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The Internet and International Business Essay -- Business Marketing Co

The Internet and International originThe Internet and international job is an interesting topic- discussing an arena of business that will probably be more or less for many eld and possibly centuries to come. Since its earliest days, the Internet has been a mover of communication, an essential weapon in almost instant communication.People bottom talk to others by sending email messages, at the speed of urgent the send key. This information is instantly transmitted to the adoptr, who raise in turn, suffice quickly. Today, champion can even literally talk to some star else, full as if he/she were actually phoning someone over traditional hollo lines. While the quality is not as clear as stock lines, the cost is considerably less.The idea of less expensive communication is one that is deeply entrenched in international trade. If someone in chinaware has to call a company in the U.S., the cost would be outrageous. Plus, one must consider the time differences, so as not to consequence an American at perhaps 3 a.m. With the use of email, the Chinese businessman can send his message instantaneously, and it will be ready for the American businessman to receive and read when he/she arrives at the office in the morning.In addition to regular email, pagers can be programmed to receive heavy emails, or notices of emails in ones mailbox. Cell phones can also be programmed to receive email messages, and also notification of pending emails.Inventories can also be depicted, and quantities listed. With the proper programming, once an item is ordered, it is subtracted from the inventory, thus showing the proper summation that is actually available for sale. The Internet and international business is an interesting topic- discussing an area of business that will probably be around for many years and possibly centuries to come. Since its earliest days, the Internet has been a means of communication, an essential tool in almost instant communication.W eb aims can also be make up up for potential buyers. On the site, such things as contacts can be listed. Phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses can be shown, as well as fax numbers, for those who do not feel comfortable with new technology. Orders can actually be produced right over the Internet. For someone in England who cleverness want to buy a comic book from a site in the United Sates, the Englishman h... ... 31412Online buyers also flummox many concerns about shopping online. From the same article mentioned above, the following were talliedUSCanadaAustraliaUKItaly France spunky Shipping Cost534613453954Need toTry on forFit383416454316Prices tooHigh3735 4112122 non appropriateFor large point in times3735 4112122not appropriateFor luxuryItems2723 6193523Want to See/feelItem232325301614Not appropriateFor perishableItems2123 4181522Security ofCredit Card191950244022(All numbers are expressed as percentages)Based on these concerns, retailers in the international mar ketplace have their ready cut out for them. But through proper education of consumers, and the ever-expanding gain of the infrastructure in many countries, the future seems to be leaning intemperately towards using the Internet for many needs.BibliographyThe Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Thursday, June 22, 2000Business 2.0, May 2000Business Week, various issuesTime Digital Your Personal Guide to Technology, June 2000Interactive Week, June 12, 2000 conglomerate Websites

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