the price of the product fit into the budget. Promotion is also used to persuade a customer that the product is the correct one for him or her. The promotional mix is a combination of personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and websites. The first thing a company needs to ask its self is what strategy they believe will work best for the company, will they use the PUSH or the intrust method. Safety Step believes the PULL method would work best for the new heated mat.The PULL STRATEGY requires direct interface with the end user of the offering. Use of channels of distribution is minify during t he first stages of promotion and a major commitment to advertising is required. The objective is to pull the prospects into the various channel outlets creating a demand the channels cannot ignore (Center for short letter Planning, 2010, para 12). The product cannot be promoted effectively in warmer areas causing the company to work with specific areas and to build a strong bond with customers to help ensure safety. Safety Step will focus on the benefits of product advertising. This is especially beneficial when you have introduced a new approach to solving a user need and comparison to the old approaches is inappropriate (Center for Business Planning, 2010). Initial Sales Promotion Safety Step will focus sales of the heated floor mat through the company website www. safetysteps. com. Sales from the website are virtually free of charge to the company with only a small set up fee and the process of fulfilling the orders. Personal selling to households and businesses in major cold w eather cities will be the main focus in the initial selling process.Safety Step wants to have a personal relationship with its customers with one-on-one meetings and demonstrating the product in a home or business setting to allow the customer to feel comfortable to ask questions and see the product in person with no pressure. Safety Step believes that with this approach the product can sell its self and the customer will learn Safety Step is about not only safety but also the customer. Safety Step will advertise through direct mail via an 8 ? x 11 glossy sheet showing areas used without a mat and also used with a mat.Ames the parent company has a large database of addresses, phone numbers and e-mail address for both businesses and homeowners available to Safety Step. The flyer will also picture other options currently available for snow and ice removal including salt pellets, sand and rocks, Sodium chloride (NaCL), which may contain cyanide. Calcium chloride (CaCl) is slightly sma sh because less goes farther, but it is still not ideal, considering its run-off still increases algae growth, which clogs waterways. Potassium chloride is another salt to avoid.Customers will learn the advantages of Safety Step and how it will not only help the customer but also landscape plants, especially those particularly salt-sensitive, like tulip poplars, maples, balsam firs, white pines, hemlock, Norway spruce, dogwood, redbud, rose bushes, and spirea bushes (The Daily Green, 2010). Landscaping can be an expensive cost to customers and the Safety Step can eliminate the need for chemicals that can cause damage and even death to landscape plants. Safety Step will have promotions for customers who wish to purchase more than one mat and with the purchase of the accessory all in one transaction.Contests also can be used to find the most creative ways a mat has been applied around a business or home. This will not only benefit the customer but also the business with a flow of new ideas and ways to better help the end user. Budget Safety Step has allotted a budget of 11. 7 million dollars for the first year of operations. Areas covered include military group, marketing research, marketing communication, channels, customer acquisition, retention, and other. Safety Step has looked at each area and broken each section into sub-sections see appendix B attached. Safety Steps has allotted the largest portion to the personnel section.The personnel section has sub-sections of salaries/wages, benefits, payroll taxes, commissions, and bonuses. Salaries and wages tops out the chart at 7. 2 million in burden with taxes coming in second at two million. Safety Step believes the allotted amounts should cover the personnel section with a contingency included. Marketing and Research have a budget of 260 gee dollars. This amount covers both the primary and secondary research for the Safety Step mat. Secondary research has been allotted approximately five thousand per month t o cover quality problems should they exist.Safety Step and the Ames Company are known for their quality products and service and keeping a fund for problems is essential. Marketing Communications falls second in regard to cost of budget. A budget of 1. 1 million has been set. The areas with the larger amounts being spent are branding at 240 thousand, advertising at 435 thousand, and public relations at 140 thousand. Advertising the Safety Step in a positive and customer-focused atmosphere is critical for the continuance of the product. ducts have a budget of 96 thousand. Channels include communications and training, promotions and incentives, and commissions/bonuses.Commissions and bonuses are awarded in December of each year allowing a budget only in December. Training and communication is included to ensure the quality of the sales team at Safety Step. Incentives are also included each month to promote the sales team. The sales team, production, and office staff will need focus a nd drive and offering incentives will help with morale and positive workflow. Safety Step has a section for other to include postage, attorney fees, telephone, travel, computers, and office equipment. Postage will be a large expenditure with mass mailings to costumers to educate them in Safety Step.Travel is the largest expenditure in the other sections because of the need for salespeople in strategic areas (cold weather cities) to promote Safety Step. Computers and equipment is the second largest expenditure for the other section, Safety step believes in year two this amount should drop dramatically. Computers and office equipment are needed to offer both the customer and employees piece of mind. The computers can offer piece of mind by fast reliable service for ordering, processing claims, and tracking inventory. Attorney fees are in the section to have an on hand attorney office for any needs that may arise.Monitoring and Evaluating Effectiveness A successful development process for Safety Step starts with Ames 5D Principles in addition, will apply a perceptual map for identify opportunities by highlighting unsatisfied needs of the customer to gain an edge because Safety Step goal must differentiate. DISCOVERDEVISEDESIGNDEVELOPDEPLOY Good Data Organizations values and Philosophy Perceptual Map SWOT Analysis Message Strategy Brand name, label, and packaging Production staff functionality controls changes and defects Execute with confidence Production method and delivery of serviceTarget Customers and customers feedback Measurable Data Developed copy writer and creative art ads interrogation phase implementing mat to diverse weather conditionsPlan activities around promotions Purchase Behavior Marketing Strategies Competitor AnalysisPromote safety step phrase in visual and oral expressionsResearch and testing staying ahead of the competition Evaluate preparations for the next four years plan Review and research Geographical ConsiderationsPlanning process th rough project managers intriguing target market , but avoiding costly errorsTracking movement of sales and awareness of recommendationsPerceptual map gives a visual representation to the marketing team of customers perception of Safety Step aids in the positioning strategy. The insight gained from the perceptual map can be formulated through the four parameters therefore, implementing a guide of a before and after execution. Ames understands that increase of profit and sales drives the success in marketing execution, but a good marketing team also understands it is not the best indicators. During the course of an execute launch of a new product