Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Things Work

why things work Intergroup Perspectives Chapter 9: Realistic Group booking and Prejudice Michael Platow (LaTrobe University) and Jackie Hunter (University of Otago) This chapter will examine the theory of viable group deviation and the contributions it has made to understanding prejudice and intergroup behaviour (Campbell, 1965; Sherif, 1966). From this perspective, negative attitudes and prejudice arise when groups compete for scarce resources and their interests nuclear number 18 in congenial (e.g., one group gains and the another(prenominal)wise group loses). However, security deposit and fairness prevail in situations in which group interests atomic number 18 compatible and complementary (e.g., one group gains only with the financial forethought of another group). This analysis of prejudice has currency in economics, sociology and other social science disciplines. The strengths, limitations and variations on realist ic group contest theory will be discussed and evaluated. The causes intergroup conflict Th...If you want to incur a full essay, order it on our website:

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