Saturday, February 2, 2019

Evaluating Three Cell Phone Websites :: Sell Websites Buy Websites

Evaluating Three Cell Phone WebsitesToday, approximately all people use cell sounds. After buying a cell phone, people lead choose which plan they will use. Now, on that point atomic number 18 many cell phone service companies in the US, so the cell phone users have to be careful when they choose the plans. some(prenominal) cell phone service companies provide websites in order to fertilise education to the cell phone users. The ease of use of the website, the data that it gives, the send off and the organization of the website are the factors that will influence cell phone users in choosing their plan. In this paper, I will compare three different websites that select information about cell phone plans. I chose T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint for comparisons. I chose T-Mobile because I am currently using T-mobile as my cell phone plan. I selected Verizon and Sprint because they are the leading competitors of T-mobile.The first website is T-Mobile. The T-Mobile website is owne d by T-Mobile Company. This website is made to help their old customers to control their accounts and to bind new information about T-Mobile. It is as well made for the new customers, so that they can get information about T-mobile. Then, they can compare T-Mobile plans with other companies. The T-Mobile website is very naive and easy to read. It provides two choices, personal and business customers. For the personal choice, there are two options, individual and families, friends and couples. For the business choice, customers can learn and shop their products and services. These will make customers easier to use this website according to their needs. It is besides completed with facility for the animate customers to log in into their accounts, so that the customers may give out their accounts anytime.The T-Mobile website contains more information about coverage area and switching plan. The customers also can check the status of their order when they buy the product from T- Mobile. T-Mobile website offers opportunity for the users to find biography in T-Mobile. It is such an advantage for the T-Mobile users. Besides those mentioned, this website provides information for the job seekers and the developers. This website also gives information about where the customers can find their store and how they can induce and contact them. Besides that, it also contains T-Mobile company information, so customers can make do more about their company. This website is not only for United States users, but also for international users because it provides some sites for other countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and United Kingdom.

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