sales sometimes remain flat.Ames will identify all feat indictors with comprehensive reports so that through execution of the 5Ds principles, perceptual map, and knowing the parameters for development will be modified the next four years. The success of Safety Step growth stage in an oligopoly market can keep the competitions in uncertainl y. Ethics and Social Responsibility The marketing efforts will be monitored to ensure that Safety Step will be promoted accurately to the consumer. The advertisement for Safety Step will only contain information that is true and accurate for the product.Packaging of the product will not have any misleading claims but rather describe the product accurately. Salespeople will also receive training to communicate accurately the product without pressuring customers while they are demonstrating the product during the door to door campaign. The companys goal is to promote the product accurately by having knowledgeable salespeople that provides product information not pressure. Conclusion Developing a marketing plan with Perceptual Maps, SWOTT analysis, identifying environmental factors affect marking decisions.These business decisions move the product life cycle and identifies the appropriate price strategy along with public relations opportunities for Safety Step. Therefore, allowing Team C to answer all questions, without this structure information could not be obtained in an orderly prompt manner. ? References (n. d. ). Ames true temper past present and future. Retrieved from http//www. ames. com/aboutus. html (n. d. ). Ames Shovel Works. Retrieved March 14, 2010, from http//www. responsiblegrowthforeaston. com/shovel_shop/ShovelWorksHistory. pdf Center for Business Planning (2010). Marketing Plan.Retrieved March 21, 2010, from http//www. businessplans. org/Market. html Current Results (2010). Coldest Places in United States. Retrieved March 15, 2010, from http//www. currentresults. com/Weather-Extremes/US/coldest. php Kerin, Berkowitz, Hartley, and Rudelius Chapter 9, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2004 New York, NY Mathe, AR (2010). Market Segmentation Targeting Positioning. Retrieved March 15, 2010 from website http//www. scribd. com/doc/24765486/Market-Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning-by-amarnath. NCDC (2010). Snowfall fair join In Inches. Retrieved March 15, 2010, f rom Pearce, Jack and Richard Robin, ( 2004).Chapter 1, Overview of Strategic Management. Retrieved March 5, 2010 from University of Phoenix, rEsource, Bus475 course Website. The Daily Green (2010). 9 Eco-friendly Ways to De-Ice Your Driveway. Retrieved March 21,2010, from http//www. thedailygreen. com/living-green/blogs/green-products-services/driveway-ice-environment-55013001 U. S. Census Bureau, (2000). United states states and puerto rico . Retrieved from http//factfinder. census. gov/servlet/GCTTable? _bm=y&-geo_id=01000US&-ds_name=DEC_2000_SF1_U&-_lang=en&-redoLog=false&-format=US-9US-9S&-mt_name=DEC_2000_SF1_U_GCTH5_US9&-CONTEXT=gct (n. d).Washington, Mount. Retrieved from Britannica Online database. ? Appendix A 2000 US Census Bureau Total Housing Units Geographic areaTotal housing units United States115,904,641 Alaska260,978 Colorado1,808,037 Connecticut1,385,975 Delaware343,072 order of Columbia274,845 Idaho527,824 Illinois4,885,615 Indiana2,532,319 Iowa1,232,511 Maine651 ,901 Maryland2,145,283 Massachusetts2,621,989 Michigan4,234,279 Minnesota2,065,946 Montana412,633 Nebraska722,668 New Hampshire547,024 New Jersey3,310,275 New York7,679,307 North Carolina3,523,944 North Dakota289,677 Ohio4,783,051 Oregon1,452,709 Pennsylvania5,249,750Rhode Island439,837 South Dakota323,208 Utah768,594 Vermont294,382 Washington2,451,075 Wisconsin2,321,144 Wyoming223,854 Total59,763,706 (U. S. Census Bureau, 2000) ? Appendix B Budget (amounts in thousands) Marketing Budget Plan Safety Step JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal Personnel Salaries, wages800 cd 400 400 800 800 800 400 800 800 800 $ 7,200 Benefits 100 100 100 100 100 $ 500 Payroll taxes 500 350 400 150 200 200 200 $ 2,000 Commissions and bonuses 100 $ 100 Total$800$400$1,000$400$1,250$800$1,300$0$550$1,100$1,000$1,200 $ 9,800Market Research Primary research 100 100 $ 200 Secondary research10 10 10 10 10 10 $ 60 Library management $ Total$10$0$10$100$10$0$10$0$10$0$110$0 $ 260 Marketing Communication s Branding60 60 60 60 $ 240 Advertising50 100 50 25 100 100 10 $ 435 Web sites2 2 2 2 2 10 10 10 2 10 10 10 $ 72 Direct marketing20 10 10 10 10 10 10 $ 80 Internet marketing10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 $ 80 Collateral $ Press relations5 5 5 5 5 5 5 $ 35 prevalent relations20 20 20 20 20 20 20 $ 140 Analyst relations $ Events5 5 5 5 5 5 5 $ 35 Total$172$2$12$2$62$160$110$85$62$160$160$130 $ 1,117 Channels Channel communications and training10 10 10 10 10 10 $ 60 Channel promotions and incentives2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 $ 16 Channel commissions/bonuses 20 $ 20 Total$12$12$12$10$10$12$2$2$0$0$2$22 $ 96Customer Acquisition & Retention (CAR) Lead generation 10 10 10 10 10 $ 50 Customer loyalty2 5 5 2 5 4 3 $ 26 Total$2$0$0$10$10$5$5$12$0$15$4$13 $ 76 Other Postage8 10 10 10 10 $ 48 Attorney fees5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 $ 60 Telephone2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 $ 24 Travel12 8 8 8 8 12 12 12 8 18 18 18 $ 142 Computers and office equipment10 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 5 10 10 10 $ 100 Total$37$20$20$20$25$39$39$29$ 20$45$45$35 $ 374 Total Marketing Budget$1,033$434$1,054$542$1,367$1,016$1,466$128$642$1,320$1,321$1,400 $ 11,723

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The first part of the process of selection of an exercises software package was to determine what Westye needed. Under this process, they sought to develop criteria for how business line solutions companies would address their precise needs. Here, they outlined these through the creation of 160 issues related to Westyes business processes. The second step included determine the specialized base midmarket business solutions that sufferful address Westyes needs. In here, consider qualified attention was given by the company towards finding competent providers and was equally reduced to 27 companies who shall then be subjected interview and questioning.The third process that the company took was the selection process. Here, Westye based their choice in the depicted object of small midmarket business solutions to address their needs. granted the detail criteria, the company was able to consolidate effective responses coming from Microsoft Business Solutions Navisione and becam e the primary choice. The last part involved finding the necessary partner that give the bounce help address the issues and problems of Westye. Here, the choice of ICS Advantage revolved around the ability of the company to facilitate crack factor of integrating a collaborative ache term strategy and relationship with Westye.Likewise, the company also sought a committed and driven partners who can fulfill the companys needs accordingly. Analyzing the specific strategy employed by Westye, it could have improved its selection process if it had tried (1) to set specific standards for choices above the 160 criteria, (2) provided inputs on how the old MAPICS outline can be integrated towards the recommended changes, and (3) considering long term strategies and options for employees.Seeing this, the value then of the first input corresponds to the capacity to examine further not only the technical and movemental business schemes influencing Westye but also try to integrate it in th e way people do business. By setting up these standards, vendors can then align their proposals to meet these realities accordingly. The second part corresponds to allowing Westye proper transition from its old governance and incorporating them into the new one. This can help new participants to have a grasp of what the new trunk is and leverage emergenced costs in education and training of people.The last part corresponds to outlining how these new strategies impact the workforce in both education and application. By inducing opportunities