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Progression Of Music From The 1940s To The Present Essay -- essays res

Progression of medicinal drug From the 1940s To the turn inThe progression of medicinal drug from the 1940s to the present has seen extremes,it has been controversial at times, traditional at times and inspirational attimes, but neer hurl the American people turned away music in its entirety.There pay back been times when parents did not approve of the music that theirchildren chose to listen to, but the parents had neer turned away music. Musichas been criticized and promoted. Since the 40s music has progressed fromBallads (which were silence lingering nigh from the 30s) to blues (popularamong Blacks) to shiver and roll, to pop, and back again.     In the 1940s ballads were popular. Ballads were dancable musicperformed by long bands. They were composed of stringed instruments, windinsteruments, and a singer or two. This was the time close when music startedto be broadcasted live over television and record albums were entry the home.(Hays)  & nbsp  The 50s marked a beginning for a new era of music to be known as pit & international ampereRoll. Many of the artists took return of the Electric guitar, developed forpopular music in the 1930s but never really became popular until the 50s.Rock & Roll was a faction of many music styles in an upbeat sort of fashion.One model of when country had an impact on Rock & Roll was with lineup Haley andJerry Lee Lewis. Jerrys career was huge, with his hits like "Whole LottaShakin goin On" and "Great Balls of depose". That is, his career was huge,until the it was made public that he fell in sexual love with a married his 13 year oldcousin. In 1957 Rock & Roll had been turned upsidedown when brother Holly hit theairwaves with "Thatll be the Day." Buddy Holly rolled out hit after hit afterhit. That is, until his airplane went down in Iowa. He died at the young age of 22.That shadow his music was playing non-stop and has not stopped playing to thisday.The blues and credo of James Brown and Jackie Wilson was popular with theblack community. "Someday, maybe someone exit discover the reason that ChuckBerry, Do Diddley, Fats Domino, and Little Richard never connected with blackaudiences" (25 years,p15). This may be because they might have almost been crushed from their blues roots.     In the 60s such st... ...n the 90s or present day, the synthesizer is still being used in danceand techno music. in addition introduced into the 90s was the computer. The computerhas been about a while, but not been used in the music industry. at once justabout anyone can produce their music using this tool. Also metal has becomemore aggressive, popular and contains political lyrics. Lite rock has alsodeveloped and has captured the ears of many listeners.Music has progressed from fun to an industry in itself. People can nowearn a living moody of music, often luxurious life. Along with the musicprogressing t he American people have progressed. The adult male of music continuesto change and may never stop progressing until the world stops progressing.Footnotes25 Years of Rock & Roll (USALorelei publish Co. Inc.,1979)William Hay, Twentieth-Century Views of Music History (USABerneConvention.,1972)Bibliography25 Years of Rock & Roll. USALorelei Publishing Co. Inc.,1979Ewen, David. American Popular Songs. New YorkRandom House, 1966Hay, William. Twentieth-Century Views of Music History. USABerne Convention,1972Wilder, Alec. American Popular Song New YorkOxford University Press, 1972

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