Friday, February 15, 2019

The Spanish Inquisition Essay -- European History

The Spanish huntingThe word hunt means to examine. Inquisitors would examine suspected Heretics, mass whose ideas do not match those of the Roman Catholic Church, and punish them accordingly. This include torture and burning. The great inquisition movement that took place in Spain, or Hispania as it was called before Spain united. It was called The Spanish search. It took place for approximately five ampere-second years, from the late 15th century to mid 19th century. M any(prenominal) humourous elements were involved in the history of the Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition lasted longer than any other preceding it, and was the almost cruel, bloodthirsty, and festive of all. The objective of the inquisition, in its archeozoic state, was to convert all Jews into Christians, but later it mutated into an ugly machine whos new objective was to rid the country of the newly converted Christians. In an age where there was such a close bond surrounded by church and state, ambition to the church was intolerable. The Inquisition caused Spain to become intellectually ski bindingward, and economically and industrially damaged. The powerful influence of the Inquisition forbade social influences, such as books from other parts of Europe, to enter Spain. Consequently, the universities remained stagnant, unable to produce graduates understanding the cosmea around them. from the lack of information on the other civilizations in the endure of Europe. As a result of this, they came into the 20th century intellectually humble and bankrupt. With the banished, tortured, and persecuted heretics in mind, it is possible that the Spanish Inquisition is perhaps one of the most cruel acts performed on innocent people in the name of religion. forward the Spanish Inquisition took place, several other inquisition movements appeared, but no(prenominal) quite so barbaric and brutal as the Spaniards did. Waves of opposition towards the church swept Europe in the Middle Ages. In the twelfth century, it was a modern belief that a peaceful, utopian government could be obtained if all of the population of the society were pure and Catholic The Medieval Inquisition started in France and Italy. During this time a group of people called the Albigensies lived in northerly Italy and southern France. They had established a religion called Manichaeanism, which was the belief in cardinal gods, one for good and one for evil. Pop... ...r of the bigotry and the persecution that took place. It is only one of legion(predicate) persecuting acts that are piled on top of Jewish history. Many Christians look back onto the Inquisition with shame and humidity. The Spanish Inquisition has inflicted untold amounts of damage onto the Spanish society and everyone elses. It was one of the worst religious acts of ignorance and bigotry ever score by a group of people.BibliographyLea, Henry Charles. 1966 A history of the Inquisition of Spain. AMD Press, New York, NY Llorente, Juan A ntonio 1967 A critical history of the Inquisition of Spain, from the period of its substantiation by Ferdinand V to the reign of Ferdinand VII, composed from the original documents of the Archives of the supreme Council of the Inquisition and from those of subordinate tribunals of the Holy Office. J. Lilburne Co. Williamstown, MA.Roth, Cecil. 1964 The Spanish Inquisition. Norton Press, New York, NY.Sabatini, Rafael. 1924 Torquemada and the Spanish inquisition a history by Rafael Sabatini. Houghton Mifflin Compan, Boston, MA/New York, NY.Turberville, Arthur Stanley. 1968 The Spanish Inquisition. Archon Books, Hamden, Conn.

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