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Climate Change Denial and the Media Essay -- Global Warming Cover-Up, 2

The pace of global heating is accelerating and the scale of the impact is devastating. The clock for action is limited - we are approaching a tipping point beyond which the opportunity to reverse the damage of CO2 emissions will disappear.-- Eliot SpitzerGlobal warming isnt a prediction. It is happening.-- James HansenClimate change, specifically in reference to C02 Emissions released by human use of fossil fuels and their consequential effects on the environment, is perhaps one of the most pressing issues we, not just as Amerifannys, that as human beings face in our lifetimes. Though it may weighty like a sensationalist statement the facts are hard to deny. In May of 2013, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide surpassed 400 parts per gazillion (ESRL Global supervise Division News Items). Experts in this field estimate that a risk-free level of atmospheric C02 concentration is around 350 million p arts per million (400 Ppm CO2 What It Means). It should also be noted that the last time the cosmos had this level of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere was 3 million historic period ago when it is estimated that sea levels were around 80 feet higher (Prinn).Yet despite these draw climate change represents just 1% of all media headlines ( look for ameliorate environmental Coverage). Entertainment, which makes for 3% of headlines, received three times the coverage of environmental issues (Project for meliorate Environmental Coverage).When the environment does in fact receive such unprecedented coverage, the issue of climate change is often times covered chthonian a guise of false objectivity. A valid argument can be made that the media has failed the public on the i... ...tical Space Association, n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2014.Kaplan, Joel. Objectivity & ease Todays Best Practices in American journalism. Publication. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2014.Kovach, Bill, and Tom Rosenstiel. The E lements of Journalism What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect. New York Crown, 2001. Print.Prinn, Ron. 400 Ppm CO2? Add other GHGs, and Its Equivalent to 478 Ppm. Oceans at MIT. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 6 June 2013. Web. 09 Dec. 2014.Project for Improved Environmental Coverage. Project for Improved Environmental Coverage. Project for Improved Environmental Coverage, n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2014.Eliot Spitzer Quotehttp// Hansen Quotehttp//

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The Rapid Growth of Online Social Media Networks

t mop uper networking substance ab mappingd to conn electroshockor and portion entropy with friends.People may utilize social networking function for diierent grounds to weathervane with new contacts, reconnectwith the friends, maintain the kinships position, for concern or undertaking work related, squander participate in treatments on the umteen subject, or merely hold get together meeting andfundamental interaction with new(prenominal) take parting drug users. 1 .There are figure of users on SocialNetworkand Twitter. LinkedIn has positioned itself as a professional soul networking site proi?lesinclude resume teaching and groups are created to portion more inquiries and thoughtswith other users in similar i?elds. Unlike traditional in the flesh(predicate) home pages people in thesesocieties write bulge non merely their mortalal properties, but besides their relationships withfriends.It may do the screen misdemeanor in societal vanes 3 .Information closed-doo rness isneeded for users. existent techniques are used to forestall direct revelation of sensitive soulfulnessized data. present the focal points on societal tissue datas classii?cation and inferringthe persons private information. More private information are inferred by usingcorporate classii?cation algorithm. The system of rules ascend how the on-line information of societal entanglement is used for anticipation several(prenominal) persons private property that a user/person arenon interested unwrap these property to other users ( e.g. gender identii?cation, cozyorientation ) .For illustration in an oi?ce people connect to to each one other because of similarprofessions. Therefore it is viable that one may be able to deduce someones propertyfrom the properties of his/her friends. In such instances, screen is indirectly disclosed by theirsocietal dealingss instead than from the proprietor straight. This is called individual(prenominal) informationescape from illati on 10 .The rapid ontogenesis and ubiquitousness of on-line societal media services has inclined animpact to the elbow room people interact with each other. Online societal networking has becomeone of the most popular activities on the web. Social web analysis has been a separatetechnique in modern sociology, geographics, economic sciences, and information science.The informationsgenerated by societal media services frequently referred to as the societal web informations. In manystate of affairss the informations demands to be published and shared with others. Social webs areonline applications allow their users for connexion by diierent linktypes 3 . As portion oftheir professional web. Because of users limit inner informations which are related to theirprofessional life.These sites gather extended personal information societal net- work appli-cation suppliers deport a rare run a risk direct usage of this information could be utile toadvertizers for direct selling. sca r informations for others to analyse regular though it maycreate terrible secretiveness menaces or they feces keep back informations because of secretiveness concerns eventhough that makes the analysis impossible.For illustrations concern companies are analyzing the societal connexions in societalweb informations to bring out client relationship that crowd out benei?t their services and prod-uct gross revenues. The analysis consequence of societal web informations is believed to potentially hand everyplacean alternate position of real-world phenomena due to the strong connexion between thehistrions empennage the web informations and existent universe entities. Social-network information makes com-merce much more proi? hedge 7 . On the other manus the petition to utilize the informations can besidescome from 3rd party applications embedded in the societal media application itself. Forcase, societal sites has 1000s of 3rd party applications and the figure is grow-ing exponen tially. Even though the procedure of informations sharing in this instance is inexplicit theinformations is so passed oer from the information proprietor ( service supplier ) to diierent party ( theapplication ) .The informations given to these applications is normally non sanitized to nurse usersprivacy.Desired usage of informations and single covert presents an notice for privatenesscontinuing societal web informations excavation. That is the find of information and rela-tionships from societal web informations without go againsting privateness. So utilizing classii?cation i?ndsensitive informations and take it from informations set and supply extremely sanitize dataset 1 .Although OSNs are rather utile in diierent sense, there has been some consid-erations about privateness of users in such services. OSNs are big datastores of personalinformation. This information is valuable in the sense that by statistical analysis it ispossible to pull out the penchant of users ground o n diierent standards such as gender and matrimonial position. such(prenominal) analysis can so be used for advert and research intents 5 .METs Institute of Engineering 2Preventing techniquesused for visibleness informations bar illation overflow on societal webThird-parties domiciliate targeted advertizement to increase their commercial grossutilizing the societal platform and custom-make their usualities precisely based on the penchantsof visitants and increase their opportunities on marketing 1 . OSN suppliers such as Facebookprovince that they will non manus private information to these third- parties. However therehas been many contentions about escape of sensitive information to third parties whereOSN suppliers handed private user information along with self-importance placing information.A recent probe by the Wall Street journal showed that personal ID of Facebookusers was macrocosm transmitted to third party advertizement and track companies alongwith their perso nal bear uponments which was against the promises made by Facebook 6 . Thisis where concerns are raise about the privateness of OSN users.The chief privateness concern is that instalments big businessman non be willing to interrupt theirproi?le information to everyone indoors or removed a web. Peoples need control overtheir personal information and how it is being shown on the web. In OSNs users providetheir electronic mail reference, exposure, friends, instruction, calling background, relationship positionand activities such as noticing. For assorted grounds one might be willing to concealthem from certain people. Reasons such as safety, musical interval of work environment andpersonal life are among them. If the information is public to everyone it can dojobs such as losing a occupation. Furthermore it can be collected and used for commercialintents without the consent of users 7 , 8 .The privateness scenes normally does non to the full let concealing friendship link up and groupsai?liations and the connexion between people and groups are publically seeable. Such linksand ai?liations can take to information escape and expose high sum of information.In add-on many users do non protect their proi?les from aliens and the web wouldbe a mixture of public and private proi?les 13 . As a consequence while an single protectshis proi?le utilizing the privateness scenes, it is possible that a big fraction of his friendshave an unfastened proi?le which contains information about him including the friendly relationship nexus,remarks and so on. Besides even if there are no direct information about a individual in hisfriends, by statistical analysis it would be possible to deduce some properties for a user evenif he has a private proi?le which is the subject of this System 14 , 15 .The end of this System chiefly highlights how it is possible to deduce and retraceprivate properties of OSN users based on friendship links and personal inside informations. U sing circumstances theoretical accounts and informations excavation attacks such as uninformed bays larning, it is shownthat with certain possibilities it would be executable to deduce private properties of users.METs Institute of Engineering 3Preventing techniquesused for profile informations bar illation trespass on societal webTo see the consequence on a existent dataset, a long-familiar Facebook OSN, Proi?le information is col-lected and used. Analysis of system shows that it is possible for an active OSN memberto to the full protect its privateness by remotion of sensitive properties from proi?le informations or fromdataset before let go ofing to third party 1 , 11 .1.1 Area of DersertationSocial webs are considered as online applications that permit the users to linkby manner of assorted nexus types. Based on the provided inside informations, these webs let peopleto name inside informations about themselves that are suspend to the basicss of the web.Some site is a commo n usage of societal web, whence single users list their preferableactivities, films and books. Conversely a professional web such as LinkedIn, usersspecify inside informations which are suited to their professional life.These sites gather extendedpersonal information and therefore societal web application suppliers have a rare opportunity ofdirect use of this information that could be utile to advertizers for direct marketing.Forforestalling illation onslaught proposed system is used and it better the classii?cationtruth of system by utilizing Naive bays classii?cation.METs Institute of Engineering 4Preventing techniquesused for profile informations bar illation onslaught on societal web1.2 Dissertation Plan month Project ActivityAugust Project Topic Selection endurance of AbstractSurvey of Literature SurveySeptember First demonstration about thought of Undertakingdemand analysis ( SRS Document ) planningOctober Mathematical ModelAlgorithm and System AnalysisDetailed programNove mber Project Stage-1 PresentationDocumentationDecember Stating stage of executionRequirement assemblage for implemntationJanuary Implementation and provingFebruary Implementation and provingMarch Test instances planing for complete system and proving as per trial instancesChanges in execution if anyApril Testing and authenticationMay Testing and certificationTable 1.1 Dissertation PlanMETs Institute of Engineering 5Preventing techniquesused for profile informations bar illation onslaught on societal web1.3 Motivation privacy to individual which is come to with the unity of the persons organic structure, agenciesprevent the interloper entry in personal informations. Privacy of personal behaviour, This relates to diierent facets of behaviour such assexual penchants, governmental activities and spiritual ideas both in private andpublic topographic points. Here the eiectiveness of both local and relational classii?cation truth are reducesby utilizing the sanitization methods and it i s really helpful for forestalling personalinformation onslaught on societal web. Privacy of personal communicating in instance of persons have an involvement to be ableto pass on among each other through diierent media without being monitoredor intercepted by other individuals or administrations. Privacy of personal informations, Persons claim that informations about themselves should nonbe available to other persons or administrations without their consent and even ifthe information is processed by a third-party, the person must be able to hold consid-erable grade of control over it data and its usage. Here it has been proposed to plan a system that explore the eiect of possibleinformations sanitation attacks on forestalling such private information escape, whileleting the receiver of the sanitized information to make inference on non-sensitive inside informations. Desired usage of informations and single privateness presents an chance for privatenesscontinuing societal web, That i s the find of information and relationshipsfrom societal web informations without go againsting privateness.1.4 AimsThis system dei?ne two classii?cation undertakings. The i?rst is that to find whether aindividual is conservative or liberal on the footing of user proi?le information.METs Institute of Engineering 6Preventing techniquesused for profile informations bar illation onslaught on societal webPrivacy concerns of persons in a societal web can be classii?ed into two classsprivateness after informations stop, and private information escape. Cases of privateness afterinformations release involve the identii?cation of specii?c persons in a information set subsequentto its release to the general populace or to paying clients for a specii?c use or 3rdparty for their advertisement work. By deducing the sensitive property like gender, matrimonialposition such personal information of user proi?le is used for diierent type of attack.Hereaims of system is privacy concern as concealing the users personal inside informations from exteriorusers style from 3rd party, so information misusage are avoid.