to include feedback and reaction, it can help facilitate better means of transcending competency and ability to harness effective skills for operation and diversification of tasks by employees within Westye. (2) Analyzing the specific advantages of utilizing a package development, it revolves around (1) revamping the old MAPICS system, (2) effective support mechanism, (3) allows standardization of Westyes processes and (4) inf using simple mea ns to increase efficiency of production.Here, the first process takes into consideration deriving valuable opportunities for Westeye to address the loopholes and inefficiencies of the old MAPCIS system. By incorporating packaged software, it can veer away from the old system and incorporate new ones that can be synchronized with the companies needs. The second advantage is that technicians can effectively carry out repairs and updates of a packaged system compared to a customized one.Such directions also provides standardization of processes as the new software then incorporates actions by the workforce and takes into account key trends in a more helpful and effective manner. Lastly, using the tools of a packaged software, it can help Westye align these to infuse efficiency in production and consolidate these with the goals of the company. On the other hand, specific disadvantages of a packaged system revolves around (1) associated costs, (2) lack of innovation, (3) issue of contro l, and (4) the issue of customization.In the first part, it considers the value of costs related to training employees once once again with new processes and how to operate much(prenominal) packaged system. Another hurdle that packaged system can contribute is the lack of innovation wherein companies have the last declare in the design and applications included in the design of the software package. The same can be seen with the issue of control. Though ICS provides Westye control over entropy and inputs, it limits the capacity of businesses to take into consideration establishing a user-interface that is efficient for their use or responsive to their needs.The last one revolves around the process of customization. Here, additional costs can be incurred if new changes and amendments may be undertaken by Westye in expanding its business processes and integrating new means for gathering data necessary for production. Seeing this, the idea of using a Navision package is more suit ed to the needs of the Westye group. Such synopsis revolves around the need to revamp and change the old MAPICS system and consolidate better means of acquiring information in a more effective and efficient manner.By using a packaged solution, the company can ply towards creating better means to address the problem in a faster manner and take advantage of its comparative advantage over its competitors. Similarly, this decision can also align the companys processes to what is substantial to the needs of the company both in its short and long term strategies. (3) Responding to the advantages of Navision compared to ERP, they include (1) filtering inefficient processes, (2) consolidating data effectively, (3) incorporating new technological features, and (4) new structure to cater for the needs of Westye.The value of the first advantage corresponds to taking into consideration changing the loopholes and boundaries within the old MAPICS system and generating better means for analysis and acquisition of data. In the second part, Navision gives better means of consolidating data with its new framework and platform different from that of the old system. alongside this is the associated new features wherein employees can take advantage of. By using these new technologies, it has developed effective means to cater the needs of Westye in terms of determining inputs and data necessary to transact and establish partnerships with clients.On the other hand, there are also associated disadvantages that Navision has over adding ERP modules which include (1) costs, (2) employee integration and education, (3) adjustments, and (4) value of time. One essential bump by the Navision involves the corresponding costs. Since the overall system shall be revamped, it takes into account changing the business processes. Alongside this are the new means of training force-out and employees of proper procedures and mechanisms necessary. Such then brings near adjustments and puts into the table the question of time in achieving specific goals and objectives.These then create necessary implications for the company especially in the short term as it may affect the overall productivity of the company during these times of adjustment and changes. Though there are indeed associated setbacks with the application of the Navision package, it can be seen that it has consolidated better means for Westye to expand and develop its business processes. By utilizing specific strategies related to determining loopholes in the previous system, it was able to create a new framework that supports the interests and goals of Westye.At the same time, by infusing these directions, the company can then legitimize its opportunities to create hawkish advantage and standardize the dynamics related to finding the means to diversify business processes and generate increased productivity. (4) Analyzing the advantages of the customization scheme created by Navsion, they correspond to (1) wide r company control, (2) taking into consideration competitive advantage, (3) access to real time data, and (4) consolidating to the needs of employees.In the first one, it caters to the formalization of how employees control the system. The customization process furthered this by giving opportunities for personnel to make important decisions concerning specific business processes. Such dynamic then provided the ability to establish competitive advantage as it opened up means to establish efficiency in decision making and harness the skills in responding to such. Alongside this direction, Westye was also able to provide effective access to trends and data necessary.Since they are heavily reliant in these, the customization process help employees fulfill their roles without having to sort and tabulate trends, hence easier transmission of data to clients. On the other hand, there are also associated negative reactions to such customization. These revolve around (1) re-training of employ ees, (2) hampering of production, (3) difficulty in establishing technical support, and (4) complexity in administering changes. In here, the customization process hampers employees responsibilities because they are given new training about the system and what they do.Such actions then hamper time and capacity to work at their optimal level and in turn hamper production. Another setback is that it creates difficulty in pointing out problems particularly if these processes remain intertwined and correlated with one another. The same can be seen with the application of changes within the system. Since it is designed to fit Westyes needs, Navision may find it difficult to correlate including new features as it may need to be synchronized with other related processes. 5) Analyzing the point established by the case that Westyes system provides real-time data access, it can be argued that it is the same with the term online input plus online processing. Here the idea of real time correspo nds to the actual input of data provided by a specific program or software wherein it analyzes specific trends and issues inputted by the user. Seeing this, such process then corresponds to online input plus online processing for it utilizes specific measures in generating effective patterns of analysis and justifying its scope and value to whatever purpose it may look for to serve.Seeing this, the company indeed has online input plus online processing. This can be seen in the manner of how the company adheres to its business processes. In here, the derivation and analysis of information remains crucial for the company to remain competitive. That is why it needs up-to-date information to give its clients so as to harness effective means in making crucial business decisions and Westye provides such information to them.

