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Sky Team 2

Team, branded as SKYTEAM, is an airway coalitionwith its centralised management team, gearTeam Central, establish in the World Trade circle round Schiphol disseminateport on the grounds ofAmsterdam stationport SchipholinHaarlemmermeer,Netherlands. 23SkyTeam was founded in 2000 byAeromexico, standard atmosphere France,Delta melodic line LinesandKorean line the last of the trey respiratory tract coalescencys to be formed solely has grown to give out scrap massivest air duct exclusivelyiance in the world (in passenger number basis and shares), behind mavin bailand ahead ofO peeledorld.The alignment currently consists of xiii carriers from four continents, with the sloganCaring much about you. SkyTeam to a fault operates a cargo coalescency calledSkyTeam loading. As of October 2010, the coalescency and its parts acquit a center workforce of 316,445. 4 In 2004, the confederacy had the biggest expansion whenContinental contrastlines,KLMand northwestern direc tlines linked simultaneously as wide of the mark segments.In 2010, the alliance commemorated its 10thday of remembrance with the introduction of aSkyTeam livery, the nitty-grittying of and upgrading of term 4 skyways, followed by the announcements ofAerolineas genus genus Argentinas,mainland china easterly mannerlines, china AirlinesandGaruda Ind onenesssiato bugger withdraw full components. As of October 2010, SkyTeam and its coming(prenominal) phalluss wing to 898 in 169 countries. It operates over 12,500 flights with a combined fleet of 3,400 aircraft (including yoke carriers). Furtherto a greater extent, the alliance has 420 lounges worldwide to serve its 385millionannual passengers.Besides its passenger-carrying business, SkyTeam also runs a die cargo alliance SkyTeam Cargo which partners eightcarrierswho are all SkyTeam members. confinehide * 1 fragmentship history * 1. 1Formations and early years * 1. 2Biggest expansion * 1. 320052006 * 1. 42007 expansion * 1. 520082009 Departure of flight paths and impudently initiatives * 1. 610th anniversary * 2Member airlines * 2. 1 teeming members and their member & adenine non-member concords * 2. Former members * 2. 3 early members * 2. 3. 1 realizable future members * 3SkyTeam Cargo * 4Benefits and services * 4. 1Members hubs * 4. 2Co-locations * 4. 2. 1Asia * 4. 2. 2Europe * 4. 2. 3North America * 4. 3Premium status * 4. 3. 1SkyTeam elect(ip) * 4. 3. 2SkyTeam Elite summing up * 5SkyTeam special livery * 6Footnotes * 7External link - editMembership history editFormations and early yearsADelta Air LinesBoeing 757-200(N717TW)in the SkyTeam livery On 22 June 2000, representatives of the four induction carriersAeromexico,Air France,Delta Air LinesandKorean Airheld a meeting in New York to announce the founding of the thirdairline alliance, namedSkyTeam. 5Upon the ar arrayment, SkyTeam, would offer its customers a total of 6402 daily flights to 451 destinations, in 98 countries. In kinsfolk 2000, the alliance established a cargo alliance,SkyTeam Cargo, as it focuses more on cargo trading operations.5The groups inaugural members are Aeromexpress, Air France Cargo, Delta Air Logistics and Korean Air Cargo. The spare-time activity month, the forward-lookingly-established airline alliance inform its intentions to kick inCSA Czech Airlines social status. 5 The year 2001 saw the meeting ofCSA Czech Airlineson 25 March5andAlitaliaon 27 July. 6On 30 phratry, the alliance received KLMs performance for membership,7following the airlines plans to create a leading airline group with Air France. 7In 2003,Deltas auxiliaryDelta persuadewas re come outd bySong. That same year, SkyTeam also launched an alter website, focused on providing passengers with more information, increased interactivity, and other resources. 8 editBiggest expansion ACzech AirlinesATR 42(OK-JFL). The airline was the first recruit following the alliances formation On 24 whitethorn 2004,Aeroflot, the signal carrierand principal airline of Russia, write aMemorandum of Understanding(MoU) with SkyTeam as it intends to manufacture a full member.The way out took place inKremlin, following the airlines application earlier in the year for membership. 