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How does Brian Friel establish the theme of language Essay

How does Brian Friel establish the ascendent of run-in and its effects on communication, force and identity in Act one?In the spell Translations, terminology and its effects is all the way one of the central themes. This is evident because the characters all immortalize what nomenclature means to them ranging from Hugh who uses his knowledge of run-ins as a form of business office over the British to Owen who does non show any concern for his language and identity and provides the British to call him Roland. furthermore the title of the play Translations is juiceless because although one of the themes of the play is keeping your identity the book itself looses its identity. This is because although the play is written by an Irish author and set in Ireland, it is written in side of meat. Thus the title foreshadows the outcome of the play.One of the ways Brain Friel establishes the theme of language is by using Sarah as a device to withdraw the b ar negligible of lang uage. Her limited knowledge of language limits her communication. moreover this could too be a benefit to her as she is able to have secrets without creation expected to share them. Sarah is starting introduced in the play by the grade directions which say Sarah shakes her head vigorously and stubbornly this is because baseball glove wants her to let the cat out of the bag so she has an identity in the world. This could foreshadow that the Irish, who do non want to accost side ordain be forced too for there declare good as it will help their country prosper.The character Sarah merchant ship be interpreted as the symbol of Ireland due to the play beginning with her trying to claim her identity by saying My institute is Sarah. This performance of Sarah saying her name at the start of the play shows just how decently language send word be as just a a a few(prenominal)(prenominal) words washbasin turn you from someone who is unknown to a somebody who has office in t he world. baseball glove sympathises this and reacts by saying nothingll dismiss us now. This can either be interpreted as nothing will stop Sarah from skill Gaelic now or that the now in the quote refers to all of Ireland and that as long as people are still learning Gaelic the British will not stamp out their language.The character handwriting is Hughs first son and is a teacher at Hedge School. The relationship that Manus has with his yield is made genuinely clear by Brain Freil when Hugh first enters the play as he treats Manus like a striver by handing him his hat and coat as, if to a footman. Brain Friel shows that due to Manuss lack of communication with his father and his willingness to do all the things his father asks of him, that he has become a servant. Out of all the characters in the play it is further Manus who really sees the British as an enemy in the First Act. This is likely to be because Manus clearly loves his country and his language and sees these two things as part of his identity.Also although the play is not overtly political, political issues do run under the surface. For example when Dan Doalty moves the Britishs poles Manus says this is just a gesture to indicate a strawman. However when analysing Doaltys character it can easily be seen that it is super unlikely he was doing it for this reason and was more likely just feel to make fun of the British. what is more Manus is the solo one who sees Owens job as traitorous to Ireland. All the other characters do not level mention it. However although Manus feels this way about Owen, he himself is guilty of betrayal as he ignores Sarah when she tells him that she said her name. As Sarah symbolises Irelands identity ignoring her is like a betrayal to Ireland.The character prise, although contributing to the prank in act one when Doalty and Bridget are making fun of him. I believe also that this represents just how different the British and Irish cultivation was in the ni neteenth century as his character reveals that in Ireland even the most poor man can emit Greek and Latin. In England it is most likely only the richer upper class people would be able to speak these languages revealing that language doesnt represent status in Ireland. Furthermore jemmys character is also the only character that stays true to his identity as he is unable(p) to speak English and shows know signs of wishing to learn English I have only Irish.However although Jimmy shows know signs of absentminded to learn English his love of Latin and Greek have caused him to be unable to communicate properly with other characters as they only speak Gaelic. Thus Jimmy portrays what could happen to Ireland if they do not learn English as they will be cut off from the world. Additionally Jimmys character also uses his knowledge of languages as a exponent over the British as he mocks headwaiter Lancey for not creation able to speak Latin Nonne Latine loquitur?.Brain Friel also sho ws that due to Jimmys reading of Greek stories such as the Odyssey he has created an alternative reality for himself in which figures of myth are as real to him as the people he sees everyday. This is revealed as he imagines situations when he would have to pack between Athene, Artimis and Helen. Due to these fantasies Manus calls Jimmy a bloody grave man suggesting that living in the past is treacherous. Thus foreshadowing that Manus, who does not embrace the English language in his country, may be dangerous as he is still living in the pastThe characters captain Lancey and Yolland although both working for the British army have very different views on what they have been ordered to do in Ireland. This is apparent by the way that they act when they first meet the Irish people. Captain Lancey who clearly symbolises England as his manner is polite and imperative, is very patronising when he talks, intellection that if he just talks slow and loud as if to a child the Irish will s ome how be able to understand him a picture- you understand picture?.However even though he uses this patronising tone it is clearly unjustified because when jimmy asks him Nonne Latine loquitur? he mistakes it for Gaelic showing that he is not as intelligent as them. Furthermore the language used by Lancey although already in English is very political and imperialistic and it is likely some British people wouldnt understand what he was saying. In comparison Yolland although a soldier has few characteristics normally associated with the military as he is shy and awkward. This is shown when Yolland says I I Ive nothing to say really -. The quote reveals that he is not uncomfortable being in Hedge Schools as he stutters. Furthermore unlike Lancey, Yolland is uneasy about not being able to speak Gaelic as he says Sorry sorry when he cant understand Maire. Additionally Yolland shows very clearly that he set language and identity as he wishes to learn Gaelic.The strong-minded, stron g somatic women Maire is a very pragmatic character as she will do things to better herself. This is shown by her willing to embrace the future and learn English so that she can move to America as it is the land of opportunities. This reveals that learning English to Maire is a form of tycoon as it will allow her to escape her poor life in Ireland.However although she desires this, there is a clear uncertainty in what Maire wants as she speaks approvingly of modern promotion but on other occasions finds comfort in the belief that things will never change. This is shown when she talks about Baile Beags potato harvest-feast never failing. The repetition of the word never suggests that her willingness to embrace the future is rare and selective showing that she wants some things to change while finding a misplaced assurance in the belief that somethings will never change. This could suggest that although she is willing to give up part of her identity, she is comforted by the fact that it is unlikely to happen.The character Owen is Hughs youngest son an presents a large contrast to Manus, as he is lively and charming. Furthermore although Owen is the son who left over(p) his father to pursue his own ambitions he is treated more warmly then Manus. This could be why Owen and Manuss relationship is uneasy. Owen can either be interpreted as a traitor or as a pragmatic character like Maire. This is because although Owen is helping the British standardise Irish place names, he could just be doing this as he believes embracing English is the only way Ireland will prosper.However due to Owen allowing the British to call him Roland, which is a common British name it is likely that the former is true. This is further apparent as when questioned by Manus about why the British call him Roland he replies with Its only a name. Its the same me isnt it?. This quote reveals that Owen places know appraise in his identity. Owens translation of what Lancey is saying on pages 31/32 also show how Owen uses his ability to communicate with the English as power over the Irish. This is because his mistranslation of what Lancey is saying to the Irish allows Owen to make it seem that the British are in their country to help them, not remove their language.The character Hugh although conveyed as a figure of dignity in Baile Beag is ironically a weighty drinker and is shown little respect by characters such as Daolty as he mocks him behind his back by impersonating the way he acts. Hugh, who is runny in English, Latin, Greek and Gaelic is very critical of the British language referring to it as a language for traders. Furthermore the distain with which he speaks of Lancey for not sagacious any Gaelic, Latin and Irish shows how he uses his knowledge of languages as a weapon against the British as he is able to show his overlord intelligence.In conclusion Brain Friels uses characters, dramatic setting and more other devices to show how language plays a key ro le in this play. Furthermore his use of characters in the play to convey the bare minimum of language (Sarah) and the height of language (Hugh) add to the effect of how he uses language.

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Community Service: Mandatory or Voluntary Essay

Community table gain is a topic that is highlighted in our society. Many the great unwashed have different reasons for their participation in the armed service, having it be move intoe for stingy reasons or unselfish reasons. However, participation is mandatory. This being the case, partnership service should be voluntary. Community service holds you back from doing certain things. High schools require 40 hours of residential area service in order to graduate. If you dont put down these hours, itll keep you from moving on. Certain jobs require you to complete community service in certain tasks. Not doing such can earn you a penalty. Another example to support this claim is a quote from an denomination titled The Benefits of Volunteerism, If the Service is Real, is that there is whatever cynicism among people that some portion of community service is prompted by students interested to a greater extent in resume-building. This goes to show that people have lost the initial pu rpose for community service as a pass off to make themselves panorama good, rather than doing it for the cause alone. In addition, voluntary community service is more encouraged than mandatory.In the graphic Attitude Toward Offering Students a risk to do Community Service to Earn Money for College, By jump on, students were surveyed on whether or not they were in favor of doing community service for earning money for college. The survey was done from ages that ranged from 15-25 years old. Throughout the age range, the component of students who favor for community service to earn money or dont favor varied. However, those favorable remained high in the 80% sequence those unfavorable remained low in the 20%. However, community service should be mandatory in certain situations. In the article A relegate Society? Or a Better Resume?, mandatory community service is stressed. Model Naomi Campbell had to complete 5 days of community service as a result of hitting her maid in the lai ssez passer with a cellphone. She was set to work in a sanitation terminal as a punishment. However, it tended to work out in her favor as it made her seem as she was doing it for the false altruism of her actions.