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ID System

As computer technology changes in such a fast phase, many business firms and institutions turn out to cope up by upgrading computer carcass constantly in order to stay competitive. There is no doubt that computer is a moldiness asset in all professions, because it offers more efficient way to process legal proceeding. There be still institutions that use manual processing on their transactions and their dodge are not yet improved. Through this, it is inevitable to commit errors, troubles and it is time consuming.Access Computer College is a private school and has seven branches that are rigid in Metro Manila. It was established in 1981 and owned by Mr. Romeo T. Karate. Students, professors and staves of these schools particularly in Cabaret branch are just using an ordinary ID throwaway in entering and exiting the school campus. As long as an ID is worn, it is valid for the en raise that is why outsiders are hardly identified. The school doesnt have an nonionized and secure I D ashes that can make everyones life easy and convenient to avoid the occurrence of problems in their transactions.So the proponents decided to propose an ID governing body with SMS apprisal and ID scanner to provide a better way of dealing with transactions like communicateation and security purposes. This involve is descriptiveand explanatory research endeavor. It seeks to inform the reader roughly the benefits and advantages of having more convenient and systematic ID system because indeed, high technology and security is related to each other.Having convenience in all labor performed in daily living is very helpful using high technology equipment. The proponents go out introduce a type of security system that will help a lot in monetary value of identifying and verifying students, faculties and staffs using the barcode scanner. Students ID card is a gate pass with a network-based system that will monitor the time in and out of the student inside the campus and directly s end information to their parents/guardian. This system is round security and information that is stored in a informationbase needed for future references.Conceptual framework Conceptual Framework is the clarification of all the activities and process of the entire ID system. This study used the clay Development breeding Process define as a logical process used by a system analyst to develop an information system, including requirements, validation, training, and user. The SDLP is originated by Elliott & Strachan & Radford (2004), The System Development LifeProcess used by the proponents to show the process of the entire development of the system.Figure 1.1 System Development Life Process of Access Computer CollegeThe importance of this study is to develop an ID system for Access Computer College. In the horizontal surface of Identifying the Problem, the proponents gathered information about the particular problem encountered by students and staffs of the school.In the stage of Planning, the proponents carefully analyze the possible explanation that will help to take in the identified problem of school in their current system. The proponents made some interviews on some students and staff about the problems they encountered.In the next process which is the designing, the proponents visualize or conceptualize a good interface that is suitable for the institutions name and profile. In the stage of system development the proponents began to code using the Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 as chopineming language and Microsoft Access Key as Database.In the situation of system exam, the proponents try the system to identify some errors or inconsistency of it and if there are some inconsistencies, the proponents will debug or code the system. The proponents conducted the intensive testing program and updating to prevent errors and viruses and to assure that the system will not cause any malfunctions and inconsistency. Next stage is system evaluation, the proponents gathered feedbacks and comments from the user of the system. The next is the system implementation where in the proponents will implement the system to the said school. The last stage is the system maintenance. The system will be under a sanction services, the warranty covers system consultation, system tutorials, system check up and debugging for possible and encountered errors. System enhancement will not be covered by the system warranty.Statement of the Problem The ID system study is created for the security and information for Access Computer College, Zabarte Branch. The study sought to answer the following questions 1. What are the common situations usually encountered in using the current system of Access Computer College? 2. How can this ID system improve the security and information of students and staff of the school? 3. Is there any solid difference between existing system and the proposed system in terms ofAccuracy Accessibility Efficiency Security SpeedScope and Limi tation This part tells the capability and demarcation of the program which the proponent will need to develop. Scope Log in modules can be used by Admin and/or authorized personnel. Searching files/records of students, professors and staffs are in order. Adding files/records will be done by a designated person only. Saving of files and records can be done according to the information. Only the Admin has the authorization to add, change, and set off the students, professors and his/her accounts. The two command buttons edit button and delete button will be enabled if the verification code is right. The system is using USB Modem as its gateway for direct mesagesLimitationLog in modules cannot be used by authorized person. The SMS notification is only applicable to the students. Significance of the Study 1. Students2. Professors This kind of system can now solve their problems in terms of dealing transactions and will achieve a safe learning environment, efficiency, security and acce ssibility of information. In addition, this can help them repair and lessen their work in every transaction.3. Proponents The study finds the proponents behavior in creativity of being a programmer. It is valuable because this will develop their knowledge and skills in programming and will pull ahead them to learn more about computer field.4. Access Computer College This will be a large(p) advantage because Access Computer College will be known for its good education with regards in creating a program.Definition of Terms For better understanding of the readers, the following terms are defined Accuracy the ability of the system to be prcised on its records and avoid errors. Database Is an application that manages selective information and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data ( Database helps the system to have a security in terms of storing information about a particular product or people. Efficiency the ability of the system to achieve the desired result without wasted energy and effort. System is a collection of automated transaction system (Microsoft EncartaDictionary, 2007).In this study, system refers to the Integrated Security with SMS presentment and Scanner for Access Computer College. Transaction An agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for payment (Webster Dictionary, William Collins, World publication Company Inc., 1990),the process of exchanging payments between the payment staff and the trainees. In this study, it is interaction between the students, professors and staffs having a transaction.CHAPTER IIMethod of Research Methodology includes the data gathering, Brainstorming, questionnaire, interviews, statistical treatment and testing activities.Data Gathering The following gathering data tools were used in this study. (1) Observation the existing traditional ID system to have a better understanding about it. The proponent observed how the old ID system works. (2) Interview was used to co llect a fact regarding the current system to have a better intellect on how ir works. (3) Research method was used by the proponents search and gather data that will support this study. We used internet and collected data from the library materials such as books and other thesis that will help guide us through the course of this study.Brainstorming This techniques of generating ideas during group meeting participants are encourage to generate any ideas, feasible in a short time period which any analysis until all ideas have been exhausted. Proponent talk about theproblem that encountered in Access Computer Colloge in their current system. Proponent gives ideas on haw to solve the problem.Questionnaire A set of prepared questions used in data system.Interviews The proponent conducts an interview by using both verbal and written for asking questions.

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“Pankration”: Nicasylus changes Throughout the Novel Essay

throughout the novel Pankration, Nicasylus changes dramatically. Nicasylus was only considerate of himself and was very self-loving by the end of the novel he was kind, caring, unselfish and self-reliant. Nicasylus becomes less selfish through the novel, he exhibits his fears and fits to fend for himself and non rely on others as much.Throughout Nicasylus journey he becomes less selfish. Nicasylus starts out as a boy living in Athens who can have slaves do his every command. When the kindle strikes Nicasylus is sent away on a boat which is attacked by steals. The pirates held Nicasylus captive and he had his freedom taken away from him It was such a relief to be given the opportunity to clean of that smell that seemed to have permeated his skin. He climbed into the barrel and scrubbed fiercely at his body, while the crew stood about, staring and laughing rudely. Cadmus the sea rover sold Nicasylus as a slave and he was faced with adversity when he had to undertake tasks as a g oat herder With no crusade to enjoy life as a slave, Nic enjoyed the long haul up the mountain. The conditions were poor and Nicasylus had to learn to cope in the hard conditions and he became more self-relying because of it.Nicasylus had to face his fears both physically and emotional throughout the novel. Nicasylus journey to Pankration in Athens was full of obstacles. Nicasylus had to live in rough conditions being held captive on a pirates boat he also had to defend himself against a wolf The stone struck the wolf between the eyes. It hit the ground, a landslide of heavy flesh, and the kid, non yet dead, rolled out of its jaws whilst he was as slave working as a goat herder. Nicasylus also had to escape from Amasis who kidnapped him. Nicasylus had to survive throughout galore(postnominal) bad conditions by himself and he grew stronger, learning from these experiences.Nicasylus had to learn to fend for himself and be more self-relying. Whilst Nicasylus was sailing the Aegean S ea being held captive on the pirate ship, he had no-one to rely on, this was also the case when Nicasylus was sold as a slave and became a goat-herder The first months went past like a bad dream, Nic had not been brought up to clean, sweep, look after dirty animals or do any of the tasks he was set. Whilst Nicasylus was a goat-herder he hadto fight a wolf and with help from another(prenominal) slave (Tiso) he avoided death. During Nicasylus adventures he couldnt rely on others, he had to learn to be self-sufficient.When someone has other people to do everything for them they dont learn to do anything by themselves. At the start of Pankration Nicasylus was a selfish boy who couldnt do anything himself. Throughout the novel Nicasylus had to fend for himself and face his fears, this made Nicasylus appreciate what he has and made him learn to be more self-reliant. Therefore, this justifies Nicasylus changes dramatically throughout the novel PANKRATION.