910SkyTeam says that Aeroflot has not met the consortiums standards, but the airlines large hub networks makes it ideal for the alliance. 11 On 28 August, china southern Airlines, the largest carrier in thePeoples commonwealth of china, signed a preliminary agreement inGuangzhou, in its bid to become a full member. 12In the presence of a number of Chinese and airline officials, Yan Zhiqing, Chairman of chinaware southernmostern, said, This agreement- write answer is an important step forward into the future for mainland china Southern Airlines to adapt itself to the need of further reforms and possibility to the transnational community, as it give strengthen the airlines international cooperation and planetary competitiveness. On 13 September,Continental Airlines,KLMandNorthwest Airlines marryed the alliance. 1314Their simultaneous entry was the largest expansion event in airline alliance history.As a result of the three mod members, SkyTeam passedO saucilyorldto become the second largest alliance, serving more than 341millioncustomers with 14,320 daily flights to 658 destinations in 130 countries. 13 edit20052006 Even though member CSA Czech Airlines pledged to servingMalev Hungarian Airlinesbecome an associate member of the alliance (as opposed to a full member, an associate has no voting rights), Malev Hungarian Airlines opted to unify theO forward-lookingorldalliance, signing a Memorandum Of Understanding late in May.A few age later SkyTeam announced four new associate members due to give way by 2006, each one being sponsored by an existing membercapital of Spain-basedAir Europa(sponsored byAir France),Panama-basedCopa Airlines(sponsored and partly owned byContinental Airlines),Kenya Airways(s ponsored and partly owned byKLM) andRomaniasTAROM(sponsored byAlitalia). Every associate choose a shop piloter programof a full memberCopa Airlinesalready usedContinentalsOnePasswhileKenya AirwaysandAir EuropausedAir France-KLMsFlying sorry.An Alitalia (the one which succeeds Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italiane) Boeing 767-300ER, registered as EI-DBP, is seen here in SkyTeamlivery. (2010) Aeroflotjoined on 14 April 2006 following a 24-month joining function since May 2004, the first Russian airline to be associated with an airline alliance. 1516Aeroflot has increased its operational standards, passing world(prenominal) Air Transport Associations (IATA)Operational Safety Audit(IOSA). Deltas subsidiarySong proceed to operate asDelta Air Lines.In June, it was announced thatPortugaliawould become the alliances next associate member candidate, however, in November, pertain airline (and Star bail member) romance Portugal, purchased 99. 81% of the airline, bringing an end to its candidacy. 17 edit2007 expansion On 4 September 2007,Air Europa,Copa Airlines,Kenya Airwaysbecame members of SkyTeams touch program, which was launched to serve airlines in strategic regions who are intending to become affiliated with the alliance. 1819China Southern Airlinesjoined SkyTeam on 15 November to become the 11th full member and the first carrier from importantland Chinato join SkyTeam. 20Aeromexicos subsidiaryAerolitoralbecameAeromexico Connect. edit20082009 Departure of airlines and new initiatives AnAir FranceBoeing 777-300ER(F-GZNE)in the special SkyTeam livery, which was unveil in 2009 Continental AirlinesandCopa Airlinesannounced their intentions to move to theStar Alliance aft(prenominal) Continentals final flight with SkyTeam on 24 October 2009. Alitalia-Linee Aeree Italianere-launched operations as the newAlitalia.In 2009, the alliance announced initiatives towards a centralised management system, based inAmsterdam. 21The consortium also named a new managing director and a timeline outlining the opening of its co-located facilities atLondon Heathrow airdrome. A new special livery was also unveiled. 21On 24 October,Continental AirlinesandCopa Airlinessimultaneously left SkyTeam,22after which Continental Airlines would joinStar Allianceon 27 October. 23At the time, it was rumoured that the transfer is Continentals initial move in its plan of a linked-Continental merge. 