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Levels of the Managerial Communication Process Essay

Becoming a first time double-decker is an excellent goal and a great marker in a successful career. However it can also be a frighten a air task without a few tips to ease you into you new responsibilities. With careful observation, provision and a few pieces of advice, a erect autobus can deform great motorbus. An important trait many great leaders stomach is being able to successfully communicate any pass along to a wide variety of people. They also collapse the ability to transcend study free radicals, culture, situations and clear.. Being able to relate to different direct reports is key to inauguration a two expression channel of converse with a assemblage. ane of the first layers in successful communication is make uping an environment and culture that encourages it. Allowing rough communication amongst each(prenominal) other fosters a cohesive and united environment. A good way a manager can reinforce that notion, would be to serve as the example. Walk ar ound and meet with every wiz in the group.This allows the manager to be accessible to everyone and in turn the manager can hold to know the members of his or her group. Another suggestion would be to establish an idle door policy. This will allow the flexibility to hold compact confluxs colloquially and encourage the flow of communication with each other. A good way to get to know the group expose would be to setup a meeting with each individual. This allows a manager to get a patronage story on each group member, establish preferences in communication and find out if any cultural differences exist. This can also establish trust between a manager and an employee. Scheduling this meeting all bi-weekly or monthly allows the channel of communication between manager and pendent to remain turn out. If at all possible, an important subdivision in establishing an open environment is to physically setup the office in a way that allows for easy communication with each other.Having conference rooms available allows for group meetings and also provides private areas if discussions are of a occult nature. If allowed, take into good will the furniture used in the groups space. Tailor the furniture and office designs to your groups needs. If possible, equip rooms with teleconference equipment which allows for a virtual face-to-face with others in remote office any crossways the street or across the country. A second layer of successful communication is the interaction of sender to receiver. When speaking to groups or individuals, a manager should always maintain a steady emotion. Employees can easily interpret the mood or content of the mental object if a manager is either too happy or too sad. A good awareness of humor can bring comfort or levity to a group or situation, withal anxiety should be used.A joke or comment can be misinterpreted easily depending on the audience. A good rule of thumb would be to err on the side of caution until the manage r gets to know the group thoroughly. Allowing for questions during or at the end of your subject result encourages two way communication. This allows the audience the freedom to ask for clarification if something isnt understand and also provides a venue for discussion. Possible issues can be resolved when more than one point of view are presented.A manager should also make themselves available after a meeting in case any questions comes up that did not want to be asked in a group setting or is of a confidential nature. The third layer of successful communication involves four elements that affect each other. Content (what is said), Channel (How its said), Environment (Where its said) and season (When its said). It is important to tailor the content of your pass to your audience. The following are short questions that a manager can ask themselves about each elementContentWhat is the subject matter about?Who is the audience?What is the tone of the communicate?Do you thoroughly know the subject matter?What level of detail should the message include?ChannelWhat channels are available? (ex. voicemail, email, public or private meeting)? Will the contents of the message be fully understood using the channel chosen? Will the channel attend or hurt if the message has a deadline? Is the channel chosen appropriate for the essential level of the message? Is the channel chosen appropriate for the tone of the message?EnvironmentWhat locations or venues are available?Is the venue/location chosen appropriate for the message tending(p)? (ex. Technically capable)What setting is fitting for your message (ex. Formal or informal)? Who is the audience?How large is the audience?What is the confidentiality of the message?TimeHow urgent is the message?When is the best time to deliver this message?Does the message follow a timeline or deadline?How long should the message take?along with these factors to follow, there are some errors to avoid. Focus your message strictly on facts to stay true to the message at hand and avoid go around a message with opinions. Opinions are fine to state when and if asked by the audience, however a message spun on opinion will be plain quickly and can easily lose or disrupt an audience. Do not present the message in a manner that is not subject to change. Messages, like situations, can change at any given moment and may require some clarification. Always prepare with a contingency plan to follow-up with changes if needed. Having prior knowledge of the subject matter will minimize any confusion when presenting the message and will better equip the manager in the event of any questions asked.The intent of the message can be greatly lost if the presenter looks uncomfortable or lost during the presentation. If at all possible, have someone with knowledge of the subject matter review any notes that will be used, or have them available for any follow-up questions afterwards. When it comes to communicating effectively, there is no one size, fits all approach to any message. Each communication instance requires a thorough analysis of all the factors provided and presented accordingly to the audience. Mastering these tips will help on the road to managerial success.Works CitedHynes, Geraldine. Managerial Communication. New York McGraw Hill, 2011.Myatt, Mike. 10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders. Forbes (2012) 12/6/2012 http//

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Education Is Jkey to Sucess Essay

Change is the essence of life tell one philosopher, and keeping phase with the change is the meaning of education. There atomic number 18 different connotations of education. One is formal education and other is the daily education. teaching is not only classroom studies but learning. In m whatsoever cases what we theatre at class is completely different from what we practice outside. We may issue the outdated technology or the old philosophy, to live in the turn in world we have to learn quickly what is happening in preliminary of our eyes and try to understand it. We have seen children, always active, curious and well(p) of vigor. the reason for that attitude is their interest in learning new things and to shaft the world. So they are quick learners and they enjoy life even infract than us and are happier than us. So it is the innate of a person to give instruction himself to the changes.If he fails to do that he trails in the track of life. So education plays very imp ortant role in the nation building too. The set out of development of the country depends on the ameliorate human resource of that nation. The educated human resource possess global competency and global etiquette. So it is the education which is the real GDP growth of the country and the investiture on education is the real investment which pass on bear rich dividends than any other type of investments.We can learn from history how countries have progressed through with(predicate) their strong education system. take example of US, EUROPE and other real countries, the universities are the real technology generators and industries are the buyers of the technology. Education is the inevitable investment the state has to do on its subjects to sustain itself and to be in the race to the global superpower. The so called global powers have invested on education so much, now they are tasting the fruit of that tree which they planted foresightful ago. The countries instead of investi ng on defense and arms, if they invest on education, it will certainly pay back in large scale.

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Alchemist Answer Key

1)Why does Coelho open with the modified myth of Narcissus? How does the freshly version differ from the original one? How does it change the myths designateing? What might the author be suggesting close how we perceive ourselves and the atomic number 18a? Paulo Coelho began with the tale of Narcissus to show the reader that when you be so caught up in your throw brio you do non realize the greater things manage character and friends. It differs because it leaves out how the lake was excessively too caught up in its take in beauty to nonice other people. The untried myth focuses more on positive outcomes from unfortunate events while the original is negative.It portrays everything to be self-centered. This relates to the tale of the Alchemist because, in chasing his personal legend, capital of Chile had to learn to lift up the world for all that it was, non just as it related to his personal struggle. 2)The novel opens with capital of Chile thought process around hi s sheep. What does he observe about their universe? How might the sheep stand for the instruction some people live their lives? How does his observation that they ask bury to rely on their own instincts foreshadow later events in the legend? He observes that all they are concerned with is eating and sleeping.They do not vex deeper thoughts or needs. Just like people that do not try to learn or grow, they continue blandly by means of flavor. They dont typeface around or try to learn from those around them. Because capital of Chile is different, he bravely leaves his comfortable existence and travels to the pyramids in search of his treasure. Along the way he learns to trust in himself and to understand the ways of the earth. 3)To what degree is his befools observation about travelers (They come in search of new things, but when they leave they are basically the same people they were when they arrived. ) straightforward about capital of Chile? )The old man tells capital of Chile the storey about the miner and the emerald. How does it connect to Santiagos location? What does he mean when he says that treasure is uncovered by the ram down of flowing water, and it is inhumed by the same currents? What does this quote fox to do with the miner/emerald narration? 5)What point does the old mans story about the male child in the castle and the drops of oil pay?How might this story take to us in our modern lives? You shouldnt worry too much about your family and flock that you dont enjoy everything that is around you, but you also shouldnt completely forget about the ones you love. )How does the King assist Santiago in recognizing omens? When does Santiago use this help? The king opens Santiagos eyes to the possibility that in that respect are signs/omens all around him and that he needs to be on the lookout for these as he goes about his life. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left field for you. Santiago uses this help when he does not know where to go or what to do. 7)How do Santiagos thoughts and perceptions about himself and the world begin to change on pages 42-44? Describe three (3) things that Santiago sees now that he has never notice before. )Why do you think Coelho chose crystal? How does the crystal merchants write up for not taking the pilgrimage to Mecca highlight the difference between Santiago and the merchant? Coelho chose crystal merchant because he wanted to showcase the different paths a person may chose in life. Whereas Santiago feels eager to lock his Personal Legend and get to Egypt, the crystal merchant fears pursuing his own dream to make a pilgrimage to Mecca because he worries he bequeath have nothing to live for afterward. 9) The Englishman and his goals are described in the novel. What is he looking for?What does he demonstrate to Santiago that the Englishman already knows? Santiago says that the mount up made at the crystal shop is an e xample of the principle of the nous of the World. What does he mean? How does he define this? How does he connect the judgement to the relationship between the caravan and the desert? 10) The oasis is described in great detail. How does its lushness, laughter, and color reflect what Santiago finds there? Where else in the story does Coelho provide details about the physical setting in give to lend more meaning to the events which occur there? 1)What is the meaning of the cardinal (2) d.o.a. hawks and the falcon in the oasis? How does this omen change Santiagos consideration in society? It doesnt really have a meaning santiago has the skill of knowing future. It is not nature telling him the future, but he can feel the future as Santiago is capable of entering and understanding the soul of the world and tumesce as the language of the world.This lets him understand and read the future by the omens. The instruction of omens in the natural world gives Santiago a special status reserved for men much older and learned than he is. 2) During his trek through the desert with the alchemist, Santiago is told of m whatsoever basic truths. The alchemist says, There is precisely one way to learn. Its through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey. What are some of the things Santiago has learned through action? 13) Why did Santiago have to go through the dangers of the tribal wars on the outskirts of the oasis in say to reach the Pyramids? At this point, the boy remembers the old proverb The darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn. How does this open to his situation now? At the end of the journey, why did the alchemist leave Santiago alone to complete it? Santiago must endure trials in order to fulfill his Personal Legend and thus comprehend the Language of the World. Ones goals are never reached unless we are willing to face fears.The proverb totally applies to his situation as things become their very worst befo re they get better. The alchemist left Santiago alone because every persons journey is an individual one no one can help you realize your own dreams. 4) Earlier in the story, the alchemist told Santiago when you possess great treasures within you, and try to tell others of them, rarely are you believed. At the end of the story, how does this simple lesson change Santiagos life? How does it acquire him back to the treasure he was looking for? When Santiago encountered the thieves, he told them the truth, and they didnt believe him, which saved his life. This quote from earlier in the book was mentioned, about how people become more skeptical when they are older Everyone, when they are young, knows what their Personal Legend is. At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them tha t it will be impossible for them to realize their Personal Legend. 1) What is interpersonal chemistry? What processes were involved? Who performed it and why? Who were the famous alchemists of the medieval period?Alchemy (the munificent Art, or Great Work), a form of wild thought, is perhaps best know as attempting to turn base metals into gold, and for onerous to discover a cure for diseases and a way of extending the human life span. The word interpersonal chemistry comes from the Arabic word al-kimia. It is in fact a system of thought, related to broad disciplines including natural doctrine, medicine, astrology, metallurgy, and hermetic thinking. The name alchemy is largely known to the west today due to its connection with the philosophy that surfaced in 12th century Europe via contacts with the Arabic world.But the sketch of alchemy and alchemical substance processes seems to be quite universal, with some evidence of it from antediluvian patriarch India, China, Persia, Egypt, and others, describing specific experiments with mercury, salt, and sulphur, etc. Transmutation, or change from one state of existence into another, is a key concept in Alchemy for example, the process for lead to change into gold, or, for someone to go from a state of sickness to health, or from old age back to youth again (the philosophers stone of life).The transmutation of metals was to be accomplished by a specific demolish or elixir, often called the Philosophers pock, which would cause the changes to occur. The alchemists, after a involved examination of natural processes and the secrets of nature, arrived at a view that involved both polarities of nature one being mercury, the volatile intellect, and the other, sulphur, connected with the soul. Paracelsus added a one-third principle, salt, which as a solid, corresponds to that of the body. To the alchemist, these Paracelsian Tria Prima are not only chemical substances, but spiritual forces.The qualities of heat , dryness, coldness and moisture were, according to Aristotle, joined with the major materia to develop into the four elements. Alchemy has been practiced for centuries by mainly chemists for the drive that they wanted to discover the relationship of man to the cosmos and take value of that relationship to the betterment of mankind and to find the philosophers stone, an elusive substance that was believed to make possible the mental institution of an elixir of immortality and the transmutation of common substances into gold. In centre of attention Ages alchemy was used as a tool in publicity of medicine.Zosimus, Geber, Albertus Magnus, Paracelsus Isaac Newton, Roger Bacon and St. Thomas Aquinas were the famous alchemists of the medieval period. 2) Research the Philosophers Stone and the Elixir of Life. The philosophers stone or stone of the philosophers (Latin lapis philosophorum) is a fabled alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals (lead, for example) i nto gold (chrysopoeia) or silver. It was also sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. For many centuries, it was the nearly sought-after goal in Hesperian alchemy.The philosophers stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing god at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. Efforts to discover the philosophers stone were known as the Magnum physical composition (Great Work). The philosophers stone has been attributed with many mystical and magical properties. The most commonly mentioned properties are the ability to transmute base metals into gold or silver, and the ability to heal all forms of illness and prolong the life of any person who consumes a small part of the philosophers stone.Other mentioned properties include creation of perpetually burning lamps, transmutation of common crystals into precious stones and diamonds, reviving of dead plants, creation of flexible or malleable glass, or the creation of a clone or homunculus. The philosophers stone is fashiond by the alchemical method known as The Magnum Opus or The Great Work. Often expressed as a series of color changes or chemical processes, the instructions for creating the philosophers stone are varied.When expressed in colors, the work may pass through phases of nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo. When expressed as a series of chemical processes that includes 3 stages multiplication, and projection. The elixir of life, also known as elixir of immortality and sometimes equated with the philosophers stone, is a legendary/mythical potion, or drink, that when drank from a trustworthy cup, at a certain time, grants the drinker eternal life and/or eternal youth. Many alchemists chased it. The elixir of life was also said to be able to create life.It is related to the myths of Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus, both of whom in various tales are said to have drunk the white drops (liquid gol d) and thus achieved immortality. It is mentioned in one of the Nag Hammadi texts. Comte de St. Germain, an eighteenth century nobleman of uncertain origin and mysterious capabilities, was also reputed to have the Elixir and to be several hundred years old. Many European recipes specify that elixir is to be stored in clocks to amplify the make of immortality on the user. Frenchman Nicolas Flamel was also a reputed creator of the Elixir.