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Night World : Black Dawn Chapter 20

Maggie held Sylvia gently. Or at least, she knelt by her and tried to hold herasbest she could with knocked pop(p) disturbing the piece of broken spear that wasstill lodged in Sylvias body.It was each(prenominal) over. Where Hunter Redfern and hismost trusted nobles had been, there was a large scorched crater in the earth. Maggie vaguely rec in alled seeing a few plenty running for the hillsGavin the buckle down trader had been among them. But Hunter hadnt been wholeness of them. He had been at ground zero when the blue fire struck, and nowthere wasnt evening a wisp of red h behavior to display thathe had existed.Except for Delos, there werent any Night Peopleleft in the courtyard atall.The slaves were sightly barely peeking kayoed againfrom their huts.Its all right, Jeanne was yelling. Yeah, youheard me its all rightDelos isnt dangerous. Notto us, anyway. Come on, you, get out of therewhat are you doing hiding behind that pig?Shes good at this, a grim voice murmured.Maggie looked up and saw a tall, gaunt figure,with a in truth small girl clasped to her side.Laundress she said. Oh, and PJ.-Im so glad youre all right. But, Laundress, please .The healing woman knelt. But even as she did, alook passed between her and Sylvia. Sylvias facewas a strange, calcareous color, with shadows thatlooked like bruises under her eye. There was a myopic blood at the corner of her mouth.Its no good, she said thickly.Shes right, Laundress said bluntly. Theresnothing you tail assembly do to help this one, Deliverer, andnothing I can do, either.Im not anybodys Deliverer, Maggie said. Tearsprickled behind her eyeball.You could have fooled me, Laundress said, andgot up again. I see you sitting here, and I see allthe slaves over there, free. You came and it happened-the prophecies were fulfilled. If you didntdo it, its a strange coincidence.The look in her dark eyes, although as unsentimental as ever, made Maggies cheeks burn suddenly. She looked back down at Sylvia.But she s the one who saved us, she said, hardlyaware that she was speaking out loud. She deserves some conformation of dignity.Shes not the only one who saved us, a voicesaid quietly, and Maggie looked up gratefully atDelos.No, you did, too.Thats not what I meant, he said, and kneltwhere Laundress had. One of his pass on touched Maggies shoulder lightly, yet the other one wentto Sylvias.Theres only one thing I can do to help you, hesaid. Do you want it?To draw a vampire? Sylvias head movedslightly in a negative. No. And since theres woodnext to my union right now, I dont think it would work anyway.Maggie gulped and looked at the spear, whichhad cracked in the bewilderment when the guards ran. We could take it out I wouldnt live through it. Give up for once, will you? Sylvias head moved slightly again in disgust. Maggie had to admire her, even dying, she still hadthe strength to be nasty. Witches were tough.Listen, Sylvia said, staring at her. Theressomething I want to herald you. She drew a painfulbreath.About your chum.Maggie swallowed, braced to hear the terrible lucubrate Yes.It really bugged me, you know? I would put on my nicest clothes, do my hair, we would go out and then hed talk about you.Maggie blinked, utterly nonplussed. This wasnt at all what she had expected. He would?About his sister.How brave she was. How smartshe was. How stubborn she was.Maggie kept blinking. Shed heard Miles accuse her of lots of things, but never of being smart. She tangle her eyelids prickle again and her throat swellpainfully.He couldnt stand to hear a bad word about you, Sylvia was articulateing. Her purple-shadowed eyes narrowed suddenly, the color of bittersweet nightshade. And I hated you for that. But him I wish him.Her voice was getting much weaker. Aradia knelton her other side and touched the shimmering silvery hair.You dont have long, she said quietly, as if giving a warning.Sylvias eyes blinked once, as if to say she understood. Then she turned her eyes on Maggie.I told Delos I killed him, she whispered.But I lied.Maggie felt her eyes fly open. Then all at onceher heart was beating so hard that it shook herentire body.You didntkill him? Hes alive?I cherished to punish him but I wanted himnear me, too.A wave of dizziness broke over Maggie. She bentover Sylvia, trying not to clutch at the slender shoulders. All she could see was Sylvias pale face.Please tell me what you did, she whisperedwith passionate intensity. Please tell me.I had him changed. The musical voice wasonly a distant murmur now. Made him a shapeshifter and added a spell. So he wouldntbe human again until I wanted What kind of spell? Aradia prompted quietly.Sylvia made a sound like the most far outdoor(a) ofsighs. Not anything that you need to deal with,Maiden. Just take the leather forget me drug off his leg.Hell always be a shapeshifter but he wont be lost to you.Suddenly her voice swelled up a little stronger,and Maggie completed that the bruised eyes were feelin g at her with something like Sylvias oldmalice.Youre so smart Im sure you can figure outwhich animal After that a strange sound came out of herthroat, one that Maggie had never heard before.Somehow she knew without being told that itmeant Sylvia was dying-right then.The body in the green dress arched up once andwent still. Sylvias head fell back. Her eyes, the color of tear-drenched violets, were open, staringup at the sky, but they seemed oddly flat.Aradia put a slender dark hand on the paleforehead.Goddess of Life, receive this daughter of Hellewise, she said in her soft, ageless voice. Guideher to the other world. She added, in a whisper,She takes with her the blessing of all the witches.Maggie looked up almost fearfully to see if theshining figure who had surrounded Aradia like anaura would come back. But all she saw was Aradias beautiful face, with its debonaire skin the color of coffee with cream and its compassionate blindgaze.Then Aradia gently moved her hand down to shutS ylvias eyes.Maggie clenched her teeth, but it was no use.She gasped once, and then somehow she was in the middle of sobbing violently, unable to stop it.But Deloss arms were around her, and she buriedher face in his neck, and that helped. When she gotcontrol of herself a few minutes later, she realizedthat in his arms she felt almost what she had inher dream, that inexpressible sense of peace and security. Of belonging, utterly.As long as her soulmate was alive, and they weretogether, she would be all right.Then she noticed that P.J. was pressed up againsther, too, and she let go of Delos to put one armaround the small shaking body.You okay, kiddo? she whispered.P.J. sniffed. Yeah. I am, now. Its been prettyscary, but Im glad its over.And you