Sunday, March 3, 2019

Background of Oldtown Essay

The biggest kopitiam eating place linkage in Malaysiais Oldtown Berhad .Oldtown Berhad occupied in the manufacturing of beverages and manage a reach of cafunder the OLDTOWN blank deep brown brand digit. Oldtown using its formulated blendof cocoas to served.Its major headquarters is in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The served areas are Malaysia, capital of Singapore, Indonesia and China. Its linkage of Oldtown caf outlets is sustain by dickens coffee berry manufacturing equipment,consist of three importantized regimen processing centers and bean roast and processing facilities .Oldtown Berhad is a popular Limited Company. Oldtown Berhad has been created in 1999, with the purpose to produce the quality white coffee to Malaysian family and victuals service industry. Mr Goh Ching Mun and Mr tangent Say Yap, the co-founders and administrator director of Oldtown light the manufacturing and create their own 3-in-1 indorsement white coffee. Both of the co-founders turn in the exper ience that more than 10 years in the coffee beverage industry. They were helpful in the growth of Oldtown concourse of firms.The group administrative director, Mr Lee SiewHeng who was responsible in carry out the coordinated vision, plan and growth of the Oldtown group excessively give a draw play of support to this company. Under the OLDTOWN brand name for the retail area in 1999,they commercialized their moment 3-in-1 coffee mix smoothly. The OLDTOWN 3-in-1 coffee mix was interchange in about 1,348 retail outlets nationwide in Malaysia, about 550 retail outlets in Singapore and about 2,100 retail outlets in Hong Kong in 31 October 2009.They started their first export of the OLDTOWN brand 3-in-1 instant coffee mix to Singapore in 2000. In 2001, their branches, White Caf Marketing began production as the marketing arm for their groups beverage goods. They too extended their getup line to involve different changes of their instant coffee mix and too extended their export markets to Hong Kong for their instant coffee mix. White caf received a halal software documentation from the Muslim Reeligious Department of Perak for the assemblys beverages in year 2002.This is their part of purpose, which is to generate beverages in accordance with the Moslem law. Oldtown Berhad induce been achieve the goal that extended their nationwide retail allocation of their 3-in-1 instant coffee mix to overwhelm East and West Malaysia through the of import hypermarkets and supermarkets. Their own formulated blend of 3-in-1 instant milk teaalso smoothly commercialized for the retail market under the OLDTOWN brand name in 2003.OldtownBerhad has been expand their manufacturing activities and they incarnate Gongga pabulum in 2003 and begin trading trading carrying outs in 2004 to creating roasted coffee powder for the food service sector by using the ownership bean roasting process. Roasted coffee powder to traditional coffee shop in Ipoh and others states in Malay sia live with been distributed by OldtownBerhad.OLDTOWN is also marketed to the retail sector under NANYANG brand in an addition to the food work sector. Oldtown Berhad has been penetrated the export markets for the 3-in-1 instant coffee to cover the United States,United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan and Indonesia in 2004. Based on the traditional Ipoh coffee shop environment and the surrounding feeling under the OLDTOWN WHITE cocoa brand name, Oldtown has been extended vertically into the food services sector by developing a chain of caf outlet in 2005.OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE brand in the food services industry is the part of Groups plan of capitalizing and strengthen. With the same year, OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE caf outlets has been begin the operations in licensing,supply of beverages and food, others item and provision thread ministration service from Kopitiam Asia Pacific. linkage of OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE take aim been extended to 137 caf outlets involved fully and partially owned and f ranchised in Malaysia since the first beginning of the first caf outlets in Ipoh in 2005 and at Singapore as at 31 October 2009. In 2005 and 2006, they have been fixed their subsidiaries name as Oldtown Kopitiam, Oldtown Kopitiam Kuala Lumpur, Oldtown Kopitiam Butterworth, Oldtown Kopitiam Cheras to focus on managing caf outlets in different areas and states within Malaysia.Besides, between 2005 and 2007 they also fixed the following subsidiaries as central food processing centre to sustain their caf business operations. emperors Kitchen begin operation in 2005, Dynasty Confectionery and Esquire Chef started the operations in 2007. Gongga pabulums business also extended to ingratiate to the procurement of food items for OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE caf outlets in 2005.With the same year, HALAL certification from the Islamic Religious Department of Perak for the operation of its roasted coffee powder also received by Gongga Food. White Caf ,the subsidiary received a HACCP certification f rom BM TRADA attestation Ltd for the manufacturing and processing of beverages productin the same year. In 2007, they incorporated Dynasty Kitchen as a allocation centre which begin operations.They also extended their export markets to China and Japan in 2006. Besides, they also incorporated Oldtown Berhad which concentrate on investment keeping and precaution of administration services according to its listing on the Main Market of Bursa Securities. Later, they also begin exporting to Philippines and Thailand during the same year. They also plan to extended their caf outlets business to Singapore. Soon, they have been incorporatedOldtown Singapore in 2007 to supply administration services, food and beverages items to caf outlets in Singapore. OTK Singapore begin operations in 2008 with the emission of their first OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE caf outlet in Singapore. Dynasty Confectionery and Esquire Chef, the subsidiaries, received HALAL certifications from the Islamic Religious Departmen t of Perak for the processing of different food in 2008. Emperors Kitchen, the other food processing subsidiary received HALAL certification from IFRC ASIA.Even more confirm their adhesion to international food safety criterion, their subsidiary White Caf reach ISO 220002005 certification and ISO 90012000 from BM TRADA Certification in 2008 in extra to GMP Certification by the Department of Public Health, Ministry Health Malaysia with the same year. They also extended their product line to form 3-in-1 instant coffee mix with cane sugar in 2008.Gongga Food also received a HACCP Certification from BM TRADA Certification Ltd for the operation of roasted coffee powder in 2009. The vision of this company is to be Asian Pacifics guiding white coffee producer supplying a high quality of goods or product to customers widely distributed and locally.

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