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Pothole and Roads

Ever took a drive around Fayetteville? Avoiding pothole is a challenge these days. Driving down 71st and School these days is a nightmare. Repaving the roadstead in Fayetteville would be a big enthronement in m either another(prenominal) ways, not only would it improve the townsfolks look, but it would also make it safer for the biotic corporation members to drive on the roads. Fayetteville corporation members lead be those in the shutdown to put out the money for these potholes be bm they do damage to car.As Experts say discredited roads lead to damaged cars, so motorists collectively end up paying billions of dollar to repair their cars, all because almost cities arent spend the money to repair their roads (Leamy and Weber, Par. 15). According to Midweek Ball estimates that virtually pothole damage runs between $800 and $1,200 for repairs, which will always include refreshed parts and front-end alignment. (Pelusa, par. 8) As Joe Platt puts it, We should not have to pay one much penny for our roads (Letters to the Editor, Letter 2), which is understand able in clip like these, but sadly the statistics show that we will put more money out in damage repair on our car then we would be putting out in taxes. Hitting pothole have a very large and harsh impact on out car, and over time it really going to do some damage. (Leamy and Weber, Par. 14)Fixing our road would save the city of Fayetteville from a possible lawsuit of any kind, these potholes is a danger to the members of this town. the democracy of California paid $1 million to the family of a San Francisco motorcyclist who died after strike a pothole (Leamy and Weber, Par. 10). Also, in the state of Indiana a woman suffered serve head injuries after hitting a pothole (Leamy and Weber, Par. 10). This goes to show that this can happen to a Fayetteville community member as well, and this alone should make cities want to repave the roads. Sometimes, though, your vehicle fitting cant protect you from serious accidents when hitting a terrible pothole. Another reason to fix our road is those potholes are really innervation to drive over every day.According to the article Potholes Cost Drivers Millions in simple machine Repairs Gary Richard, a transportation reporter at the San Jose Mercury News, said readers grunt all the time that potholes drive them nuts (Leamy and Weber, par. 11). I know that every driver has hit their share of pot holes On the other hand, you whitethorn believe that repaving the road would be too much money, raise our taxes and, cause detour and traffic jams. These are all understandable reason of doubt but in the end extra taxes, money, and traffic is all cost the smooth and safer roads.According to Midweek car damage from pothole, include hole in the sidewall of the tire, tire knocked from rim, cracks or entire hunks knocked out of an aluminum alloy rims, prisonbreak damage, damage to lower control arms and trailing arms (Pelusa, par. 12). on that point are many sign of pothole damage such as pulling to one side while driving, stirring wheel waggle or shimmy, vibrations on the floorboard, rubbing or grinding (Pelusa, par. 12). So in the end a little extra money on the roads can save us from spending more money on our cars. Plus the traffic is only a temporary deal that will clear up.Thus all these problems are worth it when it comes down to protecting our community members and their cars. Its time to start looking at potholes in a different way, especially when driving over one. I hope this root has been informative and persuasive because our roads are the number one pack in this town and many other. New road would make our town look better as well and it not very appealing to visitor of Fayetteville when they see our roads. Covering potholes helps us save on unnecessary care repair, making it the best way to save. Though it is an expensive investment for the city and it members, it still worth every penny.

Age-Related Changes that Occur in the Cardiovascular System Essay

The title page introducing what subject I am supply on presenting to the re officents of the independent living facility. It tells them who I am and what subject is cosmos presented. The residents that I am going to be addressing ar wellnessy, active and mentally alert senior who want to learn to a greater extent(prenominal) about health conditions that argon affecting their age group in general and are of major c erstrn. slither 2 Homeostasis is the equilibrium of the automobile trunk.Homeostasis is maintained by the brace of our vital signs to keep us on an even keel. The definition of Homeostasis is, Homeostasis is the wages of the vital signs to regulate the malls ocellus flow and maintain relaxation within the body (Jenkins, Kemnitz, & Tortora 2010). The autonomic system and its branches keep the body moving and functioning. Like these teeter-totters the parasympathetic and the sympathetic move oppose of severally a nonher(prenominal), but keep a slow steady rhyt hm and unneurotic they mesh as a whole. steal 3 The fight or flight dilemma. The fight stance is pretty self-explanatory these are observable effects wish pupils dilated, neck and shoulders stiffen up or tense, federal agency pain or palpations, mouth discharge get very teetotal or cotton mouth, these are just much or less of the examples of signs and symptoms that an individual give the sack experience. The flight stance is more hidden and not necessarily place by the patient or doctor until the more noticeable symptoms are visible. slightly of the hidden symptoms back tooth be, but not limited to billet pressure preempt get higher to a dangerous level, more adrenalin is released into the individuals system, liver produces more glucose to give energy to the muscles, and the digestion system provide slow or stop completely. skid 4 around of the side effects from medication or treatments can be uncomfortable and more severe than the symptoms of the condition that is being treated. Looking on the brighter side is that once the medication or treatments are manageable the medication is controlling the condition, than bearing can get covert to normal except for some carriage style changes.Diet and exercise can be the most forceful changes, and the hardest to comply with. If an individual has never exercised much and has lived on fast food, eating healthy and increasing activity besides sitting in expect of the television can be the most challenging. Slide 5 A hypertensive feeling has thickened ventricular walls which turn the heart work harder to pump the profligate throughout the body. When the walls thicken, the elasticity is decreases and the heart and other systems necessitate to work harder to pump oxygenated blood throughout the body.Any condition that affects the oxygenated blood from flowing through the heart can cause the ventricular walls to thicken. As we age our blood pressure increases, age, ethninticity, weight, and genetics can play a role in a hypertensive heart condition. Slide 6 Hypertension is some durations call, The Silent Killer (www. medicinenet. com 2013). Hypertension usually does not submit any symptoms and puts a lot of accent mark on other major organs which over time lead start to deteriorate.Some side- affects that can impact quality of life are sexual dysfunction, injection, heart disease, kidney disease, and neurological problems. Sexual dysfunction is usually more noticeable and cranky to men. nitty-gritty disease can lead to other heart related problems, like heart attack (MCI), stroke (CVA), and congestive heart bereavement (CHF). Slide 7 After the diagnosis of hypertension, the physician and individual will work on a plan to manage the hypertension. Most of the time this includes medication, low fat, low sodium diet and exercise.This will include some changes in your familys life to. Our society functions on fast food, and not enough education on the right foods to eat. Ex ercise can be as little as walking around the block or as much as working out at the gym several times a week. Blood pressure ineluctably to be interpreted every time there is a doctors appointment and sometimes it should be Slide 8 Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is caused from a waxy substance building up in the coronary arteries called plaque. Blood is slowed because of the plaque blocking the arteries and slowing the blood flow.sometimes the plaque can disengage and cause a blood congest that if not detected and treated can cause a stroke or heart attack. The lack of oxygen-rich blood to the heart and major arteries over time will cause organ to deteriorate and healthy weave and muscles will start to die. Acting quickly is the key in recovering from a heart attack or not surviving. Some symptoms can include chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Men largely have classic signs of a heart attack women can have other symptoms that are not classic symptoms , like lower back pain, and even neck pain.Slide 9 Heart attacks can be caused from medication (legal and illegal), stress, diet, generational, exposure to organic cold weather, and cigarette smoking. Drugs and alcohol when taken in large quantities can be damaging to body when not prescribed for a treated condition. Narcotics, over-the-counter, cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, alcohol, even medication for certain conditions if taken differently than prescribed can do harm to the heart and body. Slide 10 Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is the leading cause for hospitalisation in individuals over the age of 65 years old.The heart needs to work harder to pump oxygen-rich blood through the body. The myocardiums thickened walls make the heart work harder to pump blood. The heart may pump more freely to hold more blood or stiffen and season as time goes on. Slide 11 Some of the symptoms of congestive heart failure is kidneys start retaining water and salt, edema in the legs, ankles , arms and feet. The lungs can start retaining fluid to. More weight from the excess of fluid puts stress on the heart, shortness of breath and more exertion on activity. Slide 12 Myocardial Infarction (MCI) is the medical term for heart attack.Some of the symptoms can include seizures, dizziness, fainting, fainting, chest pain or discomfort and extreme fatigue. The person may experience the heart racing really fast, like if they ran a marathon, but were sitting down and relaxing. If the individual has unexplained family deaths at an early age can put them in a higher-risk category. Slide 13 This slide is a picture depicting what might lead in a heart attack. A blood clot can dislodge and move through the blood stream until it blocks oxygen-rich blood from reaching the heart or major organ, or it completely blocks the pathway of blood flow.If not treated immediately, it can lead to tissue and muscles becoming shamed or dying all completely and then death. References Jenkins, Kemi ntz, Tortora (2010) Anatomy and Physiology. posterior Wiley and Sonc Inc. Kulik. (2013, April). www. medicinenet. com. Retrieved from Myocardial Infarction www. medicinenet. com Ladwig, A. a. (2014). Nursing Diagnosis Handbook. Mosby by Elsevier Inc. National misfortune Association. (2012). After Stroke. Effects of Strokes, www. stroke. org. Potter, P. S. (2012). Fundamentals of Nursing. St. Louis Mosby an imprint by Elsevier Inc .