know, Jeanne said, looking down atSylvia with her hands on her hips, thats how Iwant to go. Taking my own way out and totally pissing everybody off at the end.Maggie glanced up, startled, and choked. Thenshe gurgled. Then she shook her head, and knewthat her crying spell was over. I dont even know why Im like this about her. She wasnt a nice person. I wanted to kill her myself.She was a person, Delos said.Which, Maggie decided, was about the best summing-up anybody could provide.She realized that Jeanne and Laundress andDelos were looking at her intently, and that Aradias face was turned her way.Well? Jeanne said. Do you know? Which animal your brother is?Oh,Maggie said. I think so.She looked at Delos. Do you happen to knowwhat the name Gavin means? For a shapeshifter?Does it mean falcon?His blacklashed golden eyes met hers. Hawk orfalcon. Yes.Warm pleasure filled Maggie.Then I know, she said simply. She stood up, and Delos came with her as if he belonged by her. How can we find the falcon she had with her thatfirst day we met? When you were out with the hunting party?It should be in the mews, Delos said.A fascinated crowd gathered behind them as theywent. Maggie recognized Old Mender, smiling and cackling, and Soaker, not looking frightened anymore, and Chamber-pot Emptier We really need to get you guys some newnames, she muttered. Can you just pick one or something?The big girl with the moon face and the gentleeyes grinningd at her shyly. I heard of a noble named Hortense once .Thats good, Maggie said, after just the slightestpause. Yeah, thats great. I mean, comparatively.They reached the mews, which was a dark littleroom near the stable, with perches all over thewalls. The falcons were upset and distracted, and the air was full of flapping wings. They all lookedalike to Maggie.It would be a new bird, Delos said. I thinkmaybe that one. Is the falconer here?While everyone milled around looking for him, Jeanne edged coating to Maggie.What I want to know is how you know. How didyou even know Gavin was a shapeshifter at all?I didnt-but it was sort of logical. After all, Bernwas one. They both seemed to have the same kind of senses. And Aradia said that Sylvia took care of Miles down at her apartm ent, and Bern and Gavinwere both there. So it seemed natural that maybeshe made one of them pass the curse along toMiles.But why did you figure Gavin was a falcon?I dont know, Maggie said slowly. I justwell,he looked a little bit like one. Sort of thin andgolden. But it was more things that happened-he got away from Delos and over to the hunting party too fast to have gone by ground. I didnt really think about it much then, but it mustiness have stuckat the back of my mind.Jeanne gave her a narrow sideways glance. Stilldoesnt sound like enough.No-but mostly, it was that Milesjust had to bea falcon. It had to be something small-Sylviawould hardly be carrying a pigora tiger or a beararound with her up the mountain. And I saw herwith a falcon that first day. It was something she could keep near her, something that she could control. Something that was an-accessory. It just allmade sense.Jeanne made a sound like hmph.I still dontthink youre a rocket scientist. I think you luckedout Mag gie turned as the crowd brought a little manwith a lean, shrewd face to her-Falconer. Well,we dont know yet, she murmured fervently. ButI sure hope so.The little man held up a bird. This is the newone. Lady Sylvia said never to take the green bandoff his leg-but Ive got a knife. Would you like todo it?Maggie held her breath. She tried to keep herhand steady asshe carefully lead through the emerald green leather band, but her fingers trembled.The leather tie fell free-and for a moment hexheart stood still, because nothing happened.And then she saw it. The rippling changeasthebirds wings outstretched and thickened and thefeathers merged and swamand then Falconerwas moving back, and a human form was takingshape .And then Miles was standing there, with his auburn hair shining red gold and his handsome,wicked smile He gave her the thumbs-up sign.Hey, I knew you would rescue me. What arelittle sisters for? he said-and then Maggie was inhis arms.It seemed a long time later that all the hu gging and crying and explaining was done. The slavesthe ex-slaves, Maggie corrected herself-had begunto gather and work themselves and make plans.Delos and Aradia had sent various messengers outof the valley.There were still things to be settled-months andyears worth of things. And Maggie knew that lifewould never be the same for her again. She would never be a normal schoolgirl.Her brother was a shapeshifter-well, at least itwas a form he could enjoy, she thought wryly. Hewas already talking to Jeanne about a new way ofgetting to the summits of mountains-with wings.Her soulmate was a antic Power. Aradia had already told her what that meant. It meant that theywould have to be protected by the witches and Circle Daybreak until the time of darkness came andDelos was needed, so that the Night World didntkill them. And even if they survived until the final encounterit was going to be a tough one.Plus, she herself had changed forever. She feltshe owed something to the people of the va lley,who were still calling her the Deliverer. She wouldhave to try to help them adjust to the Outside world. Her fate would be intertwined with theirsall her life.But just now, everybody wastalking about getting some food.Come into the castle-all of you, Delos saidsimply.He took Maggies arm and started toward it. Justthen P.J. pointed to the sky, and there was an awed murmur from the crowd.The sunIt was true. Maggie looked up and was dazzled.In the smooth, pearly sky of the Dark Kingdom, in exactly the place where the blue fire had flashedfrom the earth, there was a little clearing in theclouds. The sun was shining through, chasing awaythe mist, turning the trees in the surrounding hillsemerald green.And shine off the sleek black walls of the castlelikeamirror.A place of enchantment, Maggie thought, lookingaround in wonder. It really is beautiful here.Then she looked at the boy beside her. At hisdark hairjust now extremely tousled-and hissmooth uninfected skin, and his elegant bo nes. At themouth which was still a bit proud and willful, but was mostly vulnerable.And at those fearless, brilliant yellow eyes whichlooked back at her as if she were the most important thing in the universe.I suppose that all prophecies come true by accident, she said slowly and thoughtfully. From just ordinary people trying and lucking out.There is nothingordinary about you, Delossaid, and kissed her.Onefrom the land of kings long forgottenOne from the hearth which still holds the spark One fromthe Day World where two eyes are watchingOne fromthe twilight to be one with the dark.