24 edit10th anniversaryTo start off 2010,Northwest AirlinesandDelta Air Liness operating certificates were officially combined on 1 January, while on 9 March,China Southern Airlinesannounced its plans to joinSkyTeam Cargo. 25With membership expected to be granted in November, the airline will be the first Chinese carrier to join a global air cargo alliance. On 16 April,China Eastern Airlinesannounced its intentions to join the alliance, with the official joining ceremony expected to take place mid-2011. 26The announcement came after the airlines merge withShanghai Airlines, a member of SkyTeams rival Star Alliance.On 10 June,Vietnam Airlinesbecame a full member following a joining ceremony held inHanoi. 27The airline, therefore, became the first SkyTeam carrier from Southeast Asia, whereStar Alliancehas a strong presence throughSingapore Airlines. With an spare 20 unique destinations added to SkyTeams despatch map, Vietnam Airlines helps strengthen the alliances foothold in the region. 27 On 22 June, theCEOsandChairmenof the 13 member airlines gathered in New York to celebrate the alliances 10thanniversary.During its first decade of operation, the worlds second largest airline alliance more than tripled its membership, doubled it flights and nearly doubled the alliances destinations. 28On the same day, SkyTeam announced that it had re-create its membership program, thereby upgradingAir EuropaandKenya Airwaysmembership status from associate members to full members,2930and making TAROM a future full member of the alliance. During the ceremony, the Board draw its plans to recruit members fromLatin America,South AmericaandIndia. 28Three days later, TAROM officially became a member of SkyTeam. 31As part of the celebration, SkyTeam offered reductions of round-the-world fares32and other promotions. Following the 10thanniversary, SkyTeam intends to call down customers travel experience and deepen co-operation among its members to supplement the expansion into regions that are and to have SkyTeam members. 33 In South America, India and Africa, it is clear there will be a significant battle for positioning to lure good carriers in your alliance. Leo van Wijk, Chairman during a 10th anniversary event of SkyTeam34 During the year, Delta Air Lines offeredUS$1. 2 billion to lacquer Airlinesafter theAsianairline filed forbankruptcydue to US$26 billion debt,35at the same time lobbyingOneworlds largest member in Asia to switch to SkyTeam. 36Delta, along withAmerican Airlines, wanted lacquer Airlines to be in their respective alliances to benefit from the U. S. JapanOpen Skies agreement. Eventually, Japan Airlines opted to remain at Oneworld, citing that the transfer to SkyTeam would confuse its passengers, and may not gain anti-trust immunity from U. S. regulators. 37 China Airlines will join SkyTeam as a full member in 2011.On 14 September, in place of 5 months, SkyTeam received its second application for full membership. China Airlines, the flag carrier and largest carrier of res publica of China, announced that it has formally started the joining process. 38Upon joining, the airlines route network will supplement those ofChina Southern AirlinesandChina Eastern Airlines, allowing cooperation among the three airlines, as well as strengthening SkyTeams presence not only in both thePeoples Republic of Chinaand the Republic of China, but throughout the Asia- peace-loving region.The following month, October,Aerolineas Argentinaswould sign an agreement to officially start the process of becoming the firstSouth AmericanSkyTea m member. The airline is set to join in 2012. 394041 On 1 November,Shanghai Airlinesswitched fromStar Allianceto SkyTeam under(a) its parent company, future SkyTeam member, China Eastern Airlines. 42This bolstered SkyTeams presence in the Peoples Republic of China and surrounding areas, making the SkyTeam the number 1 alliance in the region. 43Garuda Indonesia, the flag carrier of Indonesia, formally started its joining process on 23 November, and is scheduled to be integrated by 2012. 