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Heritage Assessment Essay

What is a hereditary pattern assessment? A inheritance assessment is a subpart to the overall c atomic number 18 for assessment. Assessing a patients inheritance allows the nurse to obtain much knowledge about a patients culture, including beliefs about wellness and values, this is important to providing cultural wellness care. Ones heritage includes information about their cultural beliefs and practices of the family and ethno religious familiarity (Jarvis, C. , 2012).Through a heritage assessment the nurse can obtain a vast measuring of information about the patient/ family, including and not limited to, where ancestors were born, how many siblings they have, if the family originated in another country, how often time is spent with family, religion, if the patient prefers the caller of people with the same values and religion or ethnic background, what typecast of foods the patient prepares, and the patients native language.This paper will reason what the reason learned from complementary a heritage assessment tool, the service program of a heritage assessment tool when assessing a patient/ family/ community as a whole. This paper will likewise compare the health traditions of three different families (and cultures) to include, health maintenance, health protection, and health restoration, while identifying ballpark traditions based on the authors heritage. What the families ascribe their traditions to will also be discussed.To begin, what was learned from the heritage assessment tool and why it is expedient to apply a heritage assessment in evaluating the unavoidably of a whole person should be discussed. Useful information and insight was gained from completing the heritage assessment tool. Once complete, there were lots of negative responses noted, meaning, the author has very little identification with her traditional heritage. It should not be presume that everyone identifies with their traditional heritage this could in turn result in the spoken language of poor health care and/ or statement.If you are not already familiar with your beliefs and practices the heritage assessment tool is very helpful in getting you there, and helping you learn more about what heritage is. When evaluating the needs of a whole person a heritage assessment is reclaimable and necessary. One of the most important reasons that a heritage assessment is reclaimable is because it helps practitioners in providing culturally appropriate health care. Discovering what cultures and beliefs you are facing by means of appropriate assessment is very important.The culturally competent nurse moldinessiness have knowledge in four areas (1) your own personal heritage (which one can discover through the heritage assessment tool), (2) the heritage of the nursing profession, (3) the heritage of the health care system, and (4) the heritage of the patient (utilization of a heritage assessment tool is also helpful). Throughout nursing education vari ous types of physical examination and assessments are learned, including, health history, mental health assessment, and nutritional assessment.However, depending on the patients heritage the information you join forces may vary widely, therefore a heritage assessment must be an integral part of a complete physical and health assessment (Jarvis, C. , 2012). Next, health traditions will be discussed. Health traditions vary greatly amongst different cultures. The three areas to be discussed for the purpose of this paper are health maintenance (how families maintain health and prevent illness) health protection (what measures are taken to protect the body from illness) and health restoration (what is done to fixate the body o the prior level of functioning after an illness). tierce families from different cultures were interviewed about the three areas mentioned. The cultural backgrounds included that of the author (African American), Mexican American, and Caucasian American. The find ings of the interviews are identified in the table below (information including but not limited to what is listed). These families of different cultures ascribed their health traditions to different things.The African American family states that their health traditions are passed down by elders (grandparents), of both sexes. The Mexican American family ascribes their traditions to the women of the family, stating that it is a female responsibility to pass down traditions regarding heath. The Caucasian American family states that they received their knowledge of health from what is or has been proved by science, and commonly each mother of the household is responsible for the health of the family.

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Mrs. Walters

end-to-end my stay my mom was consistently dirty, and the bathroom fixtures were rusty. Additionally, I had to beg uninfected towels each evening of my stay. To make matters worse, the casino was extremely loud and the unison did not stop until 3 A. M. I complained to the Front Desk Manager, Rail Rodriguez, and pass on another room but was told there were no other live available. No one from the hotel addressed my concerns and I was told repeatedly that housekeeping had been alerted to my complaints. despite my repeated complaints, my room was never properly cleaned and was never furnished with new-fashioned towels.Because of the casino noise, I was unable to sleep comfortably for two darknesss. Hence, my season spent In Puerco Rice was nerve-wracking. The cost of a room with a king sized bed and an ocean view, at the time of my booking, was $xcl per night and I stayed for 3 nights. In Dalton, a resort give of 20% was added to my bill. As this accommodation was prepaid thr ough expelled. Com, I was told that I could not request a refund at the hotel. Considering that I make several complaints that were documented and showed diligence In walling for the situations to be Improved, I am writing to request that I be refunded the cost of my accommodation.The customer table service for this branch needfully to be Improved. The Front Desk Manager should be much sensitive to the needs of your guests. Additionally, housekeeping routines should be consistent. It Is extremely distressing for a traveler to experience such poor service. With this In mind, I reckon It only reasonable for your company to refund the cost for my stay at you San Juan hotel. Sincerely, Mrs.. Walters By email&160protected Com San Juan, Puerco Rice, 00785 I am a frequent traveler but this is the first time I have stayed in your San Juan hotel. two nights. Hence, my time spent in Puerco Rice was nerve-wracking.The cost of a per night and I stayed for 3 nights. In addition, a resort c harge of was added to my bill. As this accommodation was prepaid through expedited. Com, I was told that I that were documented and showed patience in waiting for the situations to be improved, I am writing to request that I be refunded the cost of my accommodation. The customer service for this branch needs to be improved. The Front Desk Manager routines should be consistent. It is extremely distressing for a traveler to experience such poor service. With this in mind, I work out it only reasonable for your company to

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American Women and Community

Prior to Aug. 26, 1920 women in the join States could not get in in the representative attend to. Following the accomplished War, the Statesn women wanted to have much input into the decisions that would furbish up their lives. In order for women to gain voting groups across the nation had to gather unitedly and create a unified labour for change. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848, the origin figureal conference for womans balloting, challenged America to a revolution that would endure for to a greater extent than than seven decades before women actually were apt(p) the accountability to vote.Convened by Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott, the conventions aim was to authorize women and invoke change through ballot for women. Since the Civil War women had begun to feel the accept to represent themselves and be able to participate in the decision making process which would affect their daily lives. The catalyst for this company was the World Anti-Slavery Conven tion held in 1840 in London and attended by an American delegation which included a numeral of women. In attendance were Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who were forced to model in ther galleries as observers because they were women.This poor give-and-take did not rest well with these women of industrial thoughts, and it was decided that they would hold their own convention to discuss social, civilised and religious rights of women, (, 2008, 3). The partnership of women who gathered in 1848 faced their first challenge in 1869 when the 15th amendment, which drawn-out the right to vote to African-American men, was introduced and passed. During the civil contend, womens vote was eclipsed by the war effort and movement for the abolition of slavery. piece annual conventions were held on a ceaseless basis, there was much discussion plainly little action.Activists such as slave-born Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B Anthony lectured and petitioned the g overnment for the emancipation of slaves with the belief that, erstwhile the war was over, women and slaves alike would be allow the same rights as white men. At the end of the war, however, the government saw the suffrage of women and that of the Negro as two demote issues and it was decided that the Negro vote could garden truck the immediate political gain, particularly in the South, that the womens vote could not, (, 2008, 6). Some women mat up that they should support the 15th amendment as a victory which would bring women one whole tone closer to voting. This faction of womens suffrage supporters believed that after black men gained the right to vote there would be no barriers preventing women from gaining that right as well. Yet otherwise faction felt that they could not plump for the amendment until they had been granted the right themselves. Two groups emerged, the bailiwick cleaning lady Suffrage Association and charwomans Suffrage Association. Both groups work ed toward suffrage as well as securing post rights for married women and other institutional changes.Following the Civil War, womens study groups flourished. These groups gave women access to teaching and an intellectual forum. By the early 20th century communication was also more effective and women across the nation had more experiences and were generally better prepared to invent themselves, (Bauer, 1999). However, this was also a quiet quantify for the suffrage movement. It was not until 1914 when a junior generation of women began to hold street presentations, parades and other activism stunts to gain attention. In 1915 the National Womans Party formed and began to beseech against the party in power, (Bauer).At this age women were beingness arrested for their action and in jail about were mistreated. The mistreatment of women gained much attention creating public discernment for the suffragists. Although World War I slowed the progress of suffrage by 1919 women the 1 9th amendment was officially passed. By Aug. 26, 1920 then President Woodrow Wilson approved the amendment allowing women to enter the polls for the first time in the United States. References (2008). The History of Womens Suffrage. History . Retrieved from www. history. com Bauer, H. (1999). The Priviledge for Which We Struggled. Minnesota Minnesota diachronic Society Press.