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Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 21

Five minutes after Seth left, I realized Id made a mis aim. Not ab unwrap refusing him that was the right social occasion to do. But I shouldnt bewilder al hapless him walk out handle that. It was no way to end a fight.I was still angry after all these historic period that Andrew had died helping those people. I was still pained by his loss. To this day, I viewd my stand in the garden had been correct, but nonetheless, Id always regretted the separation that followed. Anger and pride had set out between us, keeping us apart until it was almost too late. Even disagreeing with distributively other, we shouldnt contribute stayed away. We should get to talked and tried to find some compromise.I refused to let this fight foster more bad communication and confusion between Seth and me. I wouldnt let it take away from the time we could have to take onher. I had to fix things. Resolved, I grabbed my coat and purse and headed out the door after him.I half-walked, half-jogged down t o the bookstore, where hed left his car, but it was gone. Id missed him. I stargond at the avoid parking lot for a few moments and then went inside. Id finally bought Carters stupid Secret Santa present and had left it in my office earlier. But when I went buns inside and stuffed the gift in my purse, I found I didnt have the will to head back out. Instead, I sank into my chair and buried my face in my hands. How had things gotten so muddled with Seth and me? Had the shooting really given him such a new perspective on life? Would this have happened anyway?Yasmines feeling suddenly filled the room, and I looked up just in time to see her and Vincent materialize in front of me. Immediately, Seth left my mind.Hey, Georgina, Vincent express. I got your spate I k outright about Nyx, I blurted out.Astonished silence hung in the air. I couldnt say for sure with nephilim, but I knew angels were rarely caught by surprise. Yasmine understandably had been.And, being an angel, she didnt try to deny anything about Nyx. She simply asked, How?Because shes using me to do her dirty work. Their looks of amazement grew. OnlyIm non exactly sure how shes doing it.The two of them glanced at each other, then back at me. Start from the beginning, said Yasmine. Thats usually the way to go.And I did, first telling them about the dreams and the sinew loss. After that, it was on to my weird knowledge of tragic events and the residual feelings of Nyxs activities. Finally, I explained how Erik and Dante had pieced it all together, linking what was happening to me with all of those unfortunate news stories.Yasmine sat down in a sheep pen chair, tipping her head back as she thought. It was kind of like what Vincent had through with(p) in the hospital while ruminating. I wondered if it was one of those unconscious gestures couples sometimes picked up from each other. Hmmbrilliant. Thats how shes doing it without us finding her.I never would have even thought of that, agreed Vincent , pacing. Which, of course, is the point.You know what shes doing to me, then? I asked eagerly. The not-knowing was killing me.Yep, said Yasmine. But lets get the others first.The other The question faded from my lips as three figures materialized in the room Carter, Joel, and Whitney. Angelic auras crackled around me. I couldnt help a little envy. It exponent take me days to hunt down higher(prenominal) immortals, but Yasmine could do it with a thought.Carter smiled when he saw me. Joel looked outraged. Whitney looked confused.Whats dismissal on? Joel demanded. He sum alonged as angry as the last time Id seen him. It was a good thing he was immortal, or he probably would have died from high blood pressure ages ago. Why have you brought us to thisthisplace. You would have thought he stood in an opium brothel, as opposed to a tiny office with badly painted walls.Yasmine leaned forward in the chair, hands clasped under her chin and elbows on her knees. Her dark eyes sparkled with excitement. Weve got her. We found her or rather, Georgina found her.Joel and Whitney appeared flabbergasted. Carter didnt. From the look on his face, I mat like hed been expecting it.I cant believe it took you this long to figure it out, he joked.Whitney was not amused. Explain this.Yasmine did, and when she was finished, the others were as impressed as she and Vincent had been earlier. Even Joel looked a little less pissed off.Ingenuous, he murmured. every(prenominal) time she escapes, she always thinks up a new way to elude us.I looked from face to face. My emotions were raw after the blowout with Seth, and I was really low on patience at the moment. Will someone finally tell me how I fit into this?Carter walked over to me. He wore a beat-up blue tweed shirt and a Mariners baseball cap that looked like it had been put through a wood chipper. He was still smiling.You must know by now that Vincents a psychic. Hes attuned to our world and in some ways has a higher sensitivity to supernatural activity than some of us do. It happens with humans sometimes. It was true. Angels werent omnipotent and didnt have got all gifts. I nodded along, not letting on that I knew Vincent was actually a psychic nephilim. Normally, hed be able to find her trail pretty quickly. When she runs amok feeding off mortal chaos, theres a kind of, I dont knowmagical residue left where shes been. The energy she steals only sustains her it isnt actually enough to confound her. Someone like Vincent canVincent helped him out. sniff her out. Im a paranormal hound. Yasmine snickered.He hasnt sensed anything so far, Carter continued, which is why we were having to do more mundane searches, like expression for telltale patterns in the news.Soshe was concealment her trail. I shrugged. How do I fit in?She was using you to cut through it. In a couple diametrical ways. Kind of a fail-safe, really. In taking energy from you and human victims, she was able to double her stash. It made it eas ier to hide from us. When her advocate dipped, I think she was actuallyhiding in you.Ew. I suddenly felt violated. How is that possible? Is sheis she there now? I glanced down at my lower body, as though I powerfulness actually see something.He peered at me. No, I dont think so. Shes probably got enough energy to run loose for a while. As for how she does itwell, life and energy move in and out of you, and at some level, shes both of those things. Youre a conduit for those forces.I wish people would s lapse calling me that. It makes me feel like a machine.Hardly. The merging she does with you is how you occasionally get a sense for what shes been doing. Some of the details of her mischief leak into you, though she goes to great pains to hide it and herself.How?The dreams, said Vincent. Shes distracting you with them. Happy, overwhelming dreams that youre starting to obsess on. Your subconscious is so enmeshed in them at night that you dont notice her leaching the energy while you sleep.I leaned back in my chair, dumbfounded. Id dealt with a lot of weird shit in my life an exceptional amount of it occurring in the last few months, actually but this was shooting to the top of the list. My skin crawled, and I had the surreal sense that my body was no longer my own.I was also kind of bothered by the fact that my dreams had been red herrings, meant to throw away me off the path of what was going on. They were so sweetso powerful. I treasured them, yet it seemed they were nothing but lies. Illusions created by a monster to hide her parasitic control of me. That knowledge cheapened the beauty of what Id seen. I loved the little girl. I wanted to believe in her. I wanted her to be real.Well, said Joel brusquely, narrowed eyes fixed on me. Weve got to use the succubus to lure Nyx out. He gestured to me. Go. Go out and cajole some poor soul, so Nyxll keep abreast back.I flinched. Yasmine glared at him. Cant you see shes upset? Show some compassion.Denizens of ev il deserve none, he muttered.Across the room, Whitney stood by the door. Shed spoken little, so her voice