Friday, January 24, 2014


pet Teacher First I want to split up you with whom I honor of pass watering with, with whom I anticipate reckont to respect, and who deserve the utter virtually(prenominal) admirations. The instructors I am talking about pass away unverbalised to do good job, because, above totally, it is a diverseness of duty so to speak towards their students and relevantly toward themselves. I need had some(prenominal) teachers among which there were except few whom I felt take up across the description above, maybe most of them were good in their throw way, but one cannot be sufficient in all ways or I may in any case have misunderstood them. Howalways, the teacher that I chose as merit of the My Favorite Teacher earned this title due to her characteristics of hardworking, patient, and most significantly condole with is Mrs. Cortez. To begin with, I consider Mrs. Cortez my best-loved teacher because she has been a hardworking person. I recall when I was five years old t hat she would be walking nigh communicate us if we needed help with eitherthing. Clearly Mrs. Cortez never sit down down and let us on ourselves to do the work that she assigned. In addition, she will always be on the wag teaching us every turn of our class time. She didnt like to waist time and she valued us to learn new things that would last a lifetime. Therefore, Mrs. Cortez was a hardworking charr that make me choose her as my favorite teacher. not only was Mrs. Cortez a hardworking teacher, but also a patient person. For example, She was basically teaching a class skilful of hugger-mugger five-year old children for two years. This shows that she had a spile of pains and love working with children because working with children those ages is not that easy as it seems. Furthermore, when ever we did something bad or wrong she never got foil with any of us. This proves that she was the type the person that knows how control her anger which takes a lot of patience. Pat ience was a key quality that made her dear ! the perfect teacher for me. Above all, Mrs. Cortez was a caring person. In my own...If you want to get a full essay, fellowship it on our website:

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