Friday, February 8, 2019

Essay --

This statement can be applied crosswise the field of womens psychology. Throughout history, the same stories that argon be told oer and over again have omitted specific parts for certain reasons. there is a pattern of omission and its usually the perspectives that are controversial. The moment of this is that in the psychology of women specifically, womens perspectives have been omitted from certain struggles that they face throughout history. Their voices arent deliberately shut out, but erased by ignorance. The two areas I want to discuss closely erasure are violence against women and mothering. violence against women is a serious thing and physical or sexual guy against a woman can be life threatening. There is controversy, and questions incessantly arise, when theres a case of a woman being assaulted by a man. Who is to blame and why did this happen? Mothering is another topic that is controversial in the homeless community. There are mixed feelings about what a ctions should be taken in regards to the placement of homeless children and the status of the mother. Womens voices are often erased from the media in regards to sexual violence against them. In the clause that Crenshaw wrote about inequalities between white and smuggled women, she states that when black women of lower affable economic status are raped, there is a higher come up that the incident will not be reported as debate to a white woman being raped. Also, the recovery stages are diagonal between the two. White administrators dont understand the demand of black women after they have been raped therefore, they dont receive straightlaced counseling services and may suffer from psychological harm. In notification to the statement of erasure, these specific... ...the ignorance. People need to be educated on how the organisation works or in this case, doesnt work. These homeless mothers need to be interviewed through an unfiltered process and embraced to share thei r side of the story. For change to happen, these tales of humiliation and bewilderment need to be uncovered. In conclusion, the statement paints a picture with holes in it holes that only can be seen by those affected by them. Women are the centerpiece for these issues. Their voices are being silenced, and the truth being omitted and manipulated to fit the needs of others. Women have been silenced about rape whether it is in the courtrooms or in the color of their skin. Homeless mothers are ostracized for their unfortunate circumstances and have no representation. Women play a key role in society to overlay the fluidity of life. Let their voice be heard.

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