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Hofstede Canada vs Japan Essay

laissez faire vs CollectivismIn result this dimension deals with the family relationship between the item-by-item and the joints in a abandoned federation. It is reflected in the way in which lot bide together. For ex deoxyadenosine monophosphatele, nuclear families, hugen families, tribes and other bigger communities. It directly effects plentys values and behaviours. In some agricultures separateism is some date to be sought after b arly in others it is seen as alienation.CanadaCanada has a rank of 80 in this dimension which is its naughtyest draw by a considerable margin of 28. Their smart set expects people to look after themselves and their contiguous family. These values in atomic consequence 18 business line with my own Irish values but we generally go one gain and include extended family members in this hold up such as cousins, aunts and uncles by credit line or marriage. Likewise in a business environment employees ar expect to take initiative and be sovereign without constant supervision. Where hiring and promotion decisions are touch assessments are based on the separates accolades and capabilities. It is central to note that Canadian employees result be expected to be able to hunt on laissez-faire(a) tasks as wholesome as conference projects.The vast majority of Canadians as well as other capitalist position speaking countries such as Ireland, Australia, bracing Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States amaze individualism ranked first. Financial roughly of all but most successes are a measure of person-to-person strainment. Canadians are generally confident and open to hold forth general topics however their private personal matters are only up for give-and-take with their closest friends and family members. The predominately French speaking duty of Quebec holds different views than the rest of Canada. This fall outs to tension between and their English speaking coun gaugemen. Quebecers tend to be more(prenominal) than private and speechless. Ethnocentrism is prevalent in Canada but particularly in Quebec. lacquer lacquer has a score of 46 on the Hofstedes individualism dimension. Japan has m any(prenominal) qualities of a incorporated society and indeed in popularly classify as one, when in fact it piles in the middle. It prioritised harmonies relations over an individuals need to express themselves and has a great sense of shame for losing face. This beingness said it is not as collective as its Chinese and Korean neighbours as they do not maintain extended families to the same extent.Japan has a paternalistic society where assets are inherited from sustain to eldest son dapple the remain siblings are left to their own devices, do their own nourishment with their core families. A more recent write up by Woodring1 found that Nipponese students are scored higher(prenominal)(prenominal) on individualism and lower on power distance than Hofstedes true s aden inele. This was ascribable to their age, according to Woodring. The findings suggest that Japanese college students value individualism and equality more than the rest of their society. Hofsedes longitudinal study showed that national wealth and individualism are related. Japan has the worlds leash largest economy2, so it is no surprise that Japanese society is changing in this way.In fact a recent Japanese term shin jin rui literally heart and soul parvenue human beings has developed to run 25 year olds and younger by their elders. They are thought to be selfish, egoistic and disrespectful of elders and traditions3. Japanese society could be regarded as paradoxical as it is both individualist and collective depending on the given situation. For example Japanese employees are notable for their company the true but loyalty is something they choose for themselves which is a individualistic characteristic. Japanese society is collective by Canadian and indeed Irish standards bu t individualist by the rest of Asias standards.Individualism vs Collectivism impact on Decisions reservationThis mostly effects the motivations of a decision. individual societies are motivated by personal success and make their decisions according. They endlessly nerve-wracking to climb the corporate ladder and achieve a higher standard of living for themselves and their immediate family. Meanwhile in collective societies they prioritise their decisions for good of the group higher up their own personal goals. In a business context collective societies go out utilisation better in groups with people they have a personal relationship with. While individualist societies can work well as individuals and in groups with people they do not know. This allows for quicker decision making but not intimate a colleague on a personal aim may lead to less active participation. Collective genius takes more quantify but more options are analysed in more understanding which in some ci rcumstances is more effective but less time efficient. doubt schemeUncertainty quashance indicates how threatened a society will be by ambiguous contexts and the spirit level to which it will attempt to avoid these situations by not tolerating deviant ideas or behaviours, and a belief in absolute truths4. This ambiguity leads to anxiety. Different cultures manage this anxiety in different airs. A High Uncertainty evasion ranking indicates the country has a low tolerance for question and ambiguity. This creates a rule-oriented society that implements laws, rules, regulations, and controls in order avoid indecision. A Low Uncertainty Avoidance ranking indicates the country is less sick about doubt and is more agreeable taking into account a wide variety of views and opinions. This is mirrored in a society that is less strictly regulated, accepts flip-flop quicker, and takes more and great risks.JapanJapan, with a score of 92, is one of the most doubtfulness avoiding place s on earth. This is thought to be due to Japans ever present threat of innate(p) disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and volcanic eruptions. whitethorn 2011s tsunami is a testament to this with a remnant toll of yet under 16 thousand. The Japanese have learned to entrap themselves all aspects of bearing and not just emergencies. From start to finish Japanese life is extremely organised by Canadian standards, with many tradition ceremonies such as opening and closing events for schools. These are performed in very much the same manner throughout Japan. Detailed etiquette books are addressable outlining proper behavioural practises and dress for important events such as weddings and funerals.In the Japanese business world, vast amounts of time are invested into feasibility studies. All risk factors must(prenominal) be precisely analysed in advance any project gets the go ahead. Managers will swear on and indeed expect expand facts and figures before committing to any decision. This need to designer and approved practises makes introducing change difficult.CanadaWith a score of 48 Canada is considerable more uncertainty pass judgment than Japan. They readily accept bran-new ideas, innovative products and have an enthusiasm to try new or different things whether its new technology, products or business practices. They are accepting of ideas and opinions from people on any level of a business which allows freedom of vista and upward and downward communication. Canadian culture is not rule orientated as Japan is but they tend to be less emotional expressive than cultures mark higher on the dimension.Canada uncertainty dodging is fragmented somewhat. The British capital of South Carolina saving is viewed as the Western Frontier while Quebecers are much more reserved and reluctant to change. Traditionally British Columbias economy was based on exploiting natural resources such as mining, pound and fishing. Due to a change in the global economy in the mid-nineties it shifted to a more entrepreneurial, innovative blood-and-guts economy. Innovation is the product of entrepreneurship which is directly tie in to lower uncertainty escape5.In may of 2002, the University of British Columbia studied entrepreneurial action in B.C. and compared it to other Canadian provinces.6 Their research showed that the province of B.C. is ready for greater entrepreneurial activity but that over-regulation may be stunting entrepreneurial activity in the province. During the late 1990s the number of new business starts in B.C. was higher than the Canadian national average. Thus, it shows lower uncertainty avoidance in B.C.Uncertainty avoidance impact on decision makingThis directly impacts decision making as it relates to risk taking and preparation in every form. A high mark uncertainty avoidance country such as Japan actively makes decisions to constantly avoid risk. Decisions are only do after lengthy considerations with all p at possibilities careful considered before action is taken. It was be advantage of being better communicate but the disadvantage of being time consuming. Whereas in a country with a low uncertainty avoidance score such as Canada decisions are may much quicker with less considers and options accounted for before taking the plunge. This is a high risk, high reward strategy which can work well given the right entrepreneurial skills. Both nations could learn from each other, making reasonable quick decisions with the best breeding given time constraints.Bibliographyhttps// lulu?a=v&q= marrow/51/1-2/59.full.pd f+htmlhttp// Consequences Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations by By Geert H. Hofstede.

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Individual Privacy vs National Security Essay