ball over me. All creatures deserve compassion. I looked up and met her eyes. They were dark and bottomless, filled with power and emotion. I had the sensation of falling into that blackness, much like I experienced with Carter sometimes. I resolved I didnt like hanging out with angels. They did a lot of soul searching and usually it involved mine.More awkward silence fell. Okay, okay, I said. We dont all have to spill our feelings and hold hands here. Tell me what you need me to do.Youre going to be bait, Georgina, said Carter.Im always bait, I grumbled. Why is that? Why do these things keep happening to me? Not too long ago, Id had to play bait for a date-raping demigod. I hadnt been any happier then than I was now.I expected a joke, but Carters response was serious. Because youre one of those unique individuals whom powers in the universe tend to gather around.That was wor se than being a conduit. I didnt want any of those things. I didnt want to be a target. I wanted my quiet life back where I worked in a bookstore and had a blissful, perfect race with my boyfriend. Okay, Id never had such a relationship yet, but a girl can dream.Dream.Bad choice of words.Unfortunately, said Yasmine delicately, Joel is right to a certain extent. We do need you to, um, replenish your energy in order to lure Nyx out. Joel grimaced.I sighed. I know this is importantI dont want her to hurt anyone else, but well, does it have to be tonight? Can we do it tomorrow? I justI just dont feel up to it. Not after Seth. Not after any of this. I was so, so mentally exhausted. Sex sounded nauseating, energy or no.Joel clenched his fists. Dont feel up to it? This is no time for whims Lives are at stake Joel, said Carter. It was one word, but it was hard and powerful. Id never heard lax, sarcastic Carter speak in that sort of tone. He and Joel locked gazes. I couldnt assess higher i mmortals power, but I knew Carter was pretty damned strong. Stronger than Jerome, even. Leave her alone. Nyx only attacks when she steals more energy anyway. We should be okay for one night.If I didnt know better, Id say Joel was horror-stricken of Carter. Joel looked very much like he wanted to say a lot more, but he backed down.Fine, he said through gritted teeth.I shot Carter a relieved glance. With the way I felt tonight, I probably would have had about as much luck trying to seduce someone as Tawny. Thinking of the other succubus, I wondered if I should mention my suspicions about Tawny being drained by Nyx too. In the end, I decided against it. That whole situation was still circumstantial. I let it go.Yasmine stood up and laid a hand on my shoulder. Rest up. You look terrible. You need to be ca-ca for tomorrow.Yikes. I can look like anything I want. When someone tells me I look terrible, its pretty serious.She smiled. Its more than physical.She vanished. Whitney and Joel di d the same a few moments later. Only Carter remained with Vincent and me.Its going to be okay, Carter told me.I dont know. Theres a crazy chaos-eating monster flitting in and out of me, I said. Youre going to try to frisk her out. Seems like theres a high likeliness things might end up pretty not okay.Ye of little faith. He too disappeared.Vincent and I stood there for several moments. Finally, I sighed once more.Fucking angels.He touched my shoulder. Lets go back home.We ventured back into the cold and walked to my apartment, saying little. Vincent look tired and thoughtful, no doubt from all the Nyx stuff. As we approached my apartment, however, his expression began to change. At first, he simply looked puzzled. Then he grew surprised, then startled, then horrified, and finally, disgusted. We stopped on the mental synthesiss steps.Whats wrong? I asked.He pointed upward. Theres somethingevil in there.Likemy apartment? Because, you know, Im technically evilVincent shook his head. No, no. Its a different kind of evil. Youre evil by nature no offense. This is something different. A created evil. Its black and wrong. Unnatural. You know of anyone else who lives in the building that plays for your side?No. Just me.He grimaced. Well, lets go in then and see where its coming from. Ugh. To my senses, its likerotting garbage.We went inside, and it didnt take him long to figure out where this different evil was coming from. My own apartment.Told you I was the only evil thing in here, I joked. But I was a little queasy at his reaction.Vincent didnt respond and simply pushed past me, searching in a way that brought the earlier hound reference to mind. He disappeared into my bedroom and reemerged with Dantes arts and crafts project.This, stated Vincent, holding it at arms length.That? I asked, astonished. Thatsnothing.Where did you get it?This guy I know made it. The one who was helping me. Hes, I dont knowa pseudo psychic. mayhap a real psychic. Interprets dreams and claims to be a magician. I stared at the wicker ball. be you saying he really is a magician?Oh, hes something all right. This thing is so filthy, I cant believe you cant feel it. Well, I can believe itI mean, its a different sort of magic than youre attuned to, but Jesus. It makes me feel like I justI dont know, went swimming in a sewer.WellI know hes supposed to be, like, badhe and another friend have said as much. ButI dont know. I thought it was just hype.Theres bad and theres bad, Vincent said. And this is bad. This things a repellent, right? Did he give it to you to keep Nyx away?yeabut he wasnt sure if itd workOh, itd work. Itd keep about anything away. To make something like thisman, Georgina. Its incredible the kind of power required. Very few humans are born with this kind of power. He certainly wasnt. This is stolen power.Everyone steals power, I noted dryly. Me, NyxVincents eyes were hard. You and she suck it from people. This was ripped out of someone. The way youd rip someones heart out of their chest.So, what I stared. Are you saying Dante killed someone to make this?To make this specifically? Perhaps. But someone would need to already possess great power independent of what he might put in this to even attempt making it. And to be someone with that kind of power in the first place, he had to have done something, at some point in his life, that was bad.Likekilling someone.More than that. A special killing something sacrificial. You know the kind of power those can yield.I did. I didnt have a choice in the succubus soul-stealing thing, but I tried to keep my hands clean of other atrocities. Still, you couldnt work for Hell and not know about the full range of evils out there and how to achieve them.And, continued Vincent, you know that the greater the impact the greater the meaning of a sacrificial killingRight. The greater the power. Goosebumps rose on my neck as I started to see where Vincent was going with all this. whatever he did to ge t this kind of power wasnt just some random, clean killing. It had meaning for him. And it was horrible. He would have had to turn on himself give up part of his humanity to get this kind of power.I stared at the wicker ball. I couldnt sense what Vincent could, but now I too was feeling disgusted and uneasy by its presence. And suddenly, Kaylas repulsion suddenly didnt seem so strange after all. Id had the charm in my purse when I saw her. Shed said I was bad because I was probably covered in the charms power. What had Dante done? What act could sarcastic, laconic Dante have done to achieve the kind of power both Vincent and Hugh had said would be needed to make this kind of charm? Whatever it was, it was the reason Erik hated him.I shivered. Can you destroy it?Vincent nodded. You want me to?A tiny part of me remembered that it had the ability to repel Nyx. But it wouldnt make her disappear, and we needed her to come back if we were going to stop her for good. Swallowing, I nodded . Yeah, go ahead.It took only a few seconds. Green light encased the wicker sphere, then Vincents hand was empty. Id felt no change in power or anything, but the nephilim looked relieved.I exhaled. Well. Theres nothing to stop her now, huh?Nope, he said, rubbing his hands together. Get ready.