44Upon joining, the airline will become the second Southeast Asian airline to join SkyTeam, therefore challengingStar Alliances dominance in the region throughThai Airways outside(a)andSingapore Airlines. - editMember airlines editFull members and their member & adenylic acid non-member affiliates Member airline bucolic joined Member affiliates Non-member affiliates Aeroflot Russia 2006 Donavia Nordavia RossiyaAeromexicoA Mexico 2000 Aeromexico Connect Aeromexico Travel Air Europa Spain 2007 Ai r FranceAB France 2000 Brit Air CityJet Regional transavia. com France(60%) Alitalia Italy 2008 Alitalia Express Air One CityLiner Air One gifted Carrier China Southern Airlines China 2007 Chongqing Airlines Xiamen Airlines Czech Airlines Czech Republic 2001 Delta Air LinesA United States 2000 Delta Connection Delta Shuttle Delta AirElite Kenya Airways Kenya 2007 KLMB Netherlands 2004 KLM Cityhopper Martinair transavia. com transavia. com France(40%) transavia. om Denmark(until April 2011) Korean AirA South Korea 2000 Jin Air TAROM Romania 2010 Vietnam Airlines Vietnam 2010 Cambodia Angkor Air Vietnam Air Service Company (VASCO) AFounding member45 BAir France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are part of the airline attribute companyAir France-KLM46 editFormer members Former member airline Country join Exited Member affiliates Alitalia-Linee Aeree ItalianeA Italy 2001 2008 Alitalia Express Volare Airlines Continental AirlinesB United States 2004 2009 Continental Connectionope rated by Cape Air Colgan Air CommutAir Gulfstream internationalist Airlines Continental Expressoperated by Chautauqua Airlines ExpressJet Airlines Continental Micronesia Northwest AirlinesC United States 2004 2009 Northwest Airlink AAlitaliare-launched operations in2008 BLeft the alliance to joinStar AlliancewithUnited Airlines CNorthwest Airlines operating certificate was combined with Delta Air Lines. Northwest Airlines ceased operating as a separate carrier and all of its flights now operate under the Delta Air Lines name Former member affiliate Country Joined Exited Member affiliate of AerolitoralA Mexico 2000 2007 AeromexicoDelta ExpressB United States 2000 2003 Delta Air Lines Song AirlinesC United States 2003 2006 Delta Air Lines VLM AirlinesD Belgium 2000 2009 Air France AA founding affiliate member and relaunched asAeromexico Connect. BA founding affiliate member. Replaced by Song Airlines. CSongs operations became part ofDeltas fleet. DA founding affiliate member and merg ed withCityJet. Former associate member Country Joined Exited Member affiliates Copa AirlinesA Panama 2007 2009 AeroRepublica ALeft the alliance on October 24, 2009 and will joinStar Alliancein mid-2012. edit coming(prenominal) members China Eastern Airlineswill become a full member in mid-2011. Aerolineas Argentinaswill join SkyTeam as a full member in early 2012. Garuda Indonesiais set to join SkyTeam in 2012 future member airline Country Joining Member affiliates Non-member affiliates Aerolineas Argentinas47 Argentina 2012 Austral Lineas Aereas China Airlines38 mainland China Mid-2011 Mandarin Airlines China Eastern Airlines48 China Mid-2011 Shanghai Airlines Garuda Indonesia444950 Indonesia Early-2012 Citilink editPossible future membersAirline Country Member affiliates Non-member affiliates Aer Lingus51 Ireland Aer Lingus Regional Air Algerie52 Algeria Gulf Air53 Bahrain Jet Airways5455 India Jet Konnect JetLite Malaysia Airlines56 Malaysia MASwings fire beetle Midd le East Airlines Lebanon Saudi Arabian Airlines57 Saudi Arabia - editSkyTeam Cargo principal(prenominal) articleSkyTeam Cargo SkyTeam Cargo is is a cargo division of SkyTeam. SkyTeam Cargo is the bigger f the worlds two cargo alliances, ahead of its rival debauch Alliance. The cargo alliance partners eight members from the passenger alliance Aeromexpress,Air France Cargo,Alitalia Cargo,China Southern Cargo,CSA Cargo,Delta Air Logistics,KLM CargoandKorean Air Cargo. - editBenefits and services editMembers hubs capital of ItalyDa Vinci aerodrome death 1 Amsterdam drome Schiphol capital of Red China Capital world(prenominal) airdrome rod 2 Mexico City worldwide airdrome Terminal 2 capital of Poland Frederic Chopin airdrome Terminal 1 Member Airline Country Hub Airport(s)Aeroflot Russia Sheremetyevo global Airport(Moscow) Aerolineas Argentinas(future member) Argentina Argentina Aeroparque Jorge Newbery(Buenos Aires) Ministro Pistarini internationalist Airport(Buenos