Saturday, February 8, 2014

Derek Gordon Sociologist

Derek Gordon Dr. Derek Gordon was a renowned Sociologist, responsible, along with many other coetaneous minds, for developing Sociology in the Caribbean through his many legendary fit and caboodle. He was a student (between the years of 1964 and 1967) and, later, a subscriber at the University of the wolfram Indies in the department of Sociology and is responsible for literary works such as Class, Status and Mobility in Jamaica and methodological Issues in the Analysis of the National Mobility Survey. The Derek Gordon conference, which annually occurs at the University of the West Indies, is named in the honour of this late veteran sociologist, who in 1973, returned in that respect to lecture, having completed his doctoral studies at the University of Chicago. His reach of focus when it came to look admitd the labour force, cordial stratification and mobility, poverty and urbanisation. Gordon is similarly best remembered for his study of class, status and favourable mobility in Jamaica. He made numerous valid points on the possibility of affable mobility as he analyzed the social mobility of the male and female person labour force end-to-end the generations and its impact on the vicissitude of the class structure of the contemporary Jamaican society. Social mobility is explained as the ability of an individual to miscellanea his social status, commonly to a status lower or higher than his original standing. In the period following the abolition of slavery, there were scarce opportunities for social mobility for the black Jamaicans. When opportunities did arise for the peasants, it was to pull ahead to the lowest ranking of the centre of attention class. These positions included inform teachers, clerks and ministers of religion. As the educational activity in Jamaica increase to include high schools and colleges, the narrow possibility for upward mobility, widened. Therefore, education became the primeval means for social advancemen t and more jobs were cognize to depart soc! ial mobility. Others could only hope to marry up...If you penury to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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