Thursday, March 14, 2019

Coretta Scott King Essay -- Biography

Coretta Scott KingCoretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927 in Heiberger, Alabama. Heiberger was a small segregated town. Corettas parents were Obadiah and Bernice Scott. She has an older baby named Edythe and a younger brother, Obie. Coretta was named after her grandmother Cora Scott. Her family was hard working and use Christians. Coretta had a strong temper, feared no one and stood up for herself. Coretta, Edythe and Obie had to walk trio miles to an all- portentous school in Heiberger. Coretta faced many challenges in school and when she would stupefy back from school she would ask her mother why is this happening. Her mother promote her to do her best in school and not to worry virtually anything except instruction. Remembering what her mother told her, Coretta was able to focus on her education and graduate at the top of her class. When it was time for her to enter seventh grade, twain Coretta and Edythe were arranged to go to another black school called the Lincoln S chool, which was 10 miles a manner in Marion. Marion was too far to walk back and fore everyday and there was no bus for the black students. The only way for them to get to school was to catch a ride with a black family but they had to pay. By the age of ten, Coretta and Edythe had to pick cotton to get notes in the cotton fields.At the Lincoln School Coretta was taught by clean and black teachers. She learned that white people from the North treated blacks equally. Coretta was an...

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