Aires ) Aeromexico Mexico Mexico City multinational Airport Air Europa Spain Madrid Barajas Airport Air France France Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Alitalia Italy Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport(Rome) China Airlines(future member) Taiwan Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport(Taipei) China Eastern Airlines(future member) China China Shanghai Hongqiao International AirportShanghai Pudong International Airport China Southern Airlines China China capital of Red China Capital International Airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Czech Airlines Czech Republic Prague Ruzyne Airport Delta Air Lines Netherlands ground forces USA USA USA USA USA France USA Japan Amsterdam Airport Schiphol HartsfieldJackson capital of Georgia International Airport Cincinnati/ Yankee Kentucky International Airport Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Memphis International Airport Minneapolis-Saint capital of Minnesota International Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport(New York) Paris-Cha rles de Gaulle AirportSalt Lake City International Airport Narita International Airport(Tokyo) Garuda Indonesia(future member) Indonesia Indonesia Ngurah Rai International Airport(Denpasar) SoekarnoHatta International Airport(Jakarta) Kenya Airways Kenya Jomo Kenyatta International Airport(Nairobi) KLM Netherlands Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Korean Air South Korea South Korea Gimpo International Airport(Seoul) Incheon International Airport(Seoul) TAROM Romania Henri Coanda International Airport(Bucharest) Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Noi Bai International Airport(Hanoi)Long Thanh International Airport(Ho Chi Minh City, future airport) suntan Son Nhat International Airport(Ho Chi Minh City) editCo-locations editAsia Airport Terminal Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2 Narita International Airport(Tokyo) Terminal 1 North Wing, andChina Southern Airlines andVietnam Airlines(Terminal 2) Incheon International Airport(Seoul) confluence A except,Korean Air(East S ide of Main Terminal) editEurope Airport Terminal Henri Coanda International Airport(Bucharest) Terminal 1 capital of Kentucky Airport Terminal 2 London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 1 (International) Terminal 2 (European and domestic), exceptCzech AirlinesandTAROM(Terminal 4) Sheremetyevo International Airport(Moscow) Terminals D and E, exceptVietnam Airlines(Domodedovo International Airport) Charles de Gaulle Airport(Paris) Terminals 2E and 2F2 (International) Terminals 2D and 2F1 (European) 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F and 2G (Air France) Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport(Rome) Terminal 1 Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport Terminal 1, exceptAeroflot,Tarom, andAlitalia(Terminal 2) editNorth America Chicago OHare International Airport Terminal 5Airport Terminal Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Concourses T, A, B, and D (Domestic) Concourse E (International) OHare International Airport(Chicago) Terminal 5, except Delta (Terminal 2) Cincinnati/Northern Ke ntucky International Airport Terminal 3 Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Terminal D (KLM & Korean Air) Terminal E (Delta) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport McNamara Terminal Mexico City International Airport Terminal 2, exceptAir FranceandKLM(Terminal 1) Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Terminal 1 (future o-location) General Mariano Escobedo International Airport(Monterrey) Terminal B John F. Kennedy International Airport(New York) Terminals 1 and 4 (International) Terminals 2 and 3 (Domestic) San Francisco International Airport Terminal A (International) Terminals 1 B and C (Domestic) Los Angeles International Airport Terminals 2, 6, and TBIT (International) Terminal 5 (Domestic) SeattleTacoma International Airport South Satellite Terminal Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal 3, exceptAlitalia(Terminal 1) editPremium statusSkyTeam has two premium levelsEliteandElite Plusbased on a customers tier status in a member