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Capital PunishmentHe is escorted down to a path with handcuffs on both arms and feet. The tension in the agency causes nervousness and a stirring in his stomach, which entombs his dinner from the night before. He is told to take a seat. Still in doubt of his fate he nonices the witnesses and their various expressions. His family is grief-stricken, a sharp contrast to the family of the brutally murdered, for which he was arrange guilty of. If only they knew what he knew for they would not be strapping him into the chair, dripping a sponge, and placing it on top of his head along with the metal skullcap. If they knew the fair play there would be someone in his place today. But alas, the rightfulness dies along with the innocent. Capital Punishment, as read in the scene above, has richness in times dating back to ancient civilizations. Its purpose is to permanently disband those unfit to live with society. Even knowing its grown background, in modern times there is doubt whet her or not it is lull necessary. Today, in the twenty-first century, there are currently 38 states with the dying penalty. The other twelve claim life with come on war cry as the maximum sentence. In the practicing states there were 66 executions carried out in 2001, 85 in 2000, and 98 in 1999. If this trend continues there leave behind be even fewer this year. The states leading execution are Texas and Oklahoma, as of 2001. Texas carried out nearly 26% of the 66 executions and Oklahoma leads with 28%. By region the South carries out 79% of the U.S. executions, with the Midwest at 15%, the West at 6% and the Northeast at 0%. (Death penalization Info.)The reasons why someone may be sentenced with capital penalization vary from state to state. The about common factors include first-degree murder and exacerbate kidnapping. According to the poet Hyman Barshay, The death penalty is a warning, just like a lighthouse throwing its beams out to sea. We hear about shipwrecks, but we do not hear about the ships the lighthouse guides safely on their way. We do not have proof of the number of ships it saves, but we do not pullulate the lighthouse down. Barshay and other pro death penalty supporters believe that the death penalty deters would be killers. A person would be less probably to do something if he or she thinks that harm will come to them. This is rudimentary human... ... Due to the fact that it costs more to support life with out parole, the money saved from capital punishment can be utilise to help society in a better way. Both sides have their point in this argument. Although many oppose capital punishment, in most states it is still active whether they believe in it or not, and are still punishable by it. Its the choice of society to take a stance and show their opinion. BibliographyDeath Penalty Information Center 29 April 2002Press release, Death Penalty Information Center, Oct. 27, 1992Denno, Deborah W., Is Electrocution an Unconstitutional system of Execution? The Engineering of Death over the Century, 35 WILLIAM & MARY L. REV. 551, 664-665 (1994).Karwath, hock & Susan Kuczka, Gacy Execution Delay Blamed on Clogged IV Tube, lettuce TRIB., May 11, 1994, at 1 (Metro Lake Section).Kwok, Abraham, Injection The No-Fuss Executioner, ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Feb. 28, 1993, at 1.professional person Death Penalty 29 April 2002

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