IntroductionSince the curseist bam of 9/11, the earths has been in a high level conflict with terrorist rough the world, mappingicularly the group k promptlyn as Al Qaeda. There has been m both(prenominal) discussions deep down the U.S. coitus nearly the measures of how to in effect beleaguer this organization and their members, here and a bounteous. Consequently, the issue of single(a) retirement vs. subject auspices measures has generated discussions inside the advantageously-be watchdian and g everywherenment sectors. To date, the discussions continues with m whatsoever reclusive citizens who feels they ar constantly losing their hiding , when go out it end, and how yearn pass on it continue. In this report, it lead discuss where lone stock certificatess issues began and where the overt clear item-by-item retirement vs. guinea pig prep argon dearive c everywhere come together in its nigh juvenile guild.Do the customary afford to total governm ental control, or do they propose continued debate in the nations affect of the matter warranter process. There be unendingly dickens sides of a story, the pros and cons, the laurels and pit go, or the easily and the bad, and for the mankind, it has to decide which side in altogether(prenominal) of these is the honorable side it feels is the surpass possible side to be on. unmatched reach, field hostage is decided by the government to cherish its citizens, by the measures it countersinks into frame it feels is necessary, and what duration these measures result be in effect. On the opposite hand, the level of credential and prophyl bendic is repose without discrimination to all(prenominal).This results in the dilemma of the battle between various(prenominal) retirement versus guinea pig affair protection issues, that ar essential to the soulfulness, the populace, and government. The Claim What unknowiveness should an mortal lose to protect against t errorist because It en blasphemes society a level of feeling protected by the protections in place. The man digestnister scarce stay fresh a hold of condom by giving up a degree of covert to governmental agencies in order to protect this elementary privation and it is a affair get through to confide up a veritable keep down of solitude, that non complete silence. plea of ClaimThe simplyification of the claim is that it is heady and the right of the public to debate the process of secrecy, which the public has come to rely on for umpteen years. as yet though special nether the spirit, privacy rights and case credentials is important to the countrys citizens on all levels of government. The Bill of Rights is the ara where citizens rights argon specified, and over the years of war, and specifically afterward 9/11, citizens form seen and felt an wear of their rights. physical compositional protections of individual rights non expressed specifically by the Bill of Rights is organism at best controversial, (Linder 2012a). Many originalists, including nigh famously Judge Robert Bork in his unlucky independent Court confirmation hearings, guard argued that no much(prenominal)(prenominal) general right of privacy exists.The Supreme Court, however, beginning as early as 1923 and continuing acquiree its recent decisions, has broadly read the autonomy guarantee of the Fourteenth Amendment to guarantee a bonnyly broad right of privacy that has come to encompass decisions astir(predicate) baby bird rearing, procreation, marriage, and termination of medical treatment. Polls lay out close Ameri tushs support this broader reading of the Constitution, (Linder 2012b). looking forward downstairs this decision, each citizen relies on its government to maintain a bazar level of protection and certification as well as maintaining a equilibrise level of privacy. The justification for this claim shows how the rights of individua ls is a must(prenominal)iness, within the American society, comp ared to the case surety of the countrys territory and a balanced approach it must give to its people within previous rulings. soul privacy vs. National protective cover measures subsequently 9/11 a set of natural equitys was set in place to protect us from Terrorism and terrorist claps and placed under a in the buff governmental act called the nationalist diddle. With the past occurrences of 9/11, with the airlines planes crashing into the opposite number towers in New York City, and the Pentagon, it was non grueling to convince the public this action was not dealed. The residing administration presented stacks of follow-up attacks to Congress from experts and turnedicials on a daily ass with grim pictures or scenarios of possible attacks on nuclear facilities, schools, shopping centers, and  otherwises alike, that the public precept measures in place as satisfactory and adequate, (Downing 2008a) . Downing save put ups Americans devote seen their privacy and other rights curtailed in previous wars but the present-day privations are unfounded completely in the duration of these rights. Just how long will the duration of war on terrorism and rights last, it has already lasted longer than any other US wars.Further sources of adjoin to the public, are the comfortable array of devices and techniques of the government, much(prenominal) as im foundd computer course of instructions, databases, and watch gear, never ahead used in previous wars and never devoted as resources to any state or its partners. What if any remedies are there in the semipolitical system in the privacy of individuals versus national gage protections and concerns? The courts guide narrowed aside most of the concerns, but the bulk of these force-outs, more of them are still persisting. Congress has been hesitant to vivify passing the patriot trifle and its follow-ups, due to fear of organis m label unpatriotic, but also for fear of universe blamed for further terror attacks. So far, no president or presidential candidate will probably attempt to waste for the pur take care of the Committee on the public safety devicety, nor hardly mention future day changes. loneliness, like its colleague individualism, has been in decrease anyway putting up except token resistance here and there against jalopy society, a corporate- ground economy, and relent slight(prenominal) bureaucratization.So perhaps the war on terror commands us to bid a untoughened adieu to privacy and send it absent to government bureaus for safe memory. They broke it, its theirs (Downing, 2008b) cor serve to laws enacted by the government after recent terrorist activities, it has the right to eavesdrop on telecommunicate communications, monitor online communications of suspects, and incorporate superin melt downence on anyone it feels is a threat. With recent attacks upon American soil and t he loss of thousands of lives, law enforcement agencies turn in asked for broader and pervasive laws to counter hostage challenges. or so shit asked if these changes will impact the privacy of its citizens, and indeed over the years, history has shown the rights and liberties of citizens have been curtailed and in some instances revoked completely. One example, during world War II 120,000 Japanese Americans were coerce into internment camps.Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there a harmonization-of-laws guarantee, by rendering (An localisement of differences and inconsistencies among the difference of measurements, methods, procedures, schedules, specifications, or systems to shoot them uniformed to or mutually harmonious with). In 1803 Chief John marshall utter in his opinion Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what the law is. 2003 Tracy Mitrano Marshall also declared, that settling the duties of inconsistencies, disharmonizations, and contradictions falls to the duties of the Court, which in its practices, heart and soul that more such problems whitethorn go un distributeed for years and some of the controversies whitethorn never be resolved. Complications and constitutive(a)ly are thought of as checks and balances, and the cost of checks and balances systems are weighed in mix-up and consternation and capricious that have the dash of resolving conflicts once and for all. Before we go deeper into the analysis of the statute law, lets contemplate the fol freeze slays terms of privacy and security.The American Heritage Dictionary defines privacy as secluded from sight, presence or intrusions of others, moderate to one person. There are those who have pointed out that nowhere in the constitution the word privacy come alongs. The word security comes from the Latin word Securus, meaning carefree. Definitions of security begin with freedom from danger, risk, harm, etc. No matter what measures are interpre ted to range security, no one should think the expiry would mean complete freedom. Notice how the interpretation of the word security, implies that its function is as the means to quality, freedom, no less and not as an end to itself, as balance is the key. The American history provides us a mixture of examples of how that balance has shifted over time. The Alien and revolution wagers of the 1790s were the outgrowth example of a national law believed to have thrown off the balance in favor of security over well-mannered liberties, figureed to privateness and weaken the Democratic-Republican Party by the national Party. To protect the innovative United States from an loth(p) French Revolutionary government as legal devices over the Naturalization exemplify, that rattling backfired, ensuring the Revolution of the 1800s to expire.This episode stands as a lesson of national legislative overreach-political impulses of legislation touted as patriotic and necessary for nat ional security, and the dissolving of the national official Party. The internment of the Japanese, frame the opposite of Roosevelts indispensability measures, which were the just about shameful of all mistaken emergency legislative measures. As in each case of emergency legislation that protects national security, it also curbs civic liberties and must be interpreted in mount of a very complex history. doings and organizations such as FERPA, HIPAA, and FSMA shares the purpose of preserving the privacy of demeans in keeping with the foundational tenents of fair- nurture practices. These fair- reading practices are as such are transparency, relevancy, the ability to correct records, institutional obligations to maintain records of disclosures and provide notice to subjects, and finally, the security of those records.transaction with paper records years ago, under FERPA regulations, colleges and universities now are struggling with the travail of saving electronic securit y up to the kindred level of confidentiality and availability. Due to the creation of IT security programs-which include policies, procedures, guidelines, risk estimate, and procreation/training-corresponds to new legal developments such as FMSA and HIPAA, which raises the weirdo of liability, legal requirements should also come as an encouragement for IT professionals. Intrusion-detection and -response plans require leadership, articulated practices, enforcement polices, and education within the campus communities, all of which relevant ironware and software as well as highly trained personnel to address these matters adequately and professionally.Sharing-of-information legislation, under national security, such as the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (the USA- nationalist Act) and the motherland Security Act pulls in a direction contrary to privacy legislation. It is the longest piece of legislat ion of emergency legislation, well over a cytosine pages, passed in the shortest time period, in all American history. It comes with three overall goals (1) to deepen government to government information share-out (by lifting regulations that had monitored law enforcement relations between federal, state and local authorities, (2) to stomach government superintendence and encourage private entities to share information with the government (by alleviating legal liability) and (3) create and amplify existing guilty law design to fight terrorism (by adding specific provisions and expanding the definition and exponents of existing legislation. So considerable is the reorganization of the federal government under this act , the implications have yet to be spelled out. only if there are cardinal are already along with, the pupil and Exchange Visitor Information carcass (SEVIS) program, which requires every college and university to report, maltreats and fraud crimes, spe cifically allowing the expiration penalty for any abuse, (i.e. hacking) that results in stern physical injury or death. The bit is the goal of the USA-nationalist Act-government watch and these two aspects of the fatherland Security Act have the nearly direct impact on eruditeness and look into, libraries, and IT resources in higher education. (Tracy Mitrano, 2003) Further in notations of privacy and national security, (Bajaj and Austen 28 kinsfolk 2010) report, the United States and law enforcement and security agencies have raised concerns with new proposals electronic powers to cutting off terrorist and criminals and unscramble their encrypted messages through e-mail and other digital communications. Officials from India have also stated they will seek greater approaching to encrypted data sent over general mesh sources such as Gmail, Skype and other sources such as private networks that allow users to bypass conventional promise line links or logging in to remote corporate computer systems. most have said that Indias consort to monitor data transmissions within their borders may hurt other important national security goals by attracting other globular businesses and becoming a hub for technology innovations. In another report by, (Kandra, Anne Brandt, Andrew Aquino, Grace Jan 2002) Federal legislation passed in October gave investigators more than tools for apprehending terrorists. Proponents of the law said it was needed to protect ourselves. Opponents said it will threaten our constitutional rights. But whatever position you take on these issues, it is important to know how the new laws will affect everyones lives online. They continue to report, the Patriot Act is complex and powerful, and it also broadens the definition of terrorism and increases the penalties for the crime of terrorism. Some of the more drastic changes in the law affect electronic superintendence. The act allows federal investigators to lend oneself more powerful tools to monitor phone calls, email messages, and tear down Web surfing. What are the implications of this new type of direction for your meshwork privacy? It is difficult to think exactly.The Patriot Act is vague on many key points, and understandably, law enforcement officials are not eager to show dilate about tools like the controversial Internet watch system, DCS1000 (and more commonly acknowledge by its previous raise, Carnivore). One of the biggest issues with Carnivore is that we dont surely know how it works, says Ari Schwartz, confederate director of the Center for Democracy in Technology, a nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C., that concentrate ones on preserving privacy and civil liberties on the Internet. What are the implications of this new type of surveillance for your Internet privacy? It is difficult to say exactly. The Patriot Act is vague on many key points, and understandably, law enforcement officials are not eager to show details about too ls like the controversial Internet surveillance system, DCS1000 (and more commonly recognized by its previous name, Carnivore).One of the biggest issues with Carnivore is that we dont really know how it works, says Ari Schwartz, associate director of the Center for Democracy in Technology, a nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on preserving privacy and civil liberties on the Internet. It is probably a fair judgement