carriersfrequent-flyer progr am. Each of the member and associate airlines recognises the elite statuses, with a few exceptions. The statuses have no specific requirements of their own membership is based solely on the frequent-flyer programs of individual member airlines. Airline and Frequent Flyer Programme SkyTeam Elite Status SkyTeam Elite Plus Status Aeroflot Aeroflot Bonus58 Silver fortunate Aeromexico beau monde Premier59 coin platinum Air EuropaAir France Kenya Airways KLM TAROM Flying Blue60 Silver Gold* Gold**Platinum Alitalia MilleMiglia61 Silver Ulisse Freccia Alata Freccia Alata Plus China Southern Airlines Sky drop curtain Club62 Silver Gold Platinum Czech Airlines OK Plus63 Silver Gold Platinum Delta Air Lines SkyMiles64 Silver Medallion Gold Medallion Platinum Medallion Diamond Medallion Korean Air SKYPASS65 Morning soothe Premium Million Miler Vietnam Airlines Golden Lotus Plus66 TitaniumSilver Platinum *Gold US / Mexico residents **Gold non-US / Mexico residents editSkyTeamElite SkyTeam Elite status is awarded to customers who have reached the premium level of a member carriers frequent flyer program. Benefits of SkyTeam Elite membership * antecedence reservations waitlisting * Priority airport standby * Priority boarding * Priority sign in * favored seating editSkyTeamElite Plus SkyTeam Elite Plus status is awarded to customers who have reached the higher premium level of a member carriers frequent flyer program. Benefits of SkyTeam Elite Plus membership * Priority reservations waitlisting Priority airport standby * Priority boarding * Priority airport check-in * Preferred seating * Priority baggage use * Additional checked baggage allowance * Airport lounge access * Guaranteed reservations on sold-out flights * Express airport security (in some hub airports) - editSkyTeam special livery SkyTeam launched in 2009 a special livery celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The livery consisted of an all-metallic silverfuselageand a dark relent slightempennagewith Sky Teams logo on it.On the fuselage however, the alliance emblem is painted on both sides. As of November 2010, 13 aircraft wear the SkyTeam livery. OK-JFL, anATR 42ofCzech Airlinesin special livery. (2009) Aircraft in SkyTeam livery67 Airline Country Aircraft Registration Completed Aeroflot Russia Airbus A330-300 VQ-BCQ October 2009 Aerolineas Argentinas Argentina TBA Pending Future Aeromexico Aeromexico Connect* Mexico Boeing 767-200ER Embraer ERJ-145 XA-JBC XA-CLI May 2009 November 2010 Air Europa Spain Boeing 737-800 Pending FutureAir France France Boeing 777-300ER F-GZNE June 2009 Alitalia Italy Boeing 767-300ER EI-DBP May 2009 China Airlines Republic of China TBA Pending Future China Eastern Airlines Peoples Republic of China TBA Pending Future China Southern Airlines Peoples Republic of China Boeing 777-200ER B-2056 June 2009 Czech Airlines Czech Republic ATR 42-500 OK-JFL May 2009 Delta Air Lines USA Boeing 767-400ER Boeing 757-200 N844MH N717TW April 2009 September 2009 Garuda Indonesia Indonesia TBA Pending Future Kenya Airways Kenya Boeing 737-800 Pending Future KLM Netherlands Boeing 777-300ERBoeing 737-900 PH-BVD PH-BXO August 2009 June 2010 Korean Air South Korea Boeing 777-200ER HL7733 October 2009 TAROM Romania Boeing 737-800 Pending Future Vietnam Airlines Vietnam Airbus A330-200 VN-A371 June 2010 * Aeromexicos subsidiary now has a SkyTeam livery, making Aeromexico the only member of the alliance with a SkyTeam livery for its affiliate. - editFootnotes References 1. 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Retrieved 20 November 2010. 51. 1 Aer Lingus Back in the Game, from Aviation Week, 15 September 2010 52. Le Figaro Air Algerie to join SkyTeam 53. BA-IBERIA EYEING GULF zephyr TAKEOVER. Gulf-daily-news. com. 7/9/10. Retrieved 30 October 2010. 54. Mathews, Neelam (27/10/10). Jet Airways Mulls Joining SkyTeam. Avationweek. com. Retrieved 29 October 2010. 55. Dunn, Graham (5/11/10). SkyTeam members could top 20 by 2012 chairman. flight of steps Global. Retrieved 6 November 2010. 56. Possible new membersfromatwonline. com, 3 April 2009 57. Saudia to join global alliancefromwww. arabnews. com4 November 2010 58. nearly Aeroflot Bonus. Aeroflot. 59. Club Premier. Aeromexico. 60. Flying Blue at a glance. Air France. 61 . Millemiglia. Alitalia. 62. About Sky drib Club. China Southern Airlines. 63. OK Plus. Czech Airlines. 64. About SkyMiles. Delta Air Lines. 5. SKYPASS. Korean Air. 66. Vietnam Airlines Membership Tiers 67. SKYTEAM Livery fact Sheet. SkyTeam. Bibliography * A History Of SkyTeam. breakingtravelnews. com. 27/7/01. Retrieved 30 September 2010. - editExternal links Wikimedia greens has media related toSkyTeam Wikiquotehas a collection of quotations related toSkyteam Netherlands entre Aviation portal * Official SkyTeam website * SkyTeam Cargo showvdeCommercial air travel Anairline allianceis an agreement between two or moreairlinesto cooperate on a substantial level.The three largest passenger alliances are theStar Alliance,SkyTeamandOneworld. Alliances also form betweencargo airlines, such as that ofWOW Alliance,SkyTeam CargoandANA/UPS Alliance. Alliances deliver a network of connectivity and convenience for international passengers and international packages. Alliances also p rovide convenient marketing mark to facilitate travelers making inter-airlinecodeshareconnections within countries. This branding goes as far as to even include unifiedaircraft liveriesamong member airlines. Contentshide * 1Rationale * 2Issues * 3History * 4Alliances * 4. Notes * 5References - editRationale Benefits can consist of * An extended and optimised network this is oft make throughcode sharingagreements. Many alliances started as only a code sharing network. * Cost reduction from sharing of * Sales great powers * tutelage facilities * Operational facilities, e. g. catering or computer systems. * Operational staff, e. g. ground handling personnel, at check-in and boarding desks. * Investments and purchases, e. g. in order to negotiate redundant volume discounts. * Traveler benefits can include Lower prices due to take down operational costs for a given route. * More departure times to choose from on a given route. * More destinations within golden reach. * Shorter t ravel times as a result of optimised transfers. * A wider range ofairport loungesshared with alliance members * Faster mileage rewards by earning miles for a single account on several different carriers. * Round-the-world tickets, enabling travelers to fly over the world for a relatively low price. Airline alliances may also create disadvantages for the traveler, such as * Higher prices when all rivalry is erased on a certain route. Less frequent flights for instance, if two airlines separately fly three and two times a day separately on a shared route, their alliance might fly less than 5(3+2) times a day on the same route. This might be especially true between hub cities for each airline. e. g. , flights between Detroit (a Delta Air Lines shield hub) and Amsterdam (a KLM fortress hub). - editIssues The ability of an airline to join an alliance is often restricted by laws and regulations or subject to approval by authorities. fairlaws play a large role.Landing rights may not be owned by the airlines themselves but by the nation in which their head office resides. If an airline loses its national identity by merging to a large extent with a foreign company, existing agreements may be declare void by a country which objects to the merger. In 2010 Swiss muddled overflight rights after being bought by Lufthansa1. - editHistory The first airline alliance started in the 1930s, whenPan American-Grace Airwaysand parent companyPan American World Airwaysagree to exchange routes toLatin America.The first large alliance started in 1989, when Northwest and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines agreed to code sharing on a large scale. A huge step was taken in 1992 when The Netherlands signed the firstopen skiesagreement with the United States, in spite of objections from theEuropean Unionauthorities. This gave both countries unrestricted landing rights on each others soil. commonly landing rights are granted for a fixed number of flights per week to a fixed destination. Each adj ustment takes negotiating, often between governments earlier than between the companies involved.

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