Friday, January 18, 2019

Education Is Jkey to Sucess Essay

Change is the essence of life tell one philosopher, and keeping phase with the change is the meaning of education. There atomic number 18 different connotations of education. One is formal education and other is the daily education. teaching is not only classroom studies but learning. In m whatsoever cases what we theatre at class is completely different from what we practice outside. We may issue the outdated technology or the old philosophy, to live in the turn in world we have to learn quickly what is happening in preliminary of our eyes and try to understand it. We have seen children, always active, curious and well(p) of vigor. the reason for that attitude is their interest in learning new things and to shaft the world. So they are quick learners and they enjoy life even infract than us and are happier than us. So it is the innate of a person to give instruction himself to the changes.If he fails to do that he trails in the track of life. So education plays very imp ortant role in the nation building too. The set out of development of the country depends on the ameliorate human resource of that nation. The educated human resource possess global competency and global etiquette. So it is the education which is the real GDP growth of the country and the investiture on education is the real investment which pass on bear rich dividends than any other type of investments.We can learn from history how countries have progressed through with(predicate) their strong education system. take example of US, EUROPE and other real countries, the universities are the real technology generators and industries are the buyers of the technology. Education is the inevitable investment the state has to do on its subjects to sustain itself and to be in the race to the global superpower. The so called global powers have invested on education so much, now they are tasting the fruit of that tree which they planted foresightful ago. The countries instead of investi ng on defense and arms, if they invest on education, it will certainly pay back in large scale.

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