to say that joking when move an e-mail about planting a bomb is not very life-threatening idea these days, and researching biological terror techniques over the Internet is not conceivably a good idea which would also wedge suspicion. (Kandra et al., Jan 2002) Under the Patriot Act Amendments, the FERPA Act has a wellness and safety ejection. It is well known to pupils and administrators, who invoke it to look at a students record in the case where a student is missing and police hopes to find clues to the students disappearance from their e-mai l. The Patriot Act added a new terrorism exception design to protect the health and safety of everyone else. It is worth noting the broad definition of domestic garter terrorism, meaning activities that involve dangerous acts of human life, that are in violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any state, that appear to be mean to intimidate or coerce a civilian macrocosm or individuals, influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion , or affect the adopt of a government by good deal destruction, assassination, or kidnapping and occur to begin with within the United States.Within the head word of the Homeland Security act, its job is to bump around a significant amount of the federal law enforcement and immigration and naturalization bureaucratism under the roof of one cardinal agency, which grew out of concern that compartmentalization federal intelligence and law enforcement structures did not concede adequate study and intelligence and wa rning. The Homeland Security Act has already had a noticeable impact on immigration. The school-age child and Exchange Visitor Information brass (SEVIS) a mandatory government issued program that tracks the whereabouts of visiting foreign students attending colleges and universities. The creation is nothing new, as there were widespread disuse of bureaucratic disorganization from within the INS. The Patriot Act echoed the existing INS laws to require mandatory reporting and enforcement, and the Homeland Security Act passed on the baton. complaisant privacy legislation that includes security legislation such as FERPA, HIPAA, and FSMA should be the rule. National security information sharing and anti-terrorist legislation, such as the USA-PATRIOT Act and the Homeland Security Actshould be the exception. With the USA-PATRIOT Act divergence from usanceal constitutional standards, there have been many people who are concerned that the exceptions may soon swallow the rule. Tensio ns between these two types of legislations speaks to the more general concern of the American society at large, about a reduction of privacy overall, whether caused by changes in the law, in social norms, or in the very nature of information technologies. tear down today with new technology its task has big(p) and evolved in recent years, and over the past three decades, the challenges have grown to protect individual and ad hominem privacy, and to curb privacy violations. In general, several surveys and canvas that were taken seem to insinuate that the public feels there has been a loss of privacy and intrusions and the backdrop behind these new proposals could potentialityly impact privacy and civil liberties on a greater scale.Analysis from an honourable motive point of follow, there are major(ip) concerns under national debate on tensions between privacy and security. Below are the following measures of security being proposed and public, person-to-person and privacy i ssues under consideration. 1. Stricter security measures at airports, ports, points of interest in the U.S., and gathering places such as stadiums, and other large mass venue, (A) Extensive checks of baggage, personal searches and vehicles, (B) Intensive usage and immigration checks, (C) Restrictions within airport areas and received public places, (D) Additional spot searches and personal property checks in key public areas, (E) subjoind surveillance and monitoring of movements in key public areas.2. Detailed, accurate appointment and verification of identities and background,. (A) Mandatory issuance of national identity cards for all people, (B) Increase use of facial profiling systems for assessment of potential suspects. 3. Increased surveillance of all communities. (A) Monitoring via Internet (Carnivorewireless, wire-lines, satellite, etc., (B) Broader wiretapping powers, (C) Broader (and possible indefinite) detention, arrest, and summation seizure powers, (D) Authori ty for blanket searches, secret searches, (E) Website activity monitoring and data collection, (F) devil to personal and business records of all kinds. 4. Tighter immigration laws to screen immigrants/visitors more natively, (A) much thorough screening of credentials and backgrounds of visa applicants, (B) trailing of movements of immigrants and other visiting foreign nationals through databases. (Krishnamurthy, 2001a) CRITERIA FOR ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING (See additional charts gestateed down the stairs by Krishnamurthy).POSSIBLE ACTIONSThe proposed increases in security measures may be beneficial for the good of everyone if implemented in an impartial manner regardless to race, ethnicity, religion. duty and transparency in law enforcement procedures, peculiarly on privacy issues must continue to be preserved, in spite of recent attacks. The judicial system must be empowered to deal effectively with all abuses of proposed security measures with regards to protecting the cons titutional rights and liberties of all its citizens. It must also check over anyone accused has adequate legal copy and a fair chance to prove their innocence. Ensure that the current atmosphere of rich ethnic and cultural diversity purlieu of the country with one another is not compromised.1. Assess that this is a real and genuine problem we are facing.2. If so, can it be handled without impacting/violating privacy at all.3. If not, can it be handled by making it as less intrusive as possible. There are possibilities that additional lengthy investments for public cornerstone needed to be made nationally to expand capability of existing systems or newly incorporated systems to handle the challenges. 5. VIRTUES approach path GOALSA focus on individual development of virtuesA thoughtful reflexion on self-realization of human potential The developing virtuous habits and attitudes leading to ethical action throughout the communities.POSSIBLE ACTIONSAn assessment of whether the p roposed measures will reinforce positive virtues we hold important, such as our patriotism, self-sacrifice, compassion, patience and courage, or whether these options could harbor destructive traits leading to spectral in permissiveness, less compassion, racism, fear, and suspicion. To impress upon more consciousness through debates and discussions across the nation to order religion from universal human value of peaceful co-existence, mutual respect, and non-violence, and human dignity. To focus on cultivating tolerance, compassion and patience (Krishnamurthy, 2001c).The following abstract conditions shows and or explains further privacy and security issues since the terrorism of 9/11/2001 put in place as part of measures private citizens may need to become wonted(a) to in their part of loss of privacy rights in their security of national security. Security and Privacy later on September 11 The wellness direction Example overturnThe following member examines the collab oration between privacy and security in relations to the medical rule, issued in 2000 under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Studies shows that the HIPAA stands up well to concerns of post 9/11 era. Affairs about public safety are met by current provisions that permit revelations to protect national security, to react to emergency situations, and to respond to law enforcement investigations. The article examines in particular(a) detail the envisioned Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, sketched in the stir of the 2001 anthrax attacks.It has been argued by Professors Lawrence Gostin and James Hodge that this Act is justified by a new model of information sharing for medical information purposes. This article concludes that public health concerns are suitably addressed by the existing HIPAA rule, and that a model of information sharing sends completely the wrong planetary house about how the health system will handle issues of data privacy and s ecurity. More generally, the article investigates positions of security vs. privacy, where both values are antagonistic, and situations of security and privacy, where both values work together. (Swire and Steinfeld January 22, 2003) Civil Liberties vs. Security Public Opinion in the Context of the Terrorist Attacks on America AbstractThis abstract article discusses, in the tradition of research on political tolerance and parliamentary rights in context, this analysis uses a national survey of Americans directed soon after the September 11, 2001 attack on America to study peoples eagerness to trade off civil liberties for grander personal safety and security. We find that the larger peoples perception of threat, the lower their endorsement for civil liberties. This effect interrelates, however, with trust in government. The lower peoples trust in government, the less voluntary they will agree for a trade off of civil liberties for security, regardless of their perceptions of threat. It is known that African Americans are much less likely or willing to trade civil liberties for security than their counterparts of whites or Latinos, even with other circumstances taken into account.This may be their long-standing commitment of their struggles for human and civil rights. In matters of party issues, liberals may be less likely to trade off civil liberties than moderates or conservatives, but liberals tend to converge toward the position taken by conservatives when their sense of the threat of terrorism becomes high. term this is not a projection of the future, the results suggest that Americans commitment to democratic values is greatly dependent on other concerns and that the context of a wide-ranging threat to national or personal security can provoke a considerable formulation to give up rights. (Davis & Silver, 2003) wandering cameras as new technologies of surveillance? How citizens carry out the use of restless cameras in public nightscapesAbst ractIn surveillance studies victimization mobile camera technologies in public nightscapes, terms such as sousveillance and opposition surveillance define forms of surveillance that have a bottom-up and democratic character. On the other hand, in this paper this democratic notion is queried by looking into procedures and occurrences with both Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and mobile cameras by Dutch citizens. By superseding in the nightlife district of the Rotterdami city centre, data has been quiet on both mobile and CCTV camera confrontations.From this, an investigation is made into how mobile cameras are practiced in the Nightlife landscape. Comparing these practices with CCTV provides instinct into new surveillance issues that come into view due to the mobile camera. Analyzing surveillance technologies, provides potential as hybrid groups, that may take different shapes in different places, and allows for involvements that attempts to correct our perception of current ch anges in the surveillance technology landscape. (Timan & Oudshoorn, 2012)The Spy in the Cab The Use and Abuse of plug Cameras in San Francisco AbstractSince 2003 security cameras were require in San Francisco taxicabs. Their story has come to checker many features that are familiar to surveillance examinations. Their acceptability is explored of the trajectory using the concept of surveillance slack, and the stages and tensions where the line of use and abuse is has been drawn. The effectiveness of what the cameras are perceived to be doing, the integration of its use, and how the slackness or meanness of surveillance interacts in tension and conflicts. Since its first portal, the new technology initial chemical reaction was met with moral panic. This is just another segment of privacy intrusion in the name of national security, the public now must adapt to. (Anderson, 2012)These abstracts are the several indications of elements put into place after the 9/11 Terrorist atta cks in 2001. Privacy rights have eat at over the years since, by the US Government claims to protect its citizens. From cameras, in unseeable places, wire-tapping, and monitoring e-mail, and social sites, these are just a few of the acts we are controlled under. complimentary to say, we may never see these laws or acts diminish anytime soon, so it is better to adjust now, and band together before further intrusions are brought upon society.My assessment of the information taken from this report is that the privacy rights we hold as individuals within the country are vague, although most Americans seem to think their rights are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution . Although under the fourteenth Amendment a certain amount of rights has been guaranteed, even these rights can be limited by the powers of the U.S. Government, especially during a time of war, or other emerging acts. When you look at the broad powers of war, emergency acts, and even the powers that exists of the U.S. Cong ress, we can select any privacy we hold on-key(a) is basically up to the stageatives we elect to represent us. We as a people of the nation come together when there are disasters, and acts of terror, and differs on many policies of the day, but what we have as collected group is the power of vote, and this power is what we can use to help balance the power of our existing government.The research of this paper was conducted using various sites concerning a combination of privacy of individual citizens, versus the introduction of laws enacted by the US Government, since the terror attack of 9/11/2001. Taking in all the information collected, and analyzed, this report has been intended to show the privacy each citizen held before and after the attack. It comprised what the public has perceived as a given right, over what was actually allowed by law.ConclusionThe Claim What privacy rights should an individual lose to protect against terrorists? It gives society a level of feeling safe by the protections in place. The public can only maintain a limit of safety by giving up a degree of privacy to governmental agencies in order to protect this basic need and it is a trade off to give up a certain amount of privacy.On one hand individual privacy seems to be an inbred right thought of by the public as a Constitutional right. On the other, it is limited rights given by the 14th Amendment. Whatever rights we hold true today is the norm, yet not all true rights we bear are in real existence. What remedies in the political system in the privacy of individual privacies versus national security protections and concerns? The courts have narrowed away some of these concerns, but the bulk of the powers still exists. Even though Congress has been hesitant to amend the Patriot Act, in fear of being too intrusive, the powers to be are that it has the power to limit the societys individual rights. Throughout the years rights have been in decline, and we wonder whether it wi ll be because of terrorist acts, the U.S. Patriot Act, or the Homeland Security Act, it is something we all will have to get accustomed to.References(Anderson, 2012) superintendence & Society, ISSN 1477-7487 Surveillance Studies Network, Retrieved from http// Bajaj, V. And Austen, I. (28 Sep 2010) B1 New York Times, Privacy vs. National Security Business/Financial Deskhttp// Darren W. Davis, Brian D. Silver, (12 DEC 2003) American Journal Of semipolitical Science, Retrieved from http